Stanley Hilton’s Office Burglarized Again!

Tonight upon arrival at his Burlingame California office, Stanley Hilton discovered it to have been ransacked. I spoke with him about an hour ago as he described papers scattered everywhere, knick-knacks thrown around, bookshelves overturned, and most importantly “huge files missing”.

Hilton has filed a police report on the incident, which he described as identical to one that occurred six months ago at his San Francisco office. Yesterday, in what Stanley thought was a random crime unrelated to his legal practice, his car was broken into and is checkbook and other personal items were stolen. That incident cost him three hours of valuable work time sorting out things at the bank.

Stanley was audibly upset as he described what had happened. While many files were taken, Hilton says not to worry, as he keeps multiple backups in secure locations. However Stanley and I believe the break-in may have had more to do with finding out what is in his files, than it did with destroying the files and was probably also meant to send a threatening message of intimidation.

This comes, a week and two days after a media blitz on the lawsuit began with a well publicized interview on the Alex Jones Show, a Japanese primetime TV special on 9/11, an interview on the Meria Heller Show and with numerous other radio shows scheduled. It seem s someone doesn’t want the public to know about this lawsuit:

Previous threats and burglary occurred in March and April of 2002 after Stanley Hilton had done an interview with Alex Jones regarding his federal lawsuit against the Bush Administration for orchestrating 9/11, subverting The Constitution, and waging an infinite war of conquest based on lies and deception.

Shortly after that interview Mr. Hilton received judicial and personal threats and his car was broken into, while parked in the secure parking garage at his San Francisco office location. In the last few days Stanley has been receiving death threat phone calls on his cell phone.One caller identified himself as “Jimmy Tiger”.

I’ll speak to Stanley again tomorrow and give an update.

Courtesy News Watcher & Liberty Forum

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