What is Mad Cow Disease?

Mad Cow Disease is the common term for Bovine Spongiform Encepholopathy (BSE), a progressive neurological disorder of cattle which can be transmitted to other species, including humans. In humans, it is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, after the two doctors who first described the symptoms of the disease.

The disease in cattle is called Bovine Spongiform Encepholopathy because this form of the disease occurs in cows (therefore, the term bovine), it causes a sponge-like destruction of the brain (therefore, the term spongiform encepholopathy – enceph means brain and pathy means pathology – meaning an abnormality).

What are the symptoms of Mad Cow Disease?
Symptoms include an excitable or nervous temperament to external stimuli such as touch to the skin, a progressive unsteadiness of gait resulting eventually in the inability to stand up. The disease is virtually 100% fatal. The human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease, Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease, causes memory loss, emotional instability including inappropriate outbursts, an unsteady gait, progressing to marked weakness, severe rapidly progressive dementia and death, often within a year of the onset of symptoms.

What is the cause of Mad Cow Disease?
Currently the most accepted theory is that the causative agent is a modified form of a normal cell surface protein called a prion (pronounced PREE-ON) protein.

Where did Prions come from? Are they a type of virus or bacteria? What are they?
A prion is neither a virus nor a bacteria. Prions are proteins that contain no DNA or RNA, two substances previously felt to be essential for reproduction of a living tissue.
Prions are normal constituents of the body when in their normal form or conformation, but they can become twisted in a conformational change ( a change in shape – in the way the molecule is folded), and then they are thought to cause disease.

How long ago were Prions discovered?
In 1997, Stanley Prusiner, M.D., a professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of prions, “tiny protein molecules that seem to cause a variety of slow acting – and inevitably fatal – diseases in animals and humans; the name is an acronym for “proteinaceous infectious particles.”

But the diseases found in association with these tiny protein molecules have been known for over 50 years. In fact, the prion, as it has been named by Dr. Prusiner, may well have been discovered over 150 years ago, and re-discovered, every 25-50 years since then, by different scientists who gave the molecule different names.

Prions exist, but it is extremely doubtful that the Prion is the “CAUSE” of ANY disease. Prions are much more likely to be the “RESULT” of a sick and dying body. Prions are most probably a RESPONSE to the illness that was actually CAUSED by a grossly improper diet and other unhealthy lifestyle factors. “Factory farming” of animals, with the massive use of hormones, pesticides and other harmful substances destroy the animal’s immune system. When these diseased animals are eaten by people, then the people get sick and die.

When the animal’s immune system is suppressed because of a violation of the immutable natural health laws that govern the health of both animals and man, then the body produces the agent necessary to clean out the mess of dead and dying tissue resulting from the violation of these health laws.

You see, these supposed “infective agents” such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and now Prions, are NOT the CAUSE of the diseases, they are the RESULT of a diseased body caused by the wrong diet and lifestyle. These bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions are actually the “clean-up crew”, formed by the body, to get rid of the mess and clean out the body.

We have been taught that germs CAUSE disease. But germs DON’T cause disease anymore than flies cause garbage!

Flies DON’T cause garbage – Garbage attracts flies! A dead animal in the road attracts vultures!! Vultures don’t attract dead animals. It’s the same situation in the body. When there is dead and dying tissue in the body, caused by an improper diet and lifestyle, the “clean-up crew is called in to get rid of the problem. The body can produce its own “cleansing” agents (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and prions) when the need arises. Or these agents can be transmitted from others, or, as in the case of Mad Cow Disease, by humans ingesting prions by eating the flesh of the cow or other infected animal. When these agents start cleaning out the toxins in the body, the toxins are dumped into the blood stream to be filtered and eliminated from the body. These toxins then cause symptoms which the doctor diagnoses as “disease” and the doctor then NAMES the disease according to the symptoms it produces.

The medical and pharmaceutical establishment then tries to produce a DRUG to STOP the cleansing process, in order to STOP the patient’s uncomfortable symptoms. But the drug NEVER cures the “disease” – it just stops the cleansing process so the patient’s body remains sick and filled the toxins, even though the patient may feel somewhat better – at least for a time.

If a person’s immune system is healthy because he has been eating and living properly, he has no need to produce these cleansing agents and will not be susceptible to them. But if his body contains dead and dying cells and tissue from an improper diet and lifestyle, then these agents have a field day. As they “clean out” the “garbage” in the body, the effect can be so severe, that the patient actually dies.

So these tiny infective agents can either be produced by the body itself, or transmitted or ingested into the body from the outside.

In the 1800’s, Antoine Bechamp, a French physician and professor of biochemistry at a prestigious University medical school in France discovered a tiny particle that he named microzymas. He found that these tiny bodies could change from one shape or form into another shape or form, depending on the condition of the person’s immune system.

