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Renegade Tribune – Jan 12, 2021

You know how “systemic racism” is supposed to be a bad thing? Well, the Joe Biden administration realizes that it is only a bad thing if it’s being done to non-Whites. Systemic racism directed against White people is completely kosher.

White business owners, who have been crushed by the covid con, can expect to be at the very back of the line (or back of the bus) when it comes to getting any aid from the government, which has been stealing their money through taxation for years.

This genocidal policy from the child-raper-in-chief will ensure that fewer White people will be able to have large families, or even feed the families that they already have, forcing them to wait in food lines. This is a criminal move that should be broadly condemned, but do not hold your breath waiting for kosher conservative politicians, talking heads on TV, or world leaders to stand up against the anti-White hatred. No one is coming to our defense unless we do it ourselves.

This is only the beginning, though. Expect much more anti-White racism coming very soon.

After all, White people are now “domestic terrorists”, after a whole year of BLM and Antifa mobs burning down cities, looting businesses, and assaulting innocent people.

The DC “riot,” which was absolutes orchestrated as a psychological operation, is being blamed on “Whiteness,” which means that Whitey needs to be punished.

White people have already become second-class citizens in the United States, and it is only going to get worse in the coming months and years. We must stop White genocide. Our children will be living as slaves unless we do.