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Introduction – April 5, 2021

It’s now clear. On the evidence of the following editorial from the Independent, the media are now totally in on the elite’s agenda. Of course, in the past they were subtler about it but now they are completely open and upfront.

Not only are they not questioning the severity of Covid-19 – which for the vast majority seems only marginally worse than seasonal flu – or questioning the actual number of deaths in the pandemic – which are being inflated — they are also fully supportive of plans for a vaccine passport.

Again it needs to be emphasised that the claimed death rates DO NOT reflect a “pandemic”.

Worse still, beyond supporting a “vaccine passport” for international travel, the Independent is now also suggesting we need a domestic equivalent.

In other words the ‘Independent’ is recommending that some sort of system be put in place to monitor and regulate domestic movement. In the form of travel papers or more likely today, the digital equivalent stored on a mobile phone.

In the Soviet Union the issuing of passports for international travel was strictly limited, and after 1933 an internal passport system was also implemented. Within certain regions of the USSR an internal passport became mandatory for anyone 16 and older.

Travel papers, of one sort or another, and some sort of internal passport or identification were indeed a hallmark of many 20th century totalitarian regimes. Yet here we have one of Britain’s foremost liberal outlets calling for the introduction of a similar system “as soon as possible”.

The writer must think that readers are stupid as this is ostensibly to control a condition that for most otherwise healthy people is little worse than seasonal flu.

Not only is the Independent urging the introduction of what amounts to internal travel papers, or the digital equivalent, it’s also suggesting that those who refuse domestic travel documents be held under a form of house arrest.

The headline says it all and unfortunately I suspect that this is only the beginning.

The mainstream media is totally in the hands of the ruling elite and it is used to prepare the public mentally, often subliminally, for whatever they have planned.

Readers will recall how we were bombarded with stories about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. As it turned out none were ever found but those stories did their job and they served to minimise what was nonetheless widespread opposition to the Iraq invasion.

Now a similar process is underway; whereby we are being induced to accept the implementation of systems to monitor and control society on par with Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. Indeed this has the potential to surpass the worst of these regimes, and once again the MSM is helping to pave the way for this.

The following call for travel certification amounts to nothing less than an appeal for totalitarian rule. Ed.

If you won’t carry a ‘vaccine passport’, do us all a favour and stay at home

We are in a war against Covid, so I’m afraid certain civil liberties will have to be curtailed – it’s really not much to ask

Sean O’Grady – The Independent April 5, 2021

Sean O’Grady

I do sometimes wonder if the country really does want to “send the coronavirus packing”, as Boris Johnson once put it.

If we are to treat this as a war on Covid-19, then it should be “total war”. Certain civil liberties have to be curtailed in such a circumstance. It might be “un-British” to have to carry a “vaccine passport”; but there’s nothing especially patriotic about lying in an intensive care unit, fighting for breath, either. We have a right to live as we wish, but no right to live in a way that endangers other people.

The persistence of the virus is now clear, and we are told we must find ways of living with it. Very well, but we need to minimise its impact, and restore the economy to its former health as soon as possible. Central to this is mass, frequent testing, which it seems we are only getting around to now; and also using every possible means to make sure people get vaccinated.

The “vaccine passport” will soon, rightly, be compulsory for international travel, and its internal equivalent, a sort of “green pass”, needs to be brought in as soon as possible. There must be some insistence about this, for the good of the community as a whole.

For employment in sensitive locations, such as care homes and hospitals, it must be compulsory, but also for other places where people tend to mingle, for example supermarkets, on public transport and entertainment venues: no jab, no job.

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