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henrymakow.com — Jan 1, 2021

“The truth is that Trump is a conman – a confidence trickster in the purest form. Remember, the real trick of the conman is not just tricking and embezzling people with fast talk, it is selling people their own ideals, dreams and passions.” 

How could Trump surround himself with so many disloyal people? How could he be so ineffectual?

by Chris B — (henrymakow.com)

SAY what you will about the brazen invasion of the US capital by irate MAGA-philes – but you have to admire the outrageous audacity of the participants, not to mention the sheer entertainment of it all. Chutzpah would probably be a more accurate term – in the blatantly scripted, Hollywood-hype sense of the word.

But it must be acknowledged that the gripes of so-called ‘red America’ are all too real. They’re anger is justified – despite the self-defeating naivety of their actions – having been betrayed continuously by successive administrations over many decades.

Despite their strong ethics, solid productivity and servile patriotism that helped make American great in a long dead distant past, middle American has been sold out, silenced and now left to rot. It’s not only whole towns and communities that have been gutted and fleeced, an entire way of life is in its final death throes. 


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