Visible Origami: Catch and Release in the Trout Stream of Life

Visible Origami – March 18, 2011

{When you get a couple of letters of inquiry, maybe that’s a sign that you’ve gone off the accustomed rails; everything is fine. I was just responding to a take down from a Bummerji ( at Petri Dish), for  chastising me for collaborating in a poem with Patrick W. that used the ‘brand name’ Hare Krishna, outside of strict Advaita protocol. In the process, I also wanted to point out why it is that I find it dangerous to be considered a guru, especially by yourself and added a few events that- without having actually added the ones that kept causing it- motivated others to view me that way. Sorry for all the special effects. Trust me, I left out a lot but I also left out reasons why people shouldn’t too (grin).}

 Dog Poet Transmitting;

 ‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

 The usual hysteria reduction is now taking place concerning Japan …and Libya has stopped bombing the freedom fighters so… the people not paying attention- and there’s more than you think- can go back to what they never stopped doing in the first place.

 For those who are paying attention. I think by now, you know that what we’ve been expecting is now in play. Tomorrow is a critical date, according to various sources; tomorrow thru Monday brings possibility of another massive transformation. I’ve no idea about it, just pointing it out. That more will come should not be in doubt, because ‘awakening’ is the point and conditions will keep coming until that is achieved.

 The universe doesn’t make mistakes the way people might, because the universe effects change in a comprehensive and absolute way when it wants to. It doesn’t reverse itself the way people do. It just keeps on. It might return to things in the process of proceeding and it might have built in features like retrograde but it goes right on its course over and over and… what am I talking about? It does repeat itself so maybe it’s more like tomayto and tomahto.

 Every now and again you find yourself in the middle of something that you could just as well put aside and go and watch an American Idol download instead. Will it be an all Italian final, or will James Durbin or Jacob Lusk just keep growing like they have? The question should be… how does any TV show keep pace with the effect of the world upon the lives of the people watching it?

 How do you build a life when it looks like life is going to remove a lot of the environment you are building it in, or even remove you as well? What people find it hard to grasp, is that life’s going to do that at some point anyway. Even when they are told ahead of time, they can’t get their head around it or they fall into despair cause it’s such a bad thing …and they don’t know that it is a bad thing, do they?

 I threw myself into a lot of things, expecting them to succeed. Some of them did but it didn’t take me very long to get bored with them either; not all the time but significantly so. I’ve got no concept of what it is to do the same job through your life, or to live with a family and come home to it every day. Most of the time it was me and whatever part of the world was there and it never took more than a coupe of years for it to turn into something else. Now I have it, except that there’s no familiar world that I go out into to return from. Normal is not in the cards. I could say that makes what’s going on now easier for me than it does for most people but anything is only as easy as the degree of your freedom from attachment to it. So… how do you really love those you have and be able to stand in the trout stream of life and play ‘catch and release’?

 We try to build a life in this world and we are playing at Woman in the Dunes; if I catch the meaning of the film, I never saw it. At least you catch my image? Here is our primary difficulty in life and possibly the reason that I personally got put through everything I went through. We made connective associations with temporary circumstance and… nearly all circumstance here is temporary and this accounts for the measurement of our relative discomfort. However much you are suffering, you can track it to this. It’s all about loss and disappointment, which is why regret and relentless memory dog our tracks. Yes, and sometimes dog our cats (grin).

 This is a big part of what you get from enlightenment and you are only enlightened partially or fully, to the point that you get this. This is also the primary thing that life teaches you along with its sibling, Sister, Fruits of Actions. And that is why you get sent to certain after life camps for reflection concerning who you were and what you did. Somewhere in your being is a corridor lined with all of your personalities. Once you get to a certain point you can walk down that corridor and look at the images of the one you used to be; whatever mask you acquired for the purpose of being brought to the point where the masks come off.

 Your being is filled with wonderful places like this that you do not have access to because your attachments of the moment keep you grounded wherever ‘here’ is. Deep in your being are sunken treasure chests that you can access when you come into the possession of the knowledge and tools to do so. These tools are symbolized by Tarot cards and I am living proof that these tools work. People have different feelings about this mechanism. Of course it was given to the gypsies so that it could travel undercover as common playing cards. They told fortunes with them and you can do that but only a very few have that gift (if gift it is) and it’s a pointless acquisition because you can change the future with this very item, so… what’s the point?

 The bad guys have gotten their hands on the mysteries so the access roads are closed except through certain testing portals. It’s not like it used to be but then, used to be isn’t like it used to be. These same abilities come as siddhis to a yogi. The Hermetic Sciences and Yoga are just the different ways that East and West go about the same thing. It’s all pretty simple and only gets complex when it needs to be or when people determine they like it better that way cause it lends some authenticity by being complicated (grin). You can get these same things as the fruits of Karma, by grace, or for the purpose of demonstrated lessons. I don’t recommend the latter.

 All of that is beside the point. You yourself are a font of wonders but you spend your time rummaging in dumpsters. Occasionally these dumpsters catch on fire and you’ve got flaming dumpsters and sometimes you get floating, sinking and drowning dumpsters. I don’t recommend them as a conveyance across the waters of death and rebirth, into the land of the truly living. The Garden of Eden is still there. The only thing different is you are not. Keep in mind that, with all of the crazy things going down at the moment, portals to new understanding and incredible dimensions of being are opening up alongside of them. This is what your eyes should be tuned to, not the usual upheaval that comes around like clockwork for people who lost their cosmic watches.

 You’re going to get living proof that ‘it is always darkest before the dawn’. That happens to separate the rookies and to test the pros. We’re all rookie to some degree and the divine has pointed that out to the best and brightest among us which is why they get all humble about the whole thing. They got good reasons.

 The next thing is coming around the corner so, remember what’s been said about the alternative opportunities that appear. You don’t get to see them unless you get to see them. Having them forced on you makes them appear to be other than what they are. So why don’t you hum a few bars of “Where or When” and I’ll be seeing you in another corridor tomorrow where they showcase the profiles in evil.

 End Transmission…….

In Memoriam; Chuck Hugh Farley


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