It’s time to Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 25, 2011

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“May your noses always be cold and wet’. 

Rise and shine world, wash the dream dust from your eyes; awaken dreamers! If you can’t see it, you’re not paying attention or… like so many of your fellows, you are seeking to explain circumstance on your terms, rather adjusting your view to step beyond the personal, where everything has to fit into the schematic of your desires and ambitions. Here’s the world you get from these people. That’s the only world you’re going to get from these people and their end game is a lot nastier than what you are reading there.

Let me say a few things about consciousness. Consciousness is power. Separated self-interest consciousness is relatively impotent, except where it’s allowed for the purpose of lessons. Connected consciousness; being conjoined with the source of consciousness it a power beyond measure. The only limitation is that you can’t wield it from the separated self position. However, the separated self position is inherently suicidal so… get rid of it. Something within you knows what you truly need and what will grant you liberty from stress and tension. A great deal can be understood by watching those who have mastered Tai Chi and Aikido. You can plenty of examples on youtube. This is what unified consciousness grants you, not only in your personal interactions but also in your engagements with the greater forces of the world.

Morihei Ueshiba ‘discovered’ Aikido one day in one of those enlightenment moments. As I recall he wasn’t five feet tall and didn’t weigh a hundred pounds. He was a practitioner of misogi. I know the benefits of this sort of thing, though, to my regret, I haven’t practiced this sort of thing in a long time. Michael Green and I lived in a teepee in Wittenberg, New York, which is about seven miles out of Woodstock. We lived there off and on for about 3 years… or in other teepees in other locales, together and sometimes not together. Michael was with Leary at Millbrook. We used to go out at dawn in the winter and bathe in the mountain stream that flowed a short distance from the teepee. Michael used to walk into Woodstock barefoot. Michael is a remarkable fellow though I can’t seem to find most of his great art that used to be at his site. We shared, with a few others, the operation of a Macrobiotic restaurant in Woodstock; Five Rock City Road. I also had a spiritual/occult bookstore called The Ajna Bookstore.

End digression; anyway, Master Ueshiba was able to pull a tree with a six inch diameter out of the ground. He came to a military base when I was a small child in Kyoto, Japan and several of the things he did were, extended his little finger and three enormous MP’s, probably my father’s men, pushed on it and he flicked his finger and sent them flying. He stood in front of an archery target and had someone shoot arrows at him from 25 yards away; he would just shift his form as they whistled past him. Then an MP pulled a gun on him with more than a body’s length of distance and the MP could never pull the trigger. This is all long ago and far away and I don’t remember it very clearly. Did I get much of the tale after or did I see this, in person, in my mind? I know it happened. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you are in accord with the universe and there are a number of ways to get like that.

A lot of things are missing from contemporary life of the moment. One of these things is manners. Oh how I miss that in the general flow of life. Another thing is ‘objective reasoning’. If you don’t possess it, you do not know how valuable it is. It’s a big help in controlling the trend to separated self status. That may seem confusing; only if you don’t possess it (grin). What I notice most are the disappearance of the virtues from human behavior; gratitude, humility, courage, honesty, compassion and the others. If you possess any of these, you definitely notice their absence. I watch people. It’s something I do. I don’t eat out often but when I do I observe how people approach their food. I seldom if ever see gratitude. They eat like animals, as if it were some kind of right, along with the right not to seek or practice any of the other virtues, because they take too much trouble and put you at a disadvantage socially and in the marketplace. This ties in with that Biblical quote, “where there is no vision, the people perish”, which ties in with, “generation of vipers”. That’s kind of where we are.

Michael Green is living proof of what happens to one when they live a life of discipline and practice the virtues. Most of the people you read about in the news are living proof of what happens when your disciplines are geared to self interest and you don’t practice the virtues. It is astounding; the level of corruption and negative character that you see in the public figures of this world at this time. It’s as if they were all being inflated by invisible bicycle pumps. Hmmm, maybe that’s what nipples are for.

When you look at the preposterous degree to which people have become debased caricatures of themselves; bloviating cartoons of something formerly (perhaps) human, you have to think they’re being jacked up beyond recognition for a reason. Yes, for a lesson of what happens when it happens. When I note the generally respectful and considerate behavior of the Muslim community, by comparison with other elements of society, I say to myself, this too is a lesson.

We did it by increments and degrees, like someone getting lost in the woods and with the same results… walking in circles, suffering hunger and thirst while having the remedies all around and not being able to see them. We fall down to animal survival level and are willing to kill or whatever it takes to maintain the existence of the separated self interest; distrustful of our fellows, given over to base plots and hounded by paranoia and wild superstitions, turned against each other by those manipulating the landscape. It happened slowly. We didn’t see it. We traded our real security for the illusion of comfort. We became an audience for the banal, the trivial and the horrific. None of them had any more impact than the other. They were things happening apart. We were separated from our humanity. Occasionally you see these curious souls who are actually engaged in serving their fellows. They only make the news if the effort is gratuitous and self serving.

We can’t tell how far off we have come because it happened over a length of time. Some of us were off track before we got here and some of us were assisted to Verlorenville by disposition and the assistance of the dedicated deceivers. Even now, most of them pay attention to what these fonts of deception are promoting, though anyone of even borderline intelligence should possess ample evidence by now of the fecal stream of lies that by now has turned a good percentage of the culture into what looks like chocolate bunnies and just in time for Easter too. This is why catastrophe is the alarm clock, because ♫waking up is hard to do♫, apparently.

Now Obama makes war on Libya without the consent of congress, which he didn’t even ask for. The remorseless vultures on the Supreme Noahide Court, piss on The Constitution they were sworn in to protect. Everything is for the benefit of Israel; a gang of psychopathic mobsters and Christians insist that these bloodthirsty, human flesh eaters are the chosen people. Well, gee, I wonder who put them up to that. This why stupid is desirable and Dumb and Dumber is a curriculum, because you have to be to believe these things.

Look at the outrageous absurdity. The only logical conclusion is that lessons are being prepared. The obvious assumption should be that the bad guys among us are being celebrated and rewarded for their actions; recorded and video-taped at work for the evidence being displayed for the precession of awakening. That’s what it is and I’m sticking to it.

We’ve been in ‘any day mode’ for a little while now and so you can take it to the bank that more and more outrage and cold blooded murder is on the table. You don’t have to search too hard to see who’s behind it. Meanwhile, the public yells at each other as ‘liberal’ or ‘right wing’ without realizing that all that tells you is that they are the Tweedledee and Tweedledee of stupid. Those terms are meaningless, as meaningless as the lives of those using them. If you’re too dumb to comprehend, ‘divide and conquer’ then you’re the product of it.

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