Putin Escapes Assassination Attempt

Focus I News. — 18 September 2004
Moscow. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin escaped an attempt on his life, Italian channel RAI 1 reports. Early this morning the police in Moscow found two car-bombs full with explosives parked on one of the regular routes where his cortege passes every morning on his way to the Kremlin. There were war mines and explosives in the two cars and the police dismantled them successfully.


Less than a week later the following report appeared on the same website…
Vladimir Putin: Russia Doesn’t Intend to Nationalize YUKOS
Focus I News. — 24 September 2004
Moscow. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow doesn’t intend to nationalize the petrol giant YUKOS. He stated that in a speech in front of the Information Agencies Congress in Moscow. Putin also promised that the country wouldn’t deviate from the road of democracy, despite the disputed political reforms that strengthened central power in Russia. “There won’t be a turning point in the life of the country”, Putin emphasized. “Russia made its choice 10 years ago – to be a democratic, socially-oriented state with a market economy”.



Now ask yourself: why has Putin, who until recently been very much against the Oligarchs, suddenly changed his stance? Was the attempt on his life a message that he had stepped out of line? Remember that the Illuminati put Putin where he is today, together with Russia’s Oligarchs. Could it be that hired thugs, terrorists and gangsters – the very same scum who carried out the Beslan school massacre – had been hired to kill Putin because of his resistance to the Oligarchs? And could it be that the above report is his response? Effectively backing down and reiterating his vow to turn Russia into a “socially-oriented state with a market economy”. In other words, to once again give carte blanche to the Oligarchs.

Now ask yourself this: who are the Russian Oligarch’s and where did they get their wealth? Communism collapsed over a decade ago in a country where hitherto there had been supposedly no individuals of any great wealth. But now, less than 15 years later, we not only have Russian millionaires but billionaires. How did they get so wealthy and so quickly?

Could it be that they are using somebody else’s money?

It has happened before, in the 19th century when the De Beers and Oppenheimers bought up South Africa’s gold and diamond mines. Both families were associated with the Rothschild’s and like the Goldsmiths who were associated with the family in the Jewish ghetto at Frankfurt-on-the-Main, their ties to the Rothschilds go back a long way. More to the point though, this writer would suggest that they were using Rothschild’s money to buy into, and ultimately monopolise, South Africa’s vast mineral wealth.

Like they say, history repeats itself, and we are now watching a rerun of those events. Only now its not South Africa’s mineral deposits that’s at stake but Russia’s oil and gas reserves. It’s also a pointer to the future and an indication of occult knowledge on the part of the Rothschild’s and their like. For according to esoteric adepts like Rudolph Steiner, civilisation’s centre of gravity will shift eastwards, from the Anglo-American, Western European axis. To a Sino-Slavic, Germanic triumvirate consisting of the Germanic, Chinese and Slavic peoples with its centre at Moscow. Indeed, it has been said that in the 22nd century Moscow will emerge as the “new Rome” with the Slavic peoples at the cutting edge of human growth and development. But only after a cataclysmic geophysical upheaval that will reduce America to a second rate nation and virtually destroy England.

It’s happened before, with Atlantis and then ancient India and Egypt through to Rome: the hub or focal point of human civilisation has shifted through the ages, from various peoples and regions. Now it is about to happen again and the ruling elite, privy to esoteric knowledge, is moving in anticipation.

These are truly momentous times but do not expect the mainstream media to tell you. For it is largely owned or controlled by the Western Oligarchs and as such, its function is to keep the masses distracted and diverted while the very sands of time and history shift before us.

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