The Pending Doom of Banker World

Visible Origami – March 14, 2011

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Quite often I am not clear on what I am going to say. I like it that way because I don’t have to rely on my own abilities, which are limited. I have the good fortune to have a muse, without whose assistance I couldn’t do any of this. Any numbers of other people have had contact with this muse and she can come or go, depending of the behavior of the individual utilizing her prowess and access. You see it with musicians and in every area of art. She can be a strict taskmistress and she demands a certain coin of the realm for her services. I’ll leave it to the reader to determine what that is.

We’re all absorbed in the happenings in Japan. It keeps intensifying. A radioactive cloud passed over an American aircraft carrier 60 miles out at sea. Hawaii and California are some distance further on but this kind of thing, given proper conditions, could be there in a few hours, or so I have read. The radiation factor is impressive. We keep hearing more and more bad news, which means the news is certainly worse than we are hearing. We are hearing about things like MOX fuel which is supposed to be two million times worse than uranium or what got loose at Chernobyl. I don’t know how much of this is truth and how much is hysteria but that’s not the point, according to my muse, who works for the same firm that I do.

Everything is under control. This has been stated in every book that is advertised as being channeled from on high. You don’t control the hair on your head and just about anything else and when it comes to our thoughts, speech and actions, observation of the species tells you all you need to know. What do we make of this? What do we do? There isn’t anything we can do except to press deeper within, seeking a connection with the great rider in the chariot of the sun (metaphorically speaking because it rides in every sun). It composes and contains everything. Everything is a part of it and it is even apart from everything at the same time. None of the aforementioned books are in dispute about this.

Our separated minds and reliance upon external forms to identify ourselves and our place in the mix are not, in most people, tuned to the central radio station. We’re listening to and watching our own version of events and extracting our own meