Introduction – Dec 17, 2020

A few words on what Christian esoteric teacher Rudolf Steiner predicted nearly a century ago. According to Steiner, Ahriman, more commonly known today as satan, would incarnate in human form at this time.

Ahriman’s incarnation would be in counterpoint to Christ’s nearly 2,000 years ago. This is part of a higher plan and the objective is to further confine mankind within the material world.

It’s up to us as individuals to make a choice.

At least for now, this is Ahriman’s realm where he can exercise his power in a cold, ruthless, calculated manner that often hides itself behind a veil of good. The lesson for humanity is to learn to distinguish evil from good.

Think of vivisection: which involves the suffering and slaughter of animals on the altar of scientific progress; or banking where Ahriman’s influence hides itself behind a veil of respectability, even while it reduces the sum of all human activity to a quest for and worship of material wealth.

It should be obvious what choice our leaders have made.

Even if he isn’t presently recognised for what he is – and I’m not going speculate who this anti-Christ or Dajjal figure might be – his influence is all around us.

That’s why our political leaders are guided by their scientific “advisors”, and why both leaders and advisors are beholden to the dictates of bankers and shadowy oligarchs. These are the individuals and forces that now hold humanity in bondage and through whom Ahriman exercises his power over humanity. Ed

The Bondage of Lies

By Dave Daubenmire – News With Views Dec 17, 2020

Jesus Christ has been criminalized in America.  Most of you have probably never looked at it that way, but can you name one historical person who is less welcome in a public discussion than the King of Kings?

He has been expunged from education, government, healthcare, counseling, media, military, and every other area of public discourse.  He has been banished to the church where he is occasionally offered the opportunity to appear.  But those appearances are becoming rarer everyday as the Church gives way to feelgood psychobabble masquerading as Truth.

Sadly, most pulpits no longer plead His case nor fight for His rightful position as King over all the earth.  There was a day when our churches believed it and taught it.  There was a time when He was the central focus of all that we taught. Jesus, and His precepts, was the center of public education, the government, medicine, and all the sciences.  As the embodiment of Truth, Jesus Christ was the Chief Cornerstone of all our once-honest institutions.

No longer.  America is suffering from Truth decay and in the place of Jesus we have substituted something called “science.”  Science has now become the arbiter and determiner of all Truth.  Where American children were once taught to “trust Jesus” we are now being exhorted to ‘trust science.”

What do we do when “science” lies to us?  Where do we go for Truth when Truth no longer matters?

But Truth always matters.  It is the foundation of all belief.  Where do we turn when absolute Truth no longer exists?  What do we do when “Truth” is determined by “scientists” who do research that validates the goals of those who sign their paychecks?  What do we do when science becomes politicized and truth is sold to the highest bidder?  What do we do when science no longer validates the Truth?

Can there be anything more diabolical and destructive than teaching our children things that are not true?  Jesus told us that “you shall know the Truth and the Truth (if you know it) will make you free?”  If Truth makes us free do falsehoods place us in bondage?  Could it be that America is in the mess we are in because we no longer demand the TRUTH?

Truth does not matter to the secular Left. Truth is a person, and He is persona non grata in most of America’s institutions.  No wonder there is so little freedom in this nation.  Truth is not something that the Secularists value.Truth is not an opinion.

Christians are forced to pay taxes to support “public” schools where the values they teach in their home are undermined.  The schools teach “theories” as if they were true.  Evolution, sexual orientation, selective gender, man-made climate change, reproductive choice, are all voodoo science based on theories.  NONE of them represent Truth.  Yet they are taught as Truth…under the historical lie of “the separation between the church and state.”

Lies.  All lies, taught to our children as Truth.  No wonder millions of Americans walk around wearing dog muzzles in the name of science.  Soon they will be lining up for a vaccination that “they” tell us will prevent us from getting the flu.

Who is “they” you might ask?  Probably the same crowd of experts that tell us Bruce Jenner is a woman, unborn babies are a blob of tissue, gays are “born that way”, and that their family progenitor was some ape in Africa.  All unproven lies.  Why are we surprised when children act like animals after we teach them that they came from apes?

Bought and paid for Science is a poor substitute for Truth.

The next time you get upset about your business being forced to close look no further than the nearest mirror.  YOU are the one to blame. You kept your mouth shut.  You permitted the lies to be taught.  You failed to speak up and demand the Truth.  That’s right.  YOU …and me…our silence has birthed a rotten crop.

Now they want to tell us that Joe Biden was elected President.  They convince you that all votes count…legal or not.  They tell you the election was honest.  They tell you no fraud took place.  They tell you that you can trust the machines…the machines do not lie.  The most secure election in history, they tell us.  Your TV nooze “amen’s” and repeats the lies.

They tell you they are impartial.  They block the Truth and ban you on social media.  They tell you network projections determine election winners.  They tell you that judges are impartial and honest.  They tell you to believe what you are told and not your own instincts.

Government officials used to hang for lying…now they get elected to higher office.  Whose fault is that?

Lies rule the day in America.  No one is held accountable.  The ends justify the means.  Truth has fallen in the streets and someone needs to help Him get up.

Western civilization is teetering. If we want to remain free, we must return to THE Truth.  We must live it and demand it.  That is the ONLY thing that will make us free.