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A cafe in Soho, London, in February. People who do not get vaccinated could face severe restrictions, says Nadhim Zahawi.

Harry Taylor and Agencies – The Guardian Dec 1, 2020

Customers who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine could be turned away by hospitality and sports venues, the government’s vaccine minister has suggested, as he discussed the idea of using technology to reopen the economy.

Nadhim Zahawi, who was appointed on Saturday to be responsible for overseeing the rollout of the jab, said that while having the vaccine would not be compulsory, businesses such as pubs and restaurants might require proof that people have been vaccinated before allowing them in.

It raises questions over whether the government might use immunity passports as a way to get people back into shops and hospitality venues after a vaccine is licensed. They are already used by some countries to see whether people have protection against yellow fever or polio.

Asked by the BBC whether those who have been inoculated would get an immunity passport, Zahawi said: “We are looking at the technology. And, of course, a way of people being able to inform their GP that they have been vaccinated. But, also, I think you’ll probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, sports venues, will probably also use that system – as they have done with the [test and trace] app.

“I think that in many ways the pressure will come from both ways. From service providers who’ll say: ‘Look, demonstrate to us that you have been vaccinated.’ But, also, we will make the technology as easy and accessible as possible.”

The MP for Stratford-upon-Avon and minister for business and industry said people would have to “make a decision” on whether to get vaccinated, and said if they chose not to they could face severe restrictions.

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, told a Downing Street press conference: “For a long time now we’ve been looking at the questions that minister Zahawi was talking about and the question of what’s the impact on the individual in terms of what they can do.

“Firstly, we do not plan to mandate the vaccine. We think that by encouraging the uptake of the vaccine, we will get a very high proportion of people in this country to take up the vaccine, because of course it protects you but it also helps to protect your loved ones and your community.”

Ilan Kelman, a professor of disasters and health at University College London, said care needed to be taken for those who were unable to receive a vaccine for medical reasons.


Commentary — Dec 1, 2020

Of course the ultimate objective is to subtly coerce people into getting vaccinated. The overriding question is why? Why is there a coordinated, global campaign to vaccinate large swathes of the populace against a disease that for the most part is little worse than seasonal flu?

For example, a recent Canadian survey found that more than a third of children who contracted Covid-19 did not display any symptoms normally associated with it, such as coughing, shortness of breath and fever.

While the most common signs among children who tested positive for Covid-19 were cough and runny nose, they were also common among those with a negative test result.

In other words the young and healthy seem resiliant to the worst of Covid-19.

The most vulnerable seem to be over 65-year-olds and those with pre-existing conditions, the very people who are most at risk from seasonal colds and flu. Yet in recent decades no country has been shut down because of seasonal colds and flu. So why are we now seeing national lockdowns and a global drive to promote vaccinations?

We would suggest that Rudolf Steiner’s prophetic warning from nearly a century ago is the reason.

Although Steiner was an esoteric Christian his warning applies to ALL faiths. The ultimate objective behind the vaccination program is to neuter mankind’s spiritual impulses and deliver us into the hands of agents of the anti-Christ, or as he is known in Islam, the Dajjal.

It’s no coincidence that the world’s leaders are working to implement a global vaccination program against a disease with a fatality rate of less than one percent. Their power and positions depend on it. The pandemic is a pretext, promoted by a complicit media who are trying to convince us of the threat posed by Covid-19.

Just as they once tried to persuade us of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Our politicians and media are working overtime to inflate the magnitude a supposed threat. Only this time the consequences for each individual who swallows their lies will be far worse than the Iraq War. Ed.