You wont believe this… Gadhafi’s mother was Jewish

Israel Matzav blogspot – February 22, 2011

During a discussion on Israel Radio they just dropped this little tidbit. There is a Jew left in Libya. His name is Muammar Gadhafi. At first, I found it hard to believe, but when I Googled “Gadhafi’s mother was Jewish” (without the quotes), the first three results all confirmed it. Gadhafi’s mother was a Jewish woman who converted to Islam at the age of 9 or the daughter of a Jewish woman who left her husband for an Arab Sheikh. Those two narratives are not mutually exclusive. I kid you not.

A year and a half ago, two Israeli women who claimed to be relatives of Gadhafi’s were interviewed on Israel’s Channel 2 television.

The older of the two interviewees, Guita Brown, claimed that she is Gaddafi’s second cousin: her grandmother was the sister of Gaddafi’s grandmother. The younger of the two women, Rachel Saada, Brown’s granddaughter , explained in more detail: “The story goes that Gaddafi’s grandmother, a Jewess, was married to a Jewish man at first. But he treated her badly, so she ran away and married a Muslim sheikh. Their child was the mother of Gaddafi.” While Gaddafi’s grandmother converted to Islam when she married the sheikh, according to Jewish religious law (and common sense), she was ethnically still Jewish. And that makes Gaddafi’s mother a Jewess. And if Gaddafi’s mother is a Jewess, what does that make Gaddafi?

Let’s go to the videotape (sorry – the interview is only in Hebrew).

That means Gadhafi is Jewish – he can even be counted in a minyan (quorum of Jews for prayer).

More to the point, Gadhafi is entitled to ‘return’ to Israel under the Law of Return. Given that he may soon be looking for political asylum and the usual candidates (the Saudis and the Europeans) are unlikely to take him, could he be looking to come to Israel?

Oy vey…. What could go wrong? (Well, the professor in the video doesn’t believe it).


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