Navigating the Road of Our Karmic Misfortunes

Visible Origami – March 27, 2011

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“May your noses always be refreshed by the scent of friends on the wind”.

There’s a signpost on the right and it says, “Myths and Legends, Signs and Wonders up ahead. That’s where we’re going and what we may discover is that these things are none of what they are called. I’m not going to write about that today though. I’m going to write about an event that happened last summer, here where I live. I’ve had a number of people visit me and the results have all been good, with one exception. These are readers I am talking about.

I had one bad experience. I’m not going to name names, even though this fellow is busy spreading mischief and lies concerning me. It’s interesting that he was the loudest voice on another forum, claiming that we must vigorously check for psychopaths in our midst and then he came to my house and behaved like one. He’s telling a different tale about it. Unfortunately for him, there were two other visitors in my home and Susanne was here as well. There’s also a reader named Yuka who saw this fellow up close at the local pub, across the space of some days and some hours. Yuka was already familiar with him from the blogs and wanted to meet him and then there was that business with the police.

At the end of his stay, he went off without his laptop and that was because he was drunk the whole time he was here. He had a fellow call me from the Frankfurt airport asking me to send it to Frankfurt. I said, “Sure”! and gave my email address to send the address they wanted it sent to. Some days went by and then I heard from him back at his home that he wanted me to send it there, I said, “Sure’ and got the address. I told him it might be 3 or 4 days for me to accomplish because I had to do something or other first. The day before I went to send it he called back to say, “Don’t send it because it will cost $450.00 This, of course, is absurd and I told him so.

The next thing I knew, he was flying back to Europe to pick it up. I see now that his intention was to create a whole scenario to make me look like The Big Bad Wolf. I told him I didn’t want him coming by my house because I was not sure how I would respond to him. I told him to pick it up at the bar by the banhof and that was that. The reason I didn’t want to encounter him was because I had found out that he had attempted to grab Susanne and kiss her and Susanne had managed to get away. She had been so kind as to offer to drive him all the way to the train station because he was so drunk he couldn’t get it together to catch the bus out.

I had already been pressed on several occasions to ‘tune him up’ because of his behavior and this was pretty much the last straw. Afterwards, I got letters from people telling me that I should contact him and set things right; like it was my responsibility. He had been staying with these people before he came to see me and one of them admitted that he had drank up all the alcohol in the house and that he had been advised not to come and see me in that condition. He had said something to the effect that he intended to see whose dick was bigger. That’s a nice sentiment.

During the several days he stayed with me, he never came upstairs to where I worked (he showed no real interest in me at all) or seemed inclined to hang out with me in any fraternal way, unless it was down to the bar where we sat for a couple of hours with my friend Yuka, on a couple of evenings, who observed the whole thing. He’d raise his voice in a belligerent fashion, coming to the attention of the locals and saying things like, “Well, in that case I’d just take out their fucking knees”, interspersed with that kind of alcoholic redundancy that is garden variety the world over for the committed hard core alcoholic saying, “I get you but you don’t get me”. Twice I was pushed to the limits of my restraint, where I thought the only thing is to teach this guy a lesson, maybe it will help him”. However, I just got up and went home leaving him there. He got so drunk he couldn’t find his way back, so he slept under a tree and also the bar got broken into that night so… the police showed up some time later in the course of their investigations where I found out that his name wasn’t his name because they had ID’d him for sleeping under a tree.

I had other guests in from Switzerland. He spent most of his time in the kitchen where he insisted that I give him a guitar so that we could serenade the lovely ladies. He couldn’t play and he couldn’t sing and he kept insisting that I sing harmonies and then telling me that I couldn’t because I wouldn’t. I told him you can’t harmonize with someone who is out of key and I had no intention of being involved in that kind of smashed revelry that is entertaining only to those marooned in their own oblivion. At no time did he offer me the guitar to play or do a tune. He was bombastic, raucous and teetering on the edge of out of control a good deal of the time. I tolerated all of it but I was looking forward to seeing the back of him.

