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Visible Origami – Feb 15, 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Right off let me apologize to those of you who are, hmm… what’s the word? Upset? Disappointed? Unhappy? Due to my not posting more than once a week of late. I know that for a long time there were at least five and sometimes more postings in a week. Then I have kind of dropped off the edge of the world. There is nothing wrong with me. I’ve not lost incentive nor enthusiasm. It is similar for me to cooking. It doesn’t matter how tired I might be, or that the meal might take more than an hour to put together, or that I am often not that hungry. It’s what I do and the impetus is greater than any resistance the Tamas Guna might mount to the contrary. When it is what you do, if you love what you do, it never gets old and it’s never work. It’s a joy, BUT>>>

Sometimes you have to step back and wonder about the whole of it external to you and ever, so very much more, internal to you. I suspect I am going to be ‘back in the saddle again’ shortly. I ask that you will be patient with me. Sometimes I am also shut down by forces greater than myself. There is really only one force, but whether you see it as the whole, or are of a mind to operate with all the many permutations of that force, it comes down to the same thing, except in your mind.

I know there are those of you who rely on the postings, for whatever the reasons. At least that is what I hear. I’m am as pleased as a man can be that I am useful to a few or more. That is all that is truly important to me, to be useful and to serve God, however off track it may get for me on occasion. Sometimes I write about disparate and seemingly irrelevant matters. They give color, contrast, and context to the whole of it and when you are pumping out over two million words a year, just in this area of enterprise, it takes a lot of stocking stuffers to keep the interest going.

Since the last days of the election, there has been a great deal of bad feeling going on. People are losing whatever degree of command they had over themselves and behaving out of character. When material attraction, physical desire and the various kinds of basic appetite start to rage, the hidden side of the character begins to expose itself and it is not pretty, add in Fear and Doubt and there’s no telling what might happen. Then there is the matter of self-importance. We are not who we think we are. We think we have placed ourselves in a high notch and will receive from life accordingly. Actually what we do is sell ourselves far short of what we really are, and way short of where we could be if we let God take the lead in every aspect of our lives.

I have been hearing things from readers about the breaking up of old friendships, fallings out over petty concerns and misunderstandings. Obviously, the tension is high these days. I have had people take exception to me simply for not doing something they wanted me to do. I can either be honest and in tune with my conscience, or I can lie to spare people’s feelings. This becomes exceptionally difficult when you had no idea about any of it to begin with. You were just being you, as is, and has been the case for some time. You could lie and play patty cake with people but the relationship is then routed into a superficial play of manners. I don’t spend my time waving Lady Windermere’s Fan at a Kabuki mask festival, hoping that the lack of sincerity won’t put off the people totally lacking in sincerity.

When you find yourself doing the old Doe See Doe with people to stay in their favor, you lose favor with yourself. I can’t walk that road, it’s too painful and it also scares the shit out of me. Not many things frighten me, given that I have already run into most of them and I have my memories of what I said and did to comfort me when I’m riding out here on the High Wide and Lonesome. It has been truly said by some several someones in different ways that The Royal Road to the High Kingdom has few people on it. You can either make your peace with God and his angels, or you can make your peace with the world. Since it is not the nature of the world to be peaceful at most times, given that it is the playing field of elements at war with each other, I’d rather have peace with God.

God is very patient and his knowledge and wisdom do, indeed, pass ALL understanding. He will tolerate a lot, mostly because he KNOWS how it is going to end up and he’ll be there too, well before you. God has many faces. I fear to displease God. One of the hardest things to do is to hold to your convictions when most others have none to begin with. These days… these days, it is not the cream that rises to the top. It is more a matter of bobbing for Road Apples.

