The Mad Bulls are Loose in the China Shops

Smoking Mirrors – April 3, 2011

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In the last book of The Lord of the Rings, there is the point where Aragorn, Gandalf and the rest of the company, along with the Riders of Rohan and the forces of Minas Tirith are massed before The Black Gates of Mordor. There are only some few thousands of them and tens of thousands of The Dark Lord’s hypnotized minions are pouring out from the gate and encircling our heroes. It looks like the end for them. Meanwhile, Frodo and Samwise are scuffling with Gollum at the edge of the crater of Mount Doom. Gollum finally bites off Frodo’s finger and goes falling into the molten fires of the volcano. When he hits the fiery mix, the ring hits it and is unmade in the only fires hot enough to accomplish this. All the other rings were made by the power of the one, so… now their time is ending too; onwards to The Gray Havens.

At the moment that this happens, The Dark Lord instantly knows that something is wrong and all of his attention leaves his forces and is directed at Mount Doom. Panic and chaos sweep through the vastly larger forces of The Dark Lord and they run away in all directions in a mad tumult for escape. Soon they are gone and only the good guys remain. The tower of Barad Dur collapses to the Earth and the spirit of Sauron slips away to gnaw on itself for ages to come.

When you try to puzzle out why people are behaving the way they are presently, you should always consider that they are under the sway of a power that is a true replica of the one that dwelt in Mordor, ‘where shadows lie’. They are in an evil dream that is difficult to awaken from because the power in operation has all the assets of materialism to play with; gain and loss, fear and things to be in fear of, want, uncertainly, superstition and confusion.

It’s not just the political, corporate/banking and religious worlds that are on a bent knee before the darkness, many organizations that claim they are in service to the light are behaving like anything but. They have become swept up in the very same competitive illusion of these same puppets from the shadow lands. One thing that is clearly to be seen is the degree of vituperation and megalomaniacal madness that is operating through those who are being defined by this behavior. It is epidemic across the world. The essence of the insanity is, ‘every man for himself’ and that is what we are seeing. We are also seeing those with spiritual pretensions, grasping for greater degrees of material power in order to ensure their survival. If they do survive, it won’t be as they once were because they are that no more, if they ever were.

The key point to keep in mind is that the cosmos dispenses power to the archetypes and institutions that form the landscapes and environments of the ages in which they occur. All the temporal governments and religions are connected to the main power company that turns on the lights on this plane. Because this is a planet of testing, the institutions take one form or another in which to provide the tests that the public are exposed to.

I mentioned earlier last year that Mother Nature had gotten her powers back. She’s in the process of making demonstrations and you’ll be seeing any number of them shortly, as if you hadn’t already seen some. Consonant with that, the power of the temporal world is being switched over from those who presently possess it, to those who are going to possess it. The ones losing power know something is up and they are working over time to position themselves advantageously in case of whatever. They’re being told by the source of power that everything is fine and that the changes taking place can be simply manipulated for their advantage. After all, they have the government, military and international lie machines at their service. They are in for a big surprise. All of the old is coming down and the new is going up. Those dedicated and determined to the preservation of the old, are going to be harrowed under with it. The new builders and administrators are coming to their tasks around the world.

We wouldn’t possess the faith or the authority to do what we are going to do, unless the old world was revealed as the bankrupt swamp of thievery, murder and lies that it is. That is what you are seeing now. You are also seeing madness and insanity at every level of society, as the power to maintain, within the passing illusion, is being removed along with the illusion in which it operated. The simplest way to put it is that the juice is being shut off; re-routed. The force and faith are being removed from the currencies. Those speaking for Empire are being exposed right and left in all their venal glory.

The heads of state are caught up in a whirlwind of hubris and wholesale slaughter. The rule of law is gone. The behavior of those enforcing the rule of law, domestically and abroad, is being revealed as thugs, bullies and opportunistic thieves. TSA is a classic example of insanity on a rampage. It’s all for the purpose of demonstration. The outright war of the rich upon the poor and middle class is palpably evident, from the efforts to destroy the unions, to place all of the world’s riches in the fewest hands and the public pronouncements and behavior of those at the top of the food chain. There is no other explanation for any of this besides insanity. They would not be doing these things unless they had gone bat shit… and they have.

Here is a little explanation for the origin of the madness that is sweeping the globe. People are dependant, for thought, speech and action, on what they believe in. What they believe in is turning to mist and the power to ‘maintain’ isn’t there any more. It’s all chimeras. If you are one of the lucky and steadfast ones, whose foundation is upon eternal verities, you are lucky indeed. The high and mighty are being held in a temporary cocoon of ignorance. They can’t see outside of it. That’s about to be swept away too and the startling nature of what will be before their eyes, requires hyperbole for adequate definition. The stage is coming down and the stage is going up. We’re in the simultaneous construction and dismantling sequence; most people aren’t wearing hard hats, they’re wearing hard heads.

Think of the whole shebang as a complicated series of electrical circuits. Power has been moving through the apparatus. Now the apparatus is being rewired and power is going to be switched off and switched on. Landscapes are going to disappear; sections of the world are going to become uninhabitable and others eminently desirable. The high and mighty are already moving their operations to the emerging theaters; good luck with that. The system is being transformed from top to bottom, as it always is in times like these; the greater the concept of materialism and ‘every man for himself’, the greater the degree of crime and looting to follow. One comes out of the other. It’s not all bad news. Depending on how you see it, it’s good news. Were it to continue the way it was intending to go, you would get Hell on Earth. There’s going to be some degree of that, for the purposes of demonstration.

We are all of us characters, in a long running drama of learning and demonstration. Every now and then we get to a place like this, collectively. We see what’s what and what isn’t. We see what works and what doesn’t. We see what is actually desirable and what is not. You have no more rule of law. You have no more trusted institutions. You’ve got wreckage is what you’ve got.

We’re approaching warp drive now; call it hyper-drive if you like. That is the place where critical mass implodes beneath the weight of the final straw. We have two camps of residents, those who believe it is all scripted and those who don’t; the truth, as it ever does, lies somewhere in the space between them. Doors are closing and doors are opening.

Those who have been curious about some of the things we’ve seen around here lately can lay it all at the feet of emergent insanity, for the purpose of demonstration. Most gratuitous systems, built for the purpose of profit and control, are bullshit and bullshit is endangered feces these days. The truth is that there is a mighty pressure acting upon the human mind from within and upon the environment without. If you are not capable of surrender and graceful change, you will be changed, regardless and without much grace. It looks like we’re still at that railroad crossing so, ‘stop, look and listen’.

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