Through a European friend I learned that he’s still busy spreading mischief concerning me, as if I would ever treat a guest the way he insists that I did. This is the only occasion anything like this has ever happened but I suppose it must be my fault. He denies he did any of these things and aggressively denies his assault on Susanne but it all happened. Somehow he’s actually convinced some people of his end of it. I told the people who called me about him to tell him that what he really needs to do is to apologize and I would forgive it all but that’s not his style either. Now he’s hooked up with someone who knew me forty years ago and who hasn’t seen me more than a few days in all that time and who is also persona non gratia with all of our former associates and the two of them are contemplating some sort of “He’s the Anti-Christ” campaign (grin).

Why am I writing about this today? I’ve had a history over the years of being endangered by people I have befriended. I took one fellow in that I knew from The Guru Bawa Fellowship and I helped him get on The Maui Police force. Because I had told him to leave my house after two months for serial abuse of the facilities, he promptly told his new employers that I was a major drug kingpin and set about setting me up. Along the way, I took in another fellow and helped him out. He was also an alcoholic and when he wound up in a state of personal ruin, he went and sold me to the Maui Police Department as a drug dealer in exchange for a plane ticket home to Washington State.

I was in deep trouble finally, facing life in prison because subject number 2 convinced me that the Hawaiian Mafia was going to kill him, unless I could provide a certain amount of cocaine. I didn’t have any cocaine but I knew people, of course I did. I make no secret of having truly enjoyed getting high but I was never a dealer because I always used or gave away whatever I had. I searched out sources and got it together and saved his life, I thought. Of course, when I got arrested, the fellow I had gotten on to the police department went all out to sink me too. I had no money, my radio career was gone and I could barely support myself, given my front page celebrity as a drug kingpin. Of course the police found all kinds of pictures with me and George Benson and other people so… that made them think a few imaginative thoughts as well. The police were hammering on me to turn over associates and there’s no question I could have done some damage. On the face of it, I was screwed. Hawaii had the biggest percentage of drug convictions in the US due to all of the Asian first and second generation citizens. They had me cold, or so they thought.

A very similar thing had happened to me some years ago in Washington D.C. when I was hanging out with John Hall, who went on to be a rock star and then a US Congressman, because I had a following in the park and people would congregate to hear me speak, the feds decided to get me off the street and sent in one John Reed to ask me to take him and some friends into Va. to a fellow named Frankie, who had some pot. I insisted through the whole drive that I wasn’t handling any money but when we got there, John Reed went running into the apartment building and one of the undercovers called me to his window and said, “Here’s 20 dollars, get me another ounce. “I’ll give this to John”. I said. Uh huh. So, next thing I knew I was charged with a violation of The Marijuana Tax Act. That carried a 20 year sentence and because I wouldn’t cooperate, I spent the next 6 years either inside or on the run. Finally I got a governmental pardon.

Back to Maui… well, no one wanted anything to do with me and the police were relentless about getting me to cooperate. All of what happened is retained for posterity in court documents- trial transcripts- and the words of the authorities of the time. The DA, Cardoza said to a group of people, “that guy and his girlfriend are two of only 3 people who never cooperated with my office in the eight years that I have been DA”. As my case dragged along, I managed to get a public defender from the community, a former Detroit mob lawyer who had moved to the islands to dry out. Good luck with that. He was a formidable guy and between the two of us we went in one- several- fine day(s) and proved entrapment and became the only case of that ever happening in the islands for that range of penalties. Yeah, I’m in the record books (grin). The scenes in the courtroom would have made an entertaining movie. You couldn’t imagine how the hand of God went into action.

