Iraqi Resistance Launched Chemical Attack On US Troops In Balad

The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported last night that exclusive sources had reported details regarding chemical attacks on the US base in the town of Balad that inflicted heavy losses in men and material in the American camp there.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired Katyusha rockets and mortars at the US base in the town of Balad, north of Baghdad on Tuesday. The US base in Balad is one of the main American occupation facilities in Iraq. The Resistance began an intermittent barrage on the base at 6:00am and that mortars and rockets were still being fired at the base from all directions now and again up until the time he filed his report.

According to the correspondent, the exclusive sources reported that tactical chemical rockets struck the US camp in such large numbers that two large Black Hawk helicopters made five trips each to transport the dead and wounded to hospital. Each helicopter reportedly has a capacity of eight to 10 wounded at one time. The dead could be loaded in larger quantities, of course. US troops prevented Iraqi employees from gaining access to the camp after the attack.

The correspondent wrote that the Resistance employs tactical chemical weapons in specific circumstances – when the air is stagnant, or when the wind is blowing away from population centers. US troops often locate their bases to the north of cities to prevent chemical weapons from being used against them, lest the prevailing northerly winds carry the toxins to the populated areas.

Nevertheless tactical chemical weapons have been used on several US bases, including the base in the heights north of al-Khalidiyah, the US base north of ar-Ramadi, and the US base in Mosul.