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Oliver Milne – Daily Mirror Jan 11, 2021

Boris Johnson has warned that people must continue to follow lockdown rules as he admitted he feared that “false complacency” may be spreading as news of the vaccine rollout spread.

The PM warned that tougher lockdown rules could come if people didn’t follow the rules – but he stressed it would be preferable for people to follow existing rules rather than have to introduce new measures.

He added that that vaccination are “a race against time” with the scale of the threat on the NHS, which he said includes a shortage of oxygen in some places.

He said vaccinating the 15 million people in the top four priority groups by mid-February is a “massively stretching” but “achievable target”.

During a visit to a vaccine centre in Bristol, the Prime Minister told reporters: “We cannot be complacent. The worst thing now would be for us to allow the success in rolling out a vaccine programme to breed any kind of complacency about the state of the pandemic.”

He said it was “far, far better for people to obey the rules that we have than simply to promulgate new rules.”

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Comment – Jan 11, 2021

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer was forced to resign when she was twice caught visiting her family’s second home, after she had advised Scots to stay at home last April.

Weeks later New Zealand’s Health Minister, Dr David Clark was caught driving his family to a beach more than 20kms from the family home. At the time Dr Clark had advised New Zealanders to stay at home and only venture out locally for exercise and essential shopping.

Now after warning that stricter measures may be imposed to combat Covid-19 “complacency”, Boris Johnson has also been caught contravening his own advice to the public.

Why is this? Do politicians think that there is one set of rules for the public, and another set of rules for themselves? That’s a serious question.

Or could it be that Covid-19 isn’t as severe and the pandemic isn’t as extensive as the authorities would have us to believe? After all, Scotland’s chief medical officer, New Zealand’s health minister and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would all be in a position to know. Do they know something we don’t?

Boris Johnson ‘spotted cycling more than 7 miles away from Downing Street’

Eliza Menendez – Metro Jan 11, 2021

The prime minister was reportedly spotted cycling at least seven miles away from his Downing Street home, despite government rules advising people to stay local for exercise.

Boris Johnson was seen wearing a TfL hat and face mask while cycling around Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, according to the Evening Standard. He was reportedly spotted cycling with his security detail at about 2pm on Sunday. Olympic Park is an estimated 7.5 miles away from his Downing Street flat.

Official Covid-19 guidance states that people are only permitted to leave their home for exercise once a day – but ‘you should not travel outside your local area’.

The prime minister is said to have been concerned over how busy the park was and brought it up at a Cabinet meeting later that evening.

A source told the Standard the PM was out exercising at the time, adding: ‘But he did note how busy the park was and he commented on it at the meeting last night.

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