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Visible Origami — Dec 20, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…..

It is said, certainly in the Eastern Traditions, that the moment just before death is the most important moment in life and ALL of your previous moment’s trend toward what your mind has been occupied with throughout. Where your thoughts are, just previous to your departure, sets the direction you go in upon departure.

The same must, perforce, apply to where your mind is at during significant periods of material transition, like an age transforming solstice. This is why we are admonished to have our thoughts on the divine at all times.

From the moment you are born, your life moves inexorably toward death. Only in the rarest cases does it resolve in another fashion. I suppose Elijah comes to mind, and those of whom the outcome remains in doubt, such as Lao Tzu, after he rode off into the mist on his water buffalo. There are others, like Apollonius of Tyana, and Mehemet Karagoz; of whom I am sure no reader has heard of before.

There is your commonly programmed, historical record, that bears small resemblance to what actually transpired, and… there is occult (or hidden) history, which is more valid AND enduring. The facts are, my friends, nearly everything that you see and hear is a lie. It is either masquerading under false pretenses, or your mind has put an interpretation on it that is erroneous. There is, of course, a pyramid of higher consciousness, not to be compared to the Illuminati pyramid. It has to do with levels of awakening. As one moves into more rarefied company, one sees and hears more clearly. At the bottom, one doesn’t see or hear much of anything outside of the bandwidth of the material senses.

At the top of that pyramid is the capstone of Cosmic Consciousness, which informs all of the levels below with its earned state of awareness. At the bottom of the pyramid, you have that mass of humanity that is controlled by Fear and Appetite. Social Media and COVID were made for them. As long as they can be kept in a state of confusion they are simply USED for the purposes of dark agency. It is not always so, BUT… it is always so in times of material darkness. At RARE intervals an apocalypse appears. At even more rare intervals, a Grand Apocalypse appears and it is attended by a wave of awakening that sweeps through the human mind, with mixed results.

This is where we find ourselves presently. It is unsettling to the masses and it is even more unsettling to the principalities and powers, and their agents on the ground who administer their will. Of course… there is ONLY ONE WILL so, by labyrinthine and diver’s ways, EVERY intention, no matter how sacred or profane, serves the One Will that irresistibly rules over us, outwardly and inwardly. Be your intentions positive or negative, a destiny evolves into the life-stream of all players, according to their intentions. This destiny ensures that we will each come to our appointed end, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

There are angels whose task it is to distract you as you come to the point of transition. Those who have thought of themselves as spiritual or religious, but who had no consistency with either, are easily distracted on their death bed. It is not such an easy matter as you may think to have your attention fixed on God. For those who do, the gain is incalculable. They go to The Sun and onward. Otherwise, you go to the Big Wardrobe on The Moon and back here.

You can tell yourself anything you want in this life. Many do, and it becomes real for them. It stays real unless it begins to degrade and fall to tatters. Eventually, ALL that is false, unreal, untrue, comes up against The Truth. The idea that one SHOULD come away with, given that what is said here is so, is that one should seek The Truth and live the truth to the best of their ability. The good news is that should you prove sincere and determined, The Truth will come to you.

Each of us has an aura, and it extends out from us to a greater or lesser distance. Its colors are bright and brighter, or muddier and darker. Angels see these auras and in those cases where the auras resonate in harmonic fashion with The Divine, angels, who are agents of The Divine, will see you. It is said that Buddha’s aura extended out from his person for leagues. How about that?

Christmas is coming in more ways than one this year and that is why they are trying to shut it down. We should all know that the agents of darkness KNOW what is happening and they are in a desperate effort to outflank it. When you see certain signs in the world around you, and certain arrangements in the sky, these are all indicators of Great Transformation. The Avatar is ON THE WAY, and HELP is on the way too.

Do not buy into the Doom and Gloom!!! These are mere appearances and appearances are A LIE. What is True, and Real, and enduring, is within you. It has ALWAYS been within you. You have one job and that is to seek The Divine within with all your might. I feel confident in telling you this. I have found it to be TRUE. Alternatively, you can do as you like and achieve or acquire whatever it is that you find to be more important than The Divine. I consider ANYTHING other than seeking The Divine with all your might to be INSANE. Conversely, no doubt, those captivated by material attractions find me to be crazy as well. Time will tell and we shall see, oh yes.

If you make God the centerpiece of your life, God WILL BE THERE in the winter. I received personal confirmation of this. Even if you have been lackadaisical and inconsistent through your life until this point, it can all change in a twinkling. Give it everything you got! I KNOW that what I am telling you here is true, but… neither I, nor anyone else, can walk that route for you. It is on your head.

Though you may not see them, angels are always near and watching for a change of season in the heart of humanity, singly or collectively. At no point in the memory of the past have they been closer or more attentive than now. This is The Grand Summoning. This is the Great Harvest. Anyone with the sand to do so in this time can make an exponential leap in consciousness and spiritual progress. This is why the distractions are so great. You MUST shut out the noise of the world and seek the counsel of The Indwelling. Well… we’ll see, won’t we?

I pray, my friends, that you will feel that inner urging to put aside all extraneous matters, and turn your attention to The Living Light, in whatever tradition you best appreciate it and with whatever icon most suits your palate. You WILL receive all the help that you need. I cannot stress how critical this is. How wonderful it would be for the thought of God to be with you in your final hour, and you can ensure that.

There is ONLY ONE master EVER. This is the SAME MASTER that is present in every real master who has ever been present here. There is ONLY ONE and this is how they all recognize each other. This master is present within you at this very moment. He watches and he waits for that moment of epiphany when he can make himself known. He is not far away. He is RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW. You have ONLY to want his presence more than anything else and it will be yours.

It is such a simple thing. It seems like it should be so easy, AND IT IS! One must simply give it their WHOLE MIND. It is the vacillating and inconsistency of focus that accounts for all the labor of it. Be childlike, admit that you do not know, and let the humility native to that perspective lead you home. That is ALL there is to it. If you have managed to fixate the volatile you are on your way.

End Transmission…….


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