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Visible Origami – Nov 29, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Today is Sunday, which is named after The Sun. I don’t know how often people think of that connection. It is one of those things that don’t register, due to the factor of, ACCOMMODATION. We miss so much in life because certain eternal verities and Living Evidence just goes right by us. This is mostly due to our misunderstanding of what it was in the first place. Our heads are filled with images and memory trails that were mislabeled to begin with. Many of us have built our lives on illusory and false interpretations of objects and experiences. Adam, according to a certain tradition means, ‘namer of things’. What we identify something as is what it becomes for us. This is hugely important AND… this is the KEY FEATURE of the mantra, “I don’t know.” We have to unlearn so much and we can ONLY accomplish this by admitting to our ignorance. Human pride and aggressive self will work AGAINST our ability to TRULY SEE and understand.

This state of false awareness may well continue for life after life, and accounts for the conditions we find ourselves in. The things and experiences that we desire and hunger for, BLIND us to what is real and we lie to ourselves in order to justify our appetites and objectives. Because… whether you know this or not, LIFE is a surgically precise operation and what is unreal in our minds, again, and again, and again, comes up against THE TRUTH and this is because the entire drama of existence is ALL predicated upon The Purpose of Demonstration. The lies we embrace ACT OUT. The Truth in us ACTS OUT. We are COMPELLED to express ourselves for The Purpose of Demonstration! There is no evading this.

This accounts for why The Wise are indifferent to what is going on around them. Yes, they register the relative Good and Evil in all of their observations, BUT… they have no need to address or interfere with any of it. It ALL works out. Occasionally, The Wise will encounter a sincere heart and a questing mind, which is drawn to what is generally unseen, in the crowded market places of cultures rising and declining; bio-rhythmically going through the PREDICTABLE changes in a cosmic redundancy of cyclic imperatives AND… will assist them when they can.

One of the most important realizations that comes to those further up The Path, is that helping and hindering can be very complex issues. There are countless tales in various traditions that illustrate what can happen when one thinks they are acting out of the goodness of their heart and the result backfires on them. This is where the Buddhist theme of Unbearable Compassion comes into play. This is when you see the struggling souls of humanity and wish with all your heart to help them, yet you KNOW that often there is nothing you can do, and anything you do attempt can have negative results. What I know about this is best demonstrated in my reliance upon the Inner Teacher= Intuition. I’ve been one of those people who tried over and over to be of use in different situations, only to find, to my great cost, that I should have left well enough alone.

On two occasions that come to mind, I helped someone out who was in difficult straits, only to have them turn on me, with NO PROVOCATION, and literally seek to destroy me. Their efforts were foiled by the cosmos, but I learned painful lessons and they took a long time to be resolved. On several occasions, friends of mine were in trouble and I traveled all the way across the country seeking to be of service, only to find that I wasn’t even needed. I had that White Knight on a Charger Virus (oops, that’s racist).

Now… I arrest myself in the moment and go into contemplation, waiting for the Inner Teacher to direct me. At a certain point, one’s heart is flooded with love and compassion and one wishes with all their heart to share the love and do good things. Beware and be circumspect. God ALREADY has EVERYTHING well in hand, and if you are properly arranged in the equation, whatever is expected of you will occur in a fluid symmetry of engagement. You will be in the tao of your being and this is the objective one should seek. One MUST come to a state of absolute surrender to the inner and higher self. After that, it is all poetry in motion.

There is an enduring and eternal TRUTH and that is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. If you can’t see this then you are being hindered by the state of thinking you know. Anything that you think you know that comes into conflict with the FACT that Everything is Under Control, is WRONG. Once again, this is the purpose of, “I don’t know.” and that HAS TO BECOME VISCERAL. Until this occurs, The Purpose of Demonstration will rule the course of your existence.

It cannot EVER be explained; what it feels like to be CONVINCED of these things. One can see it in demonstration because there are those RARE characters who embody the truth of them and LIVES them in every moment of their lives, which has been rendered TIMELESS, due to the presence of the Eternal Now. There is no past or future, not really. There is ONLY and ever will be, NOW and that has to be grasped and not grasping it is the cause of so much suffering; the constant regret and recriminations of what is gone, and the fear and apprehensions of what has yet to occur. Okay, I don’t want to get tangled up in my own syntax here. Better I just say, I don’t know.

All of this has been a working up to a specific point that my inner teacher wants to make. It must be that that is the case because I had no idea, going in, that I was going to be talking about any of this. At a certain moment, I realized that I was just passing on information and thankfully, mostly, not interfering with the transmission of it. That point is the State of the World at this time. MANY people are both fearful and confused about the looming specters of various threats. From the look of all the masks and hoopla going on about this COVID, which is nothing much at all; let me bring this to your attention. It’s a scam by The Globalists. Then there is the political nightmare of this STOLEN election and the implications one can draw about the SERIOUS and DREADFUL intentions of those who conspired to do this.

Once more, with feeling and emphasis, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, for The Purpose of Demonstration, and I… I personally DO NOT KNOW, BUT… this is ALL fantastic news. I’ve thrown my lot in with The Celestial Realm, and WHATEVER THEY DECIDE is golden with me. Possibly, enough of us have awakened and a painful lesson will not need to be DEMONSTRATED for all and sundry. Possibly, the larger portion of us is awash in material squalor and driven by a frenzy of appetites and obsessions that need a taste of reality. More than you might think, much of what happens depends on us. The power of prayer should not be discounted either. Of course, the script is already written, BUT… is it? What I mean is… INDIVIDUALLY… that might not be the case at all.

One thing I do know is that The Cosmos has a few tricks up its sleeve, held in abeyance for the most opportune moment. I do feel that our OFFICIAL entrance into the Aquarian Age has a LOT to do with how this all plays out. So does Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening. All of this bodes well for a positive outcome, NO MATTER WHAT may be the appearances of the moment or the steps taken to whatever destined end is set to materialize.

I’m going to include a slew of links at the end of this posting. I didn’t want to include them in the post itself because the post got away from me (grin).

Anyway, my dear friends… may The Avatar appear in your hearts and dispel any sense of doubt and fear forever. You may absolutely count on his arrival. When that will be… only Heaven knows.


End Transmission…….


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