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henrymakow.com – April 3, 2021

Millions of other Moms like me have been locked in the house with kids.  Many of us had to quit our jobs.  We are bearing the emotional burden of this whole thing. We are doing everything we can to hold it together

“Ahhhhhhh, is it just me, or is no one in the news talking about this situation thats been put down on women and children?”

by Diane – (henrymakow.com)

This is a message for everyone. We’re all in this together, Right?

Two weeks to slow the spread.  Don’t see your elderly family members, don’t have holidays with your families, don’t get to close, other people are dangerous, its not safe to talk to another person, its not safe to go to small businesses but you can go to Wal Mart, stay home as much as possible, school is not safe for kids or teachers, sorry if you lost your job or business, we have a vaccine but there was no animal testing and you will be part of a trial and it does not necessarily prevent the spread.

Oops, now there are variants so we need to keep this up.  Other people are dangerous to you, so keep staying away from others.  People who choose not to wear masks are the reason why the epidemic has not slowed.

Additionally, in New York, thousands of elderly died because sick people were purposefully transferred there, and then the elderly people had to die alone.

This was all done by the government on purpose.

Oops, there is a sex scandal involved !!!! SEX!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Okay, so let’s forget all the old people who died alone and were pretty much sacrificed and let’s focus on SEX!!!!!!!

Okay, pardon my rant.  I am just a Mom. A reading teacher who had to quit my job to stay home with my kids to homeschool them.

You know, just like women all over the country, who had to quit their jobs, to be teachers and lunch-ladies and stay home all day and take care of everyone.


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