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Sheeple pens

Henry Makow – henrymakow.com Jan 13, 2021

First the sheep are put in pens.


We’re in denial. This nightmare can’t be happening, we think. But it is. Covid is not going to end because it is a pretext to establish a police state. We’re mice in a laboratory run by psychopaths.

By Henry Makow PhD

A Twitter poll of readers shows that almost 45% still think Donald Trump will stop the steal.

I am almost certain he will not because he is part of the Illuminati, the satanic cult that controls the world. (I’d love to be wrong.)

The Clintons were guests at Trump’s wedding in January 2005. Click to enlarge

We don’t realize how dire our situation is. Trump invoking the Insurrection Act is a comforting fantasy.  Won’t happen. Already conceded.

Humanity has given the keys to the store to its worst enemy, the Satanist central banking cartel. The “keys” refer to the power to create the medium of exchange, (money or credit) our of thin air, as a debt to themselves. 

Money is Control. 


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