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Introduction – Jan 13, 2021

This is almost becoming routine and it doesn’t auger well for Scotland, or the rest of the United Kingdom for that matter. That’s because Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly imposed tighter restrictions on movement and association before the rest of the UK has done so.

This has been done ostensibly in response to Covid-19. However, you really have to wonder why when Covid-19 is only slightly more severe than seasonal flu, at least for those under sixty. In fact the only people who seem vulnerable in anyway are the very old and frail and those with pre-existing health problems. Exactly the same people who would susceptible to seasonal flu.

So why is First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tightening the lockdown in Scotland? Especially when by doing so she’s putting so many Scottish jobs and businesses on the line and the benefits are so highly questionable?

I was in Edinburgh this morning and everywhere across the city there are signs that restaurants, shops and businesses are preparing to close down. The lockdown’s impact on jobs and livelihoods will be devastating and could last for decades.

This is a direct result of Sturgeon’s Covid policies and I would suggest that she’s simply following orders, not from Westminster but orders from the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

This is what Nicola Sturgeon really means when she talks about “independence”, free from Westminster but entirely beholden to the dictates of a globalist elite.

And in her eagerness to prove her willingness to serve, Nicola Sturgeon is more than ready to reduce Scotland to a ruined vassal state. Indeed, that’s probably the ultimate objective and not just for Scotland. Ed.

Nicola Sturgeon TIGHTENS Scotland’s lockdown with ban on drinking outdoors and non-essential click-and-collect, and going inside to pick up a takeaway is outlawed as she beats Boris Johnson to the punch AGAIN

  • First Minister set out a new range of rules to come in to effect on Saturday
  • Alcohol consumption outdoors in all Level 4 areas of Scotland will be banned
  • Only retailers selling essentials will be able to offer click-and-collect
  • Essentials include items such as clothing, baby equipment and books
  • People picking up takeaway meals will be barred from entering eateries

David Wilcock and Jack Maidment – Daily Mail Jan 12, 2021

Nicola Sturgeon banned Scots from drinking outside and making non-essential click-and-collect orders today as she tightened Scotland’s lockdown still further. 

From Saturday people picking up takeaway meals will be barred from entering eateries, instead having to wait outside, she told the Scottish Parliament.

And new laws will be brought in to put a legal requirement on businesses to force them to allow staff to work from home if they can do so.

Addressing MSPs at Holyrood she said new lockdown restrictions appear to be having an effect, with the rise in new daily cases seen around the turn of the year slowing down.

However, she said there is ‘no room for complacency’, adding: ‘It is too soon to be entirely confident that the situation is stabilising.

‘Even if it is, this will only be because of lockdown – it is not, unfortunately, an indication that it is safe to ease it yet in any way.’

Pressure on the NHS, Ms Sturgeon said, was likely to continue ‘for some time’ as she urged people to continue to adhere to the new regulations.

Alcohol consumption outdoors in all Level 4 areas of Scotland will be banned, under new regulations, meaning anyone who buys takeaway alcohol must consume it in their own home.

Ms Sturgeon’s decision is likely to pile the pressure on Boris Johnson who is also thought to be considering tightening the rules in England.

Only retailers selling essentials, such as clothing, baby equipment and books, will be able to offer collection services in Scotland from this weekend.

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