I went free. As a result I have no criminal record from any and all that nonsense …and the evidence of not much sense on my part for not seeing that publicly speaking out against the empire is not recommended, which is what led to my trouble in all cases. I had a little too much Lenny Bruce in me every time I hit the stage. The result in Maui was that the fellow that they flew back in from Washington State to testify against me was exposed on the stand and my lawyer found out he was wanted for arson so the Sheriff was waiting for him on his return. The policeman/ friend I helped was no longer a policeman and not welcome among any of our former associates. These are just a few of the reasons that I know there’s a God. If you could see my life from the inside, you would be convinced too.

I bear no ill will for this visitor I had here. I do have to recognize that I have enemies and that sometimes people are willing to believe statements from questionable individuals, without even taking the trouble to speak to the people who were there. I think some people would like me to be something less than whatever I am, which I have no idea of what that is. I would think these people who believe the claims of this individual; that I treated him terribly and wouldn’t send him his laptop and made him fly all the way back to Europe to get it and who accused him of being from Mossad (well, it is true that I kept his laptop in the garage in case it was a bomb) and several tales I have heard, would have simply asked to speak to the people who were here at the time. You would think they would have asked Susanne who would not lie about anything ever, or Yuka who’s been a reader here for years and who saw much of it first hand, or my Swiss guests but maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point is to believe this fellow because they prefer it this way. He is a psychopath after all and that gives him certain powers of persuasion. They don’t work on me because I know the type very quickly.

We’ve all got disgruntled associates in our lives somewhere. This one fellow who reads and contributes here sometimes is one of them. As I said, I’ve seen him for a few days in 40 years and I tried to avoid that but he kept coming around. I’ve been polite to him over time, when he emails and looks for validation as having been part of the wild and supernatural moments of my early life. In truth he was not very directly involved. My friends, Billy, Douglas and Howard and others were much more central and they know about this fellow and he’s not welcome where they are. He complains to me about it. I know what he says about me because his words go from one person to another and eventually someone tells me what this supposed good friend of mine has to say. He doesn’t have anything to say because there weren’t any events for him to comment on negatively, so it’s all innuendo and carping about personality issues. This is all done at a distance, with no contact and no evidence of anything. I just let it go by.

He talks about getting together sometimes or books that he didn’t send coming to me but I know I’m not letting him anywhere close to me and I know, as will be the case, when things get busier around here, as they will, that he will feel compelled to have his say but… maybe not… because there are all those other friends who know who and what he is and he might just shoot himself in the foot big time, just like the arsonist from Washington or the policeman, whose relentless vengeance caused the police department massive embarrassment. Are any of these people sorry? Did I ever actually do anything to any of them? No… but that is how life can be and the point of my writing this. We all need to keep our eyes open for those who do not wish us well but who operate under that pretense.

People can become very jealous of what they imagine another person possesses. Some of them believe it should be them, yet they never did any of the work or went through the suffering that it takes to be molded into someone who can do certain things. They just fume and seethe and plot, because life was unfair to them. Like the fellow who visited me and kept going on and on about the pretty ladies. I told him it was no big deal for me because I have them around all the time (grin- maybe I shouldn’t have said that but I said it in front of everyone and they all laughed). He said, “Well, I don’t”. Is it any wonder why?

I’m laying all of this out because it has come to my ears and because I recognize that enemies can and will surface and sometimes you can’t defend yourself against them. The only way to defend yourself is to behave with the consistency that the trial and error of life has taught you how to manage. These things come with the territory and you have to endure them. We have to watch out that we don’t judge ourselves simply because these things happen to us. Life here is not a walk in the park, though I admit, I am looking for it to take that appearance soon. We just have to trust and walk our road as best we can and not bark back at the dogs that chase the caravan. These things happen but… good things happen too and sooner or later, the karma evens out and every life reaps the rewards of the efforts put into it. That’s what we should be concerned with; what we put into it. I keep thinking maybe that guy will apologize. I never went after him publicly or named him. I realize we’ve all got our private states of torment and maybe he will find his way out. In the meantime, the caravan moves on.

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