Down the River of Life to the Ocean of Presence

Visible Origami – March 22, 2011

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My mind keeps returning to the status of the human heart in the midst of external and internal turmoil caused by the massive uncertainty of the times. It’s the position all of us are in, differing only by the degree of intensity in most cases. Some of us are attended by financial concerns, some by health concerns, some by environmental concerns and all of us by spiritual concerns.

Our main concern is the degree of complexity we bring to the process. All of this complexity rests upon our belief that there’s something we can do, based on our own insights and industry, which can change our lives for the better. This is the process that got us into whatever mess or state of mind we are presently in. It’s our reliance on our own resources to meet each and every challenge that consistently shows us we’re inconsistent in our efforts and our grasp of what’s taking place.

We think we’re in charge. Some of us believe this to a remarkable degree and circumstances bear it out, further convincing us that we are in charge. Our sense of immunity and hubris turn into an inner polarity of something like the Colossus of Rhodes. That’s no longer standing, by the way. We’re permitted to think we are in charge and we are encouraged to believe we are in charge, for one purpose. The purpose is a lesson. Now, if you like lessons of this sort, you’re on the right planet. The purpose of everything you go through is a lesson, period. All of these lessons have to do with growth. You can even call it evolution.

Nothing we’ve been taught in our schools and churches is quite like what it actually is. The reason for this is also control; schools, churches, military obligations, every circumstance, where systems and ideologies are impressed upon our consciousness, are for the purpose of control and that control can, in almost all cases, be traced back to the banks. The banks are behind all the rest of these. Religions are also banks. What they collect from you, they hold in implied escrow for God. They actually use the funds to build memorials to their own imagined greatness and to extend their power as far as the funds will permit, while stealing a particular portion to finance a life style, suitable for those on their way to getting a lesson.

One evangelist, whose name I can no longer remember, along with most everyone else, used to say, “Throw your money up to the heavens and all that stays up is Gods and all that falls down is mine”. Maybe that’s from a parody but I’ve heard easily as outrageous statements enough times to assure the likelihood that someone actually said it. Oral Roberts used to say some interesting things about God for his own personal benefit. The Reverend Billy Sunday used to say some vastly amusing things but he was an entertainer as much as anything.

These days, the Christian churches, owned in dogma and direction by the Zionist agenda, mostly focus on holy wars that are fought against people who believe God is Allah that, instead of Yahweh or Jehovah this. Yahweh and Jehovah are anagrams for tetragramation, which is, yod heh vau heh in the Hebrew alphabet. Modern archaeological discoveries have shown that the so called Hebrews expropriated their traditions from others. This is why the Zionist putsch included plundering the relics and remains of those countries unfortunately placed in the cradle of civilization in order for revisionism to be accomplished. Pastor Hagee is a point man for this operation.

However, the real point of today’s discussion is the relationship between simplicity and complexity of doctrine and practice. Self styled Biblical experts and pseudo-intellectual poseurs, promote the complexity angle because it makes them sound like they know what they are talking about and allows them to tailor scripture to their own purposes, like collecting money and supporting wars in the interest of bankers who make profit from both venues. If you keep a copy of Thomas Aquinas’ “Summa Theologica” in the bathroom, you’re probably taken with the complexity angle. If you can quote pages of biblical scripture for all occasions, then you are probably waiting for your turn to speak in a crowd of parrots similarly engaged. No doubt you show up on the stage here and there in a cloud of experts who harrumph their way into the hearts and minds of the deeply sleeping.

If there is a divine, then the complexity angle is on his side of the equation. You don’t need to be concerned about all that, any more than you need to be concerned with regulating all of the functions of your body, over which you have no control anyway, unless you are an advanced yogi. If you take upon yourself the duties and authority of the divine then you get to playact that role for the purpose of a lesson.

Trust is a difficult art in times of uncertainty. Trust isn’t worth much unless it is equal the tasks set before it. Living in the moment is an answer to complexity. In a certain sense it is never any other time but ‘now’ and focus on the past and future compromises the amount of focus engaged in The Now. Simplicity is empowered by a recognition that everything is under control. This doesn’t precisely mean that you go floating on your back down the great river of life. What it means is that you are conscious of the presence of that river and the power within it, as you float or swim or sit beside the great river of life. The Great River of Life eventually empties into the vast ocean of eternal presence; all rivers do. Every tear drop finds its way back to that ocean. The Great River is the active side of the potential immensity of the great ocean. There’s the potential and the kinetic.

Most of the time, our problems rest in our inability to completely see all of the features and angles of everything. More importantly, we think we should be able to. We’ve been told we have to become as a little child. The answer is right there. Trust and Faith are like angels that accompany you along your way. Until you recognize your helplessness you are going to be helpless a lot of the time. Until you can let go completely you are going to be dogged by however much resistance you are manifesting in tandem with the idea that you know what you’re doing. You have to be able to tell yourself, “That’s not my problem” and throw it into the lap of the divine.

True masters are never troubled about anything. There’s nothing to be troubled about unless you are interfering in the process. Solving the complexity is not your job. Your job is embracing the simplicity. The biggest thing we all need to accept is that we are only here temporarily and to operate with that uppermost in our minds. As the Dharma Stork said to one of the Pandava Brothers, “What is the greatest mystery in life”. The response was, “That you see men dying all around you and do not think that you will die”.

We’re not going to be telling you how to become simple because that would complicate it (grin). You can’t get any real value or understanding from something unless you arrive at it on your own in any case. It’s the point of all those lessons. How many do you need?

Of course you go about your day attending to the things that are in front of you but… you do it with the assistance of the one who knows it coming and going. There’s a rhythm and a power there. It’s kind of like chi. It moves through you. It can be increased to an unbelievable degree. How many people actually walk into Nature and commune with the resident and his associates? How many people realize they are accompanied in everything they do and everywhere they go? This is another part of practicing the presence. You exercise it and it increases in you. You have to be serious and you have to be committed. You have to be determined and you have to be certain. The details will take care of themselves.

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