Those with strong convictions, based on the higher moralities of Heaven, are having a time of it these days. Witness The War Against Christianity. Witness the low cunning and awful lies that stream like rivers of offal in a flash flood. God is managing the tides, the rise and fall of everything in Nature, the courses of The Sun and Moon. EVERYTHING. You can either go along with the program, or you can set up your little egocentric fiefdom like a rock in the stream, which the water will wear away in time. All of our vanities, ambitions, and self-deceptions meet the fates described, or only hinted at, by Ecclesiastes and other masterpieces of spiritual insight.

You are free to tell yourself anything you like. It if proves to be true then you are in The Catbird Seat. If not… you are SOMEWHERE on the road to the discovery of it. The whole of existence is precisely mapped out and beyond the ken of human understanding. You either yield to the Divine Will and bend but do not break, or you snap like a dry, dead twig. You remember that part in The Bible where all of the chaff and dead parts are gathered up and tossed into the fire? Where is that verse? Oh yes, “If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.”

I’ve been watching as carefully as I am capable of watching. I see what I see and I seek the counsel of The Supernal Realm in every conclusion I arrive at.

If you want to be with God act like God. We have self-identified goddesses running around now with crazy hair and wild piercings who do whatever they please that the ego dictates to them and they proclaim they are goddesses; goddess is as goddess does. I’ve sat quietly around groups of all sorts of people and listened to their chatter. I learned as much as I would have listening to chipmunks sitting on a dead log

Anyone wondering how they pulled off the 9/11 cover-up needs to only look at the COVID cover-up. Why is it that so many people are buying into this? FEAR and SELF-INTEREST are at the core of the matter. Do you imagine that they will stop of their own accord? No! They are going to ratchet the tension up until it is unbearable and then they are going to set you at each other’s throats. You can see it right before you. Their games are as old as time, and whether it is the Hegelian Dialectic, or Chaos Magic, or the crude use of elementary sigils and symbols; basic mind games, courtesy of the outriders of large herds of cattle… subliminal conditioning that sounds like a cowboy’s song in the night; it winds up on The Killing Floor.

We hear by the day about this threat or another. We hear about this injustice and that injustice, as frenzied mobs, with all the wrong ideas programmed into their minds by The Usual Suspects, loose themselves upon those whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our politicians outright lie and should anyone call them on it, they arrange for them to be slandered and censured. Right is now wrong, up is down, and people simply shuffle by with their leg irons clanking, hoping they don’t draw attention and get themselves another set of leg irons to go with that mask of shame.

What is at the core of it all is INSANITY and it is getting more and more obvious with every passing day. Few conditions are as bad as losing your mind. Most terrible things pass, or you do, but madness can intensify and the worlds of the mind are populated with demons and the like, yes, angels too, but you don’t lose your mind with angels, not in an unfortunate way unless you set yourself against them. Demons and Infernal Agents will snatch away whatever is not tethered and focused. “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

This IS… or it SHOULD BE APPARENT, a time of testing. This sequencing of events and circumstances is ALL ABOUT discovering what you are made of. You can find both Heaven and Hell within you and it SHOULD BE clear which of them is prevailing by considering the direction taken. Yes… it’s hard, but that is no reason to turn on one another. When you do, you are serving the darkness, not the light.

I’ve made many mistakes on my way to wherever it is that I am. That’s in the past and in most cases, the accounts have been long settled on all of it. As soon as you realize you have been headed in the wrong direction, you become right. God has no interest in setting the Hound of Heaven on your trail unless you need a wake-up call and that’s happening all over at the moment but few see it for what it is. The Awakening and The Apocalypse are REAL events that have barely begun. They will increase in force with the passage of time. If you do not heed them and if you set yourself against the Will of Heaven, you WILL BE DRIVEN MAD. Do the math.

God is yearning, in his fashion, for you to come into The Kingdom. The only requirement for admission is to “put off the old man”. There is an impersonal character to each member of the kingdom, though we are each unique in our talents and compositions, impersonal love is the very bedrock for residence therein. The personality MUST be subject to The Indwelling Self. You could be in the Kingdom of Heaven this moment by being there in your thoughts and actions.


End Transmission…….


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