Our Hidden Enemies Who Pose As Friends

Smoking Mirrors – March 28, 2011

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“Every dog has his day”.

I’ve looked over the headlines to see if there was something I wanted to talk about and since I know that several of the really large events approaching aren’t in the windshield yet, though they will be soon, my inner voice is telling me to continue talking about what I brought up yesterday at Visible Origami. As a result of having made this post, a reader sent in the link to a spirited conversation taking place about me over at SOTT (Signs of the Times). There are a number of comments that are made about the night I visited them and there was a party for Joe, the Irish editor of SOTT.

I came there with Don Duca whom I had been corresponding with and had decided to visit with Susanne. Don and SOTT are down in the extreme south of France. Don lives in a modest little house in the countryside and SOTT lives in a huge, outrageous chateau that is reminiscent of something out of the Gormenghast trilogy. Don is a very interesting character and a hell of a decent guy. I genuinely love him and am putting myself on the spot here, in case the pressures from SOTT don’t work in my favor with him.

My regular readers know that I go out of my way to come across as a regular guy. I used to even do stupid shit to counteract the pedestal well meaning people were putting me on. That’s counter-productive though and I am not doing that any more. Readers also know that I like to get high, predominantly on K because it treats my clinical depression. It’s been legalized in Sweden for this very purpose and it suits me like a charm but… as the readers know, since no one ever sends me any, I have to do without most of the time. Occasionally I take something like Ayahuasca, Mimosa Hostilis or mushrooms; you can catch me at that if you come to the big solstice celebration in June. This doesn’t happen every week or every month. It doesn’t even happen every season. That is the extent of what I take, until the divine gets inclined to let me have a look at his Top Secret cabinet.

I have, like everyone, imbibed alcohol and like the t-shirt says, “instant asshole, just add alcohol” can apply. There’s a fine line between having a good time and others not sharing in it. I blame the location of the moon for the uncertainty feature that can appear. We’ve all gotten out of sorts and even landed in the fire once or twice. This is not about me doing that because that didn’t happen.

At the time of my visit to Don, Laura invited me over for dinner and Karaoke; they do that a lot, even though, as I remember, Laura is the only one who could sing. I got there and was seated at Laura’s left hand. We had a very nice chat. Laura can be very engaging when she wants to be and humanly fun. I liked her. There was a lot of wine and scotch around and I’ll admit that I got lit like everyone else. Some were more lit than I, which I was able to note at the time, which means I wasn’t so lit I couldn’t see what was going on.

We had a great time (I thought). I sang a few tunes as did Laura and I even harmonized with her on some of them. Her husband was there and I liked him too. He’s very sharp. You wouldn’t want to game that fellow. He played the piano, as I remember. I used to be and probably still am to some degree, a stand-up comedian. I was pretty good at it in a Lenny Bruce, George Carlin sort of a way. At least the audiences thought I was, or maybe they were being kind. One of the things I can do is take any popular song and change the lyrics. In this tedious thread over at SOTT, someone says I got really lewd and started talking about penises. Well, here’s exactly what happened. I did Wild Thing and changed the line “you make my heart sing” to “you make my thing sting”. That was the extent of it and everything else I have been reading from the SOTT forum ( a reader sent me a compilation) was like this, either terribly exaggerated or it didn’t even happen.

There’s a comment on there that ‘someone’ followed me into another room and observed me partaking of a substance. They don’t go into any details, probably because there weren’t any. I didn’t have anything to get high on that evening and was asking Don earlier about the possibility. There was pot around but I don’t care for pot. So I drank like everyone else, as God is my witness, I had no drugs, except I might have smoked a little pot at Don’s. Why would they lie like that? I admit to taking things to begin with.

I went back to SOTT the next day in the afternoon. A lot of the people were hung over and some mentioned it. When we were in the main living room again, I said something about let’s contact the Cassiopeans to Laura. So she got her Ouija board and… here I’ll admit that I expected nothing to happen and nothing it was. Somehow or other we got around to talking about the martial arts and it was a group back and forth and I wound up demonstrating, in slow motion, a few things. While this was happening, Laura’s youngest daughter started saying, over and over, “I can kick your ass”. I wasn’t comfortable demonstrating anyway so I sat back down. She kept saying it. I probably said, “Go ahead”. She didn’t. Susanne was with me the whole time and let me tell you; when I’m not behaving properly, Susanne WILL let me know. That didn’t happen once. She was as mystified as I by the growing undercurrent.

Someone at the forum said I didn’t know anything about the martial arts and someone said I did. There wasn’t much to get any real idea from anyway. Someone said I was being lascivious with Laura’s daughters. Have you seen them? Do you think I do inappropriate things right in front of Susanne; never mind that; whether she’s there or not? I might have been too casual through the whole affair. Instead of watching my every move, in hindsight it seems like I should have, I let myself enjoy these people and they looked like they were having fun too. What I have said here is the extent of the visit and all the rest of this static is lies and slander.

Afterwards, slowly, I noticed they didn’t print my work any more. I asked about it and was told it was because of a change in editors. I let it slide. One thing I noticed at this forum thread was that the fellow I was referring to in the recent Visible Origami posting showed up. How about that?

I haven’t always been on the mark with my behavior and this event was some years ago. I am a very much changed person since then but that’s immaterial. For some reason they are trying to paint me as a sinister and dark force. Why would they go public like this? Over the space of time, Laura and I have engaged in lengthy email exchanges. I’ve explained myself to her and pointed out that their use of alcohol makes them different from me only in the selection of their substances. Now it’s being said they don’t drink anymore, so they found Jesus. Good for them.

I haven’t gone after SOTT in my postings. I’ve got my feelings about this Cassiopeian thing but at the end of the day, I don’t know and that’s my stand on it.

I’m becoming more widely read and that’s going to accelerate too. It’s to be expected that different people will have different takes on me. I’m doing the best I can and I’m a work in progress. I don’t think badly about the SOTT people. I am disappointed that they would exaggerate and in some cases even lie. I don’t see they payoff with this. I don’t promote substances for others. My life is my life, you don’t like it, don’t be part of it.

It’s not necessary to make up things about someone. It’s okay not to like them. It’s not necessary for Laura to say I recommended Macrobiotics to her and that it nearly killed her, like I was behind that intention. I told her to begin with that she needed a competent advisor in respect of it. We’ve had extended email exchanges out of the blue and mostly initiated by her and they were friendly and informative. Meanwhile, I’ve always known about this other thing in the background. It surfaces every so often for no reason I can think of. We’re on different paths and all of us in the business of communicating to a larger public should keep that in mind. We are serving in our own way.

The reader has, by this time, got a pretty good idea of where I’m coming from and people are welcome to visit me and they do, without events of the order of what is being reported by this group, with the addition of that other fellow I mentioned. I’ll leave it to you to judge the reality of things and know that you, like myself, realize that the truth is usually somewhere between the conversations.

SOTT is a wealthy operation and shouldn’t be concerned with me, especially since I’m not concerned with them. Maybe I’m getting too popular for their tastes, since the readership keeps going up and all these new projects are about to be released. I suppose once you get to a certain level, this kind of thing is going to happen. It’s why I’ve always run from it before. Fame and fortune aren’t what they crack up to be. There’s a certain kind of disorder running around at the moment that is affecting various people in respect of what goes on here. Some of it is being engineered. I only hope they will develop some new love/hate interests and leave me be. There’s no future in hammering someone for no apparent reason. It can often come back on you in surprising ways, especially in these times.

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