About 70 years ago, an extraordinary scientist-inventor, Royal Rife, built possibly the world’s greatest microscope and observed what Bechamp had discovered, that these tiny bodies could change shape and form. A bacteria could actually become a virus or a fungus, due to a conformational change.

In the last 40 years, Dr. Virgina Livingston, a physician, a professor at Rutgers University and an outstanding cancer researcher, discovered these same tiny bodies. More recently, Gaston Naessens, a brilliant chemist and physicist now living and working in Montreal, Quebec, Canada built a super specialized microscope for studying these tiny living organisms, which he named somatids. Over years of careful microscopic observation and laboratory experimentation, Naessens went on to discover that if and when the immune system of an animal or human being becomes weakened or destabilized (by violating the natural laws of health), the normal three-stage cycle of the somatid goes through thirteen additional successive growth stages, each form evolving into the next by conformational changes.

How do you know that the Prion, recently discovered by Dr. Prusiner is the same molecule as the somatid or the microzyma as named by the previous discoverers?
1: It behaves in the same way. It produces symptoms – “disease” – in a person whose immune system has been suppressed by violation of the natural health laws (improper diet and lifestyle).
2: It is found in contact with diseased tissue. (Scientists think that because a prion is found in CONTACT with diseased tissue, that the Prion is the CAUSE of the disease. But, in fact, it is the RESULT of the diseased tissue and NOT the CAUSE!)
3: Prions, somatids and microzymas have virtually the same physical characteristics – they CANNOT BE DESTROYED. There is NO WAY to kill them.

Prions are NOT DESTROYED by fire, nor by freezing, nor by disinfectants, nor by operating room sterilization procedures, nor by incineration, nor by intense radiation. In fact, scientists and government agencies HAVE NOT FOUND ANY WAY TO DESTROY THEM!! Grinding up the dead cows and other animals who have died from Mad Cow disease, and then incinerating them WILL NOT KILL the Prion!!

How did this whole mess get started?
Over 30 years ago, cattle and sheep ranchers and other producers of animals to be slaughtered and used for food, started “factory-farming” – raising the animals in penned areas, in very close quarters, and feeding them hormones and other chemical to fatten them up faster for market . They had to give them huge amounts of antibiotics because the animals became so sick so easily because of their terrible living conditions.. (Their Immune Systems were NOT working right.)

The ranchers also cut costs by feeding their animals ground-up dead animals, animals that have died of disease – as well as humane society animals, cats and dogs that have been euthanized. ALSO being used as feed were road-kill and offal, parts of the animals not fit for human consumption. This process of grinding up diseased, dead animals for feed for other animals is called “rendering.”

But sheep and cows are herbivores – vegetarians. They are supposed to graze – to eat grass. They are NOT meat eaters. Their intestines and body systems cannot stay healthy when they are fed the wrong diet, especially when the ground up dead animals used for food, died from disease!

The equivalent disease in sheep is called “scrapie” because the diseased sheep scrape themselves against fences and other objects until they injure themselves. They develop other neurologic disorders and eventually die – – – and THEN, the ranchers grind them up and feed them to cows, chickens, pigs (and other animals to be used for human consumption) and call the “feed” High Protein Pellets! Then when the cows get sick and die from this horrible practice, they grind them up and feed THEM to OTHER cows and other types of animals being raised for human consumption.

What diseases in humans are associated with Prions?
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) has been diagnosed in many countries in the world, including the United States.
Kuru, a neurologic disease, very much like CJD, has been present in New Guinea for many years. It appears to be associated with cannibalism.
Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker (GSS) disease is manifested as a very unsteady gait plus other signs of damage to the cerebellum – a specific area of the brain. The symptoms are very much like CJD. GSS is also fatal.
Fatal familial insomnia in which dementia follows difficulty sleeping.

Are sheep and cows the only animals affected?
No. This same “feed” made of ground-up dead, diseased animals has been fed, and is still being fed, to other animals being raised for human consumption, including chickens and pigs. Also deer, elk and mink have been found to have the disease.

What countries have been affected by Mad Cow Disease?
The UK has been severely affected. Germany, Italy and many other countries have also been affected.

Is Mad Cow Disease in the U.S.?
The Government says there is no problem with Mad Cow Disease in the U.S. However, they admit that cows in this country have already been diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. And there are also THOUSANDS of “Downer Cows” in this country, cows that are well one day and dead the next. When these “Downer Cows” are ground up and fed to other animals, the other animals develop the equivalent of Mad Cow Disease.

So the government, as always, is talking out of both sides of their mouth. They are protecting the gigantic billion dollar meat and poultry industry rather than the American people…

Would the government REALLY LIE to us?

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Note: we are informed that in 1997 the U-S banned “rending”…grinding up cows to feed to cows.