Royal Raymond Rife and the Suppressed Cure for Cancer?

Products based on Rife’s technology are available from: New Earth, Box 3489, Ashland, OR 97520, U.S.A.


After being told my cancer had spread, I refused chemotherapy and went over to Roturua, New Zealand, for six week of treatment on the Rife machine…When I returned home, I had blood tests, ultra-sound and a colonoscopy and was told that I was very lucky because they couldn’t find any sign of cancer. That was 12 months ago, and I feel great.
Joy Overell, Qld, Australia.
Letters Page, Nexus, Dec2000/Jan2001.
Contact details:
Aidan Pargeter, Naturopathic Centre, Roturua, N.Z., tel/fax +64(0) 7 346 3506