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henrymakow.com – Jan 1, 2021

(Above: Joe here said on TV, “we have put together the greatest voter fraud system in American history”, and next proceeds to steal a massive land slide for Trump in broad daylight. This is the best the New World Order has got?! It seems unlikely.)

“The Powers that Be need a strong American President, with the backing of the core of the People, for what is coming, and already unfolding: American demotion from hegemon to just another Great Power, massive economic depression, isolation on the International stage, and Great Power rivalry with China, which will eventually set the stage for WW3.”

highly recommend this interview January 8 between Greg Hunter and Alex Newman who believe Trump may yet invoke the Insurrection Act. The MSM has conveniently forgotten that the biggest heist in the history of the US has just taken place. Greg Hunter & Alex Newman have not.

Here, Trump sounds defiant on YouTube. “The time for empty talk is over Now is the time for action.”

Too Early To Entirely Write Off A Trump Counter Coup Yet

by Anthony Migchels — (abridged by henrymakow.com)

It is eight days, until Inauguration. But it’s hard to believe that Biden will actually get installed.

Because this obviously is a coup. It cannot be seen in any other way. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all with a Trump counter coup.

And not because of Q, although Q is very important. But because Trump is the New World Order’s trump card.

While the public views the Election in terms of ‘Republicans’ vs. ‘Democrats’, it’s more a power struggle of an imploding Empire. The underlying trends are the death throes of the West, the  American Empire, the Petrodollar, and the Financial System itself.


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