Zarqawi Does Not Exist

Nobody has actually seen Zarqawi since late 2001; everything we know since then has been from prisoner confessions and statements issued by different people claiming to be Zarqawi.

Neither the CIA, the FBI, nor the Defense Department have certified, on the record, that any of these statements are likely from Zarqawi.

The horrible things being done in Iraq under the name of Zarqawi are no laughing matter. The Iraq Intelligence Service is after him, the followers of al Sadr are after him, the residents of Fallujah are after him, the Shi’ite majority in Iraq are after him, ten million Iraqis who could use the big US reward money are after him, and two Iraqi resistance groups have pronounced a death sentence on him. But nobody can find him. Why not? There are three possibilities:

1) The one-legged Jordanian thug who is semi-literate, threatens Shi’ites, and is a squat fellow with tattoos on his arms, is the most elusive super-villain ever — an inspiration to the next generation of thugs.

2) The real Zarqawi is long dead, but a composite Zarqawi who is literate, urbane, has been created by Iraqi resistance groups who seek to terrorize the United States and the puppet government they have set up in Iraq — an inspiration to the next generation of Iraq avengers.

3) The real Zarqawi is long dead, but a literate, tall fellow with two legs and no tattoos on his arms has been created by US military intelligence as a straw man to justify everything about the Iraq war. However, a rogue group has hijacked the US Zarqawi identity and is responsible for the beheadings — an inspiration to copycats and future groups to do the same.

An analysis of the audio messages delivered by the four different “Zarqawis” indicates the third scenario to be the most likely, given the distinctly American and non-Arabic expressions and themes in the various statements.

The strange case of Marine Corporal Hassoun, who went missing June 21 between Baghdad and Fallujah, then appeared in a hostage video with a sword at his head, adds to the mystery of the Zarqawis. The Marines intensified their efforts to bomb the hell out of Zarqawi “safe houses” in Fallujah, not caring if the missing marine was held in one of the houses. That bizarre behavior on the part of the USMC makes it seem as though they wanted Hassoun dead. When Hassoun disappeared, so did the voice of one of the Zarqawis – Zarqawi of the Nick Berg and Kim Sun-il videos (same voice, same person in both videos). A different Zarqawi released a 16-minute statement on the same day the Kim Sun video was released (June 22). Different voice, no mention of Kim Sun or of a marine hostage.

If the Berg & Kim Sun Zarqawi makes another statement (same voice) in a way that can be proven to be from Iraq (rather than, say, North Carolina), that would really clear suspicion from Hassoun. Or, here’s an idea with no chance of happening: if the real Zarqawi were found (or made a video statement of himself, unmasked) we could determine which, if any, of the 4 Iraq Zarqawis is the real Zark without the CIA’s white smoke/black smoke method of authenticating statements. Just a thought.

One of the alleged Zarqawis, note the vaguely caucasian features.
Another photo allegedly of the same Zarqawi: note the differences.
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Courtesy News Watcher and Liberty Forum