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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Dec 3, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Mr. Apocalypse is like The Scarlet Pimpernel. To steal it from The Beatles, he’s ♫here, there, and everywhere♫ He’s touring The World with his walking stick, lifting up the skirts of darkness; uncovering, revealing, and exposing the malefic industries of the possessed agents of The Infernal Realm. He is accompanied by his faithful companion, The Great Awakening; sounds like the main tag team, feature event at Friday Night Wrestling. Oh… some say it’s metaphorical, or some kind of allegory, BUT… he’s real. I’ve spoken with him. Get yourself a comfortable seat, away from the splattering body fluids, watch out for the wicking sweat of Fear and Shame; you don’t want to get any of that on you, and PAY ATTENTION, because… it’s on!

You may wonder why it is that I have spent time recently, writing about political issues and ancillary concerns. People have accused me of giving fealty to someone they don’t like. I suggest that the reader take a short virtual hop over to this site and read some of the PDF manifestos on Antifa policy and intentions for this country; THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN. These nihilistic refugees from one of Kafka’s nightmares are quite serious about our being put up against the wall and shot. I am certain they have some other activities planned for us before the bullet finds us. I do not write as I do on the matters at hand because of any personal fear. I have NONE. I KNOW whose camp I am FIRMLY resident in. This MAY NOT be the case for everyone. These sorts of violent assaults are taking place as well.

I’ve been warning about what is coming to the urban streets of America for some time now. I was warning about them well before they have become business as usual. I DO NOT think it will all descend into utter chaos. I believe the Invisible Hand of God is very present in human affairs at this time. I can LITERALLY feel the light breaking. However, if the present administration is not returned to office, it WILL get much worse before it gets better.

I call your attention to the president’s speech last night. Let no one be mistaken here. I LOVE MY COUNTRY! I love The Truth even more. I CANNOT say that I know what The Truth is. I see myself more as Lancelot than I do Galahad who saw The Holy Grail. Lancelot only saw the light of The Holy Grail reflected. Galahad was pure. Lancelot was not, and neither am I. I use this characterization for the purpose of illustration, NOT to compare myself to Lancelot.

We are at a GREAT TURNING POINT in the history of this country. It can go a few different ways. It depends on the lessons that The Celestial Realm DECIDES we need to learn, AND… you must keep in mind, some justice is SPECIFIC and some justice is COLLECTIVE. Some of us might get hit in the head by the Hammer of Truth, and some of us might see it happen, and some of us might hear about it happening, AND… for some of us, the knowledge of it will not even register. It can go a lot of different ways, specifically and collectively. My recommendation is; has ALWAYS been, that each and every one of us, MUST… must put ourselves in The Way of Heaven, or… by default we will be rendered to wherever our Karma has determined that Our Fate place us.

I am not saying that Karma is flexible. I am saying that The Grace of God is a very real force and it CAN BE accessed by those who have made themselves UTTERLY RELIANT on the Mercy of God.

The Lord God dwells in every one of us. He comes MORE FULLY in The Avatar. Avatar means, ‘DESCENT’. The maintainer aspect of God, at appointed times, descends to reestablish the DIVINE LAW. Humanity, regularly, like clockwork, goes astray. Without the routine appearances of The Avatar, Humanity WOULD BE lost. When The Avatar comes, he brings a Golden Age. This is ALWAYS a by-product of his visit. It is why I mention the coming Golden Age, at intervals, now and again. The Avatar is DUE NOW. It could be that he has already been and gone, according to some, who are devoted to their own particular icon. I do not believe this to be true. These others might have been heralds, but they were not The Definite Article. We’ve also had, have, and will have, a surfeit of False Prophets.

I’ve pointed out that… because of the enormous population, and for various other reasons that it is not necessary for me to go into at this time, he might well come in the human heart, where a place has been PREPARED for him. Irrespective of that, he will STILL BE an individual personality. Whether we will know of that, I can’t say. I suspect he is presently COMING DOWN THE PLANES, and clearing out The Powers and Principalities that scripture speaks of. This is why the workers of Evil are suddenly as animated as they are. This is why so much darkness has been expressing through so many different avenues. THEY KNOW he is coming. They can feel it. Others, like myself, also know he is coming, but the sense of him is radically different, depending on what you, or I, or anyone is getting up to.

Another clue to his imminent arrival is the presence of Mr. Apocalypse and The Great Awakening. They ALWAYS precede him, much as John the Baptist and others were forerunners of Jesus THE Christ. Though John was a contemporary, he was also a herald, preaching of the coming of The Lord, whose actual arrival took place at The River Jordan.

Whenever The Avatar is coming, Truth begins to reveal itself and that is Mr. Apocalypse’s role. He uncovers The Truth, as he is presently doing, and this accounts for WHY the Bad Guys and hypocrites are being exposed at every turning now. In a time of apocalypse, which ALWAYS precedes the appearance of The Avatar, the predators and workers of Evil are forced to center stage. They can’t help themselves. All their plots are exposed. It is The Great Awakening that accounts for our ability to SEE what is happening and to understand it. Also, the long-prevailing infrastructure and institutions of the previous age begin to crumble, and the heads of religious organizations, political leaders, and other rich and powerful figures are exposed for their self-interest and moral bankruptcy.

What The Avatar is, is the living embodiment and personalized expression of that spark of divinity that is resident in each of us. It accounts for the resonance that begins to occur in the hearts of all kindred spirits, AND… alternatively, the fear that begins to manifest in the Solar Plexus and (not in a good way) the ‘trembling’ in the hearts of the malefactors. This is ALL taking place now. For those of you who are being filled with an optimism you cannot explain, given the terrible appearances in the manifest, it is the presence of The Avatar that accounts for it.

I CANNOT effectively express how important it is to come into the shelter and sanctuary of the wings of God’s angels. It would be a wonderful and salutary thing for each of you to walk somewhere into the cathedral of Lady Nature and express to the invisible listeners, your dedication to The Throne of God and the one who sits upon it. You WILL BE heard. Of course, you can do this anywhere, BUT… certain settings can provide a powerful atmosphere to awaken the needed zeal and aspiration. Nothing beats reaffirming this EVERY DAY and even more. God IS listening. His ears are his angels and they carry ALL ‘sincere’ prayer to him.

Krishna, who is an Avatar of Vishnu, is THE SELF in all living things. His name means, ‘ to draw the plow’. It draws you. It is The Attractive Force of the universe. Another meaning is The Dark One, and this refers to The Light that is Too Bright to See. Ergo, God is often veiled. Hidden, in a sense, in his outward appearance, AND… hidden from us within by our blindness, which is caused by the actions of the senses.

All bonafide religions lead to God. As it says in The Bhagavad Gita, “As men approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.” ‘MAN’ is a generic qualifier. Women are the same as, though different in appearance. This is the time of the rising of The Divine Feminine, and EVERYONE had BETTER take note of that. I would also point out the similarities in the names, Krishna, and Christ. Whenever such similarities exist, they represent a deeper connection on another level. If I have to go through all of the politically correct nonsense about terms and interpretations, I would never get anything done and it would sound STUPID. You know what I mean, and if you don’t, you will.

I am sincerely sorry that there are those who are disappointed in me for their ‘perception’ that I am in the camp of any political party. As it so happens, in this case, the choice is clear as to which is representative of The Greater Good. I must point these things out. I have attached a great many links to follow this posting and therein you can find all the evidence you will need as to why I am speaking as I do. We are in a terrible crisis and as I have said, it can go several ways and not all of them good. I firmly believe that God is directly involved in all of it and I have no real fears of the outcome. I do think it can go many ways, depending on our individual states of being. I do think there is going to be major uproar soon, BUT… it need not include you, even if you find yourself in the midst of it, if God is in your heart, all will be well. Mayhap you might even perish at any moment, but you will anyway at some point. What matters is what you carry with you. That is your IDENTIFIER. That is your passport. That is, in fact, what carries you.


May God be with you!


End Transmission…….

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