Diana’s Death: The Case Reopens

Lingering suspicions over Princess Diana’s death simply wont go away. Seven years on and a court in France is to announce that doctors accused of covering up a murder have a case to answer.

London’s Daily Express reported today that a fresh inquiry is to be ordered into the investigation into the deaths of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, after allegations that key evidence in the original inquiry may have been falsified.

The investigation will focus on blood samples that indicated that Henri Paul, the driver of the crashed vehicle, had been high on drink and drugs. A French court is about to order the inquiry, after experts found glaring inconsistencies in the original inquiry.

Professor Peter Vanezis, chief forensic medical officer at the British Government’s forensic science service, led the team of experts hired by Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father.

Among other things they found that levels of carbon monoxide in Henri Paul’s blood samples were so high that he would have been unable to even walk to the car, let alone drive it.

So why, it is being asked, did video footage taken earlier show him looking sober, climbing stairs and tying his shoelaces? Did the blood sample really belong to Henri Paul? And if not and Henri Paul was indeed sober, then what caused the crash? Could it be, asks the Express, that the ‘conspiracy theories’ over Diana’s ‘murder’ are in fact true?