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Introduction – Dec 5, 2020

This is no big surprise but the following Daily Mail article is revealing, insofar as it suggests that reluctance to get vaccinated against Covid-19 maybe widespread.

To counter this not only have British Royalty been drafted in to promote vaccinations but other influential figures have also been called-up to help too. This means other members of the Royal Household like Prince Charles and Prince William will have to do their bit, as will influential figures like Sir David Attenborough and Dame Judi Dench.

Whether the British royals will actually BE VACCINATED is another matter though. They will only have to go through the motions of vaccination to help allay genuine public concern.

It remains to be seen whether this actually works. As we suspect that a significant minority will still refuse vaccination. Ed

Queen ‘to get Covid vaccine in weeks’: Monarch, 94, will ‘wait in line’ for over-80s roll-out with Prince Philip, 99, before revealing she has had the jab to boost take-up

  • Both Queen and Prince Philip will not get preferential treatment, sources said
  • It is understood they will instead ‘wait in line’ during the first wave of injections
  • Both expected to accept the offer of the injection on the advice of their doctors
  • Public health experts believe if couple go public it could combat misinformation
  • Feared that conspiracy theorists could lead to people refusing the vaccine

Glen Owen and Emily Andrews – Daily Mail Dec 6, 2020

The Queen is expected to receive the Covid-19 vaccine within weeks – and then reveal she has been given it to encourage more people to take up the vital jab.

Senior sources say both the 94-year-old Monarch and Prince Philip, 99, will not get preferential treatment, but will instead ‘wait in line’ during the first wave of injections reserved for the over-80s and care home residents.

Both are expected to accept the offer of the injection on the advice of their doctors.

Public health experts believe that if the couple go public about the jab, it could go a long way to combating misinformation spread by conspiracy theorists which, it’s feared, could lead to a substantial proportion of the population refusing the vaccine.

Discussions are also under way about the potential roles that could be played by Prince Charles and Prince William in publicising the vaccination programme.

But courtiers are wary that doing so might be seen as ‘politicising’ the family, as well as amounting to an invasion of their medical privacy.

However, the participation of the Queen in backing the jabs would be seen as a rallying cry to the nation. In 1957, she let it be known that Charles and Princess Anne had been given polio jabs to counter fears about the vaccine.

The possible role of the Royals is being discussed at Buckingham Palace and in Whitehall, where officials are debating whether widely respected celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough and Dame Judi Dench could also be deployed as public cheerleaders for the vaccine.

To avoid any accusations of favouritism, senior members of the Royal Family will be offered the vaccine at the same time as others in their age groups.

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