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— 45% Support the Actions

Jim Holt – The Gateway Pundit Jan 8, 2021

Nearly half of Republicans support the storming of the US Capitol on Wednesday following what many see as a stolen election.

Only 27% see it as a threat to democracy.
The rest think stealing elections is a bigger threat to democracy.

Via YouGov.com:

A YouGov Direct poll of 1,397 registered voters who had heard about the event finds that most (62%) voters perceive these actions as a threat to democracy. Democrats (93%) overwhelmingly see it this way, while most (55%) Independents also agree. Among Republicans, however, only a quarter (27%) think this should be considered a threat to democracy, with two-thirds (68%) saying otherwise.

In fact, many Republicans (45%) actively support the actions of those at the Capitol, although as many expressed their opposition (43%).