Hey Mom, is that Me in The Petri Dish?

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 30, 2011?

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘Well, dog my cats, it’s raining frogs’.

Good day my friends. Some of you are not happy with me that I revealed certain ongoing assaults on my name, behavior and imagined past. If I hadn’t brought it up, some of you would have, in fact, some of you did and that was why I brought it up (grin). If I hadn’t brought it up, I would have had to answer too many emails and I am already nearly a month behind in answering them. Some people are waiting on me to proof some things so that they can publish them and I’m trying to find the time.

I’m going to do something I should have done a long time ago. I want you to imagine that I am under oath, under circumstances that count with me and you are free to ask me anything. Some things might be too private but I will answer if I can and there are presently no limits on what you can ask. If you know how to ask properly, I will answer truthfully, even if it makes me appear to be insane. You are free to hold me to what I say and free to rigorously check what I say. I will even provide witnesses to certain things that might appear supernatural.

I’m not going to directly reference anyone who is mentioned in the latest Smoking Mirrors, you can intuit as you wish and you can peruse the comments there if you like. Now, my telling you something doesn’t make it true but you will have the evidence of my saying it is and the evidence of others, should that be required.

Most of us know that many alternative news sources are compromised by different agendas. Some of them were birthed for this purpose. The sites that publish or link to me I am reasonably secure with. God only knows what the deepest heart of anything is. Maybe you can find me in Kris Kristofferson’s, Silver Tongued Devil and maybe you can find me in something by Joni Mitchell. If you do find me then please put me into one of those UPS Boxes and send it to me.

I’ve come across some outrageous claims being made about me, for all I know, I’m living a double life and neither of my parts know each other. As far as I know, I’m a singer/songwriter and a poet and a not very successful one. I’ve got five hundred dollars to my name and I live by the good graces of a couple of people who love me. I don’t think even they know why they do. My life has been filled with supernatural events and premonitions of something that finally is about to show itself. I will be as surprised as anyone else when whatever it is shows up and that’s going to be pretty soon.

These days I am as antsy as I have ever been. I can’t kick back and I am uneasy about the next phase of whatever my body wants to put me through. It looks like it’s over but I told myself that before. I’m literally afraid to go see Lord Ayahuasca because the presence is now overwhelming and I don’t recover from the impact now, so he sits on a shelf in my icebox (not my icebox) and he lurks, knowing I’ve got no say in the matter if someone wants to talk to me in flaming letters.

I’ve got no life insurance and sometimes it feels like I’ve got no life. I have no savings and nothing of value materially but a few guitars and my Roland keyboard and I am fast losing my ability to play them anymore. It’s going away. I’ve got my computer and some clothes. I own no jewelry or precious metals or stones. I have no income and must rely on the kindness of strangers. It’s too bad I’m not pretty. I think I used to be but I was unaware of it until it didn’t matter anymore.

The only thing that matters to me is to be of service. I seem to be doing a halfway decent job of that. I don’t get paid for it, except for the satisfaction. I don’t go anywhere except to Italy and that’s to keep the place together, so I work a lot there. It’s a small little place that you would never find unless I took you there.

I’ve got no company to speak of except my dog Poncho and his buddies. I see Susanne every day and she doesn’t understand me but she must like being around me cause I’m still here. She’s can’t make sense of what I do but she sees the use of it. She doesn’t believe in God but she will say grace with me when we eat. That is a peculiar thing because I’ve never been with anyone before who didn’t acknowledge the presence of ‘the one’ in life. She is the most honest and decent person I may have ever met. She’s a better human being than I will ever be and the most convincing proof that I’m not a bad guy if someone like that loves me.

I recently came right out and said that I admire and like Jacque Fresco and Roxanne. Maybe I should explain that. I don’t know them and I have never met them except that we exchange emails some times. I admire Jacque because he is a marvelous inventor and visionary. I only saw the original Zeitgeist once and that was years ago. I don’t know anything about the people who did it. I don’t know anything about any connections Jacque might have to anything but what I get from him is that he is a vigorous man in his late 90’s, who can’t hear very well at all anymore. I saw the film, “Future by Design” and it really touched me. I didn’t think of the political implications. All I saw was a futuristic world that was a lot better than the one I’m in. Maybe I’m deceived here. I don’t know. People give me far too much credit for knowing things.

I have had a love affair with God that dwarfs anything else in my life. It consumes me and everything is about that. I screw up regular but not like I once did, now that my fires are banked and directed. I have had no life except for the changes I got put through and the force of it all was just completely beyond my ability to affect it.

I’ve been plagued by inconsistency because I am very mercurial. My whole days are involved in creating something connected to my love affair. That’s why I like Jacque. All he does is fashion and shape his dream. You can play six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon all you want. I don’t engage in these things. I don’t concern myself with the hidden rulers of this plane. I know they’re there but, to me, they’re nothing but shadows headed toward the place where shadows go. I’m not a Mason and never have been in this life and the only organization I ever belonged to was when I was studying with The Builders of the Adytum and my time at the Guru Bawa Fellowship. I’ve no connection to either anymore. Like Bawa said about me; “He’ll be okay, he’s chosen a different path. That path doesn’t even have a name.

If you can find out anything about me, besides my having been in trouble with the law and reckless with my life to the point of insanity at times, you are welcome to bring it up. I’ve been indiscreet but not so much any more. I’ve played at being a human chemistry set and I did that because the materialism of the day is so pervasive that I needed a rocket to get into the atmosphere. The driving force of my life in everything I do, whether intelligently accomplished or batshit unpredictable, has been because I miss someone more than anything there is and there’s nothing in the world that means anything to me next to it. Recently my dog has had some bad seizures. I think it’s because of the Frontline tick medicine. I thought, one day he’ll be gone, so shall we all …and I felt that attachment and the tears it engendered but I have always been pretty much catch and release.

I’d like to say that I’m pretty much what the reader thinks I am, except for some things that are about to happen that involve me and why I’m here and you can just wait on that. Am I a Bodhisattva? Yes, but that and ten bucks will get me a Starbucks concoction and I’d rather have the ten bucks for something worth imbibing. I almost never eat in a restaurant because I like what I make. That is one thing I can do, I can cook good food that tastes great. I can sing and I can dance and I know some integral dances and I’ve demonstrated them enough so that there shouldn’t be any questions on that score. I’m pretty good at most sports and games of accuracy. I’m not afraid of much, except for my own unpredictable behavior patterns.

I don’t work for any intelligence agencies and good luck finding ANY evidence of that. I consider myself a friend of God and he does too. He wouldn’t give me the time of day otherwise. I am certifiable and clinically mad. I suffer from depression sometimes from having been hit a lot when I was a kid and I use Ketamine when I can get it because it treats that condition. If you’ve got any questions for me, consider that I am under oath and ask me. I’ve got nothing more to say here. I would think the lyrics of my songs would tell you all you need to know.

End Transmission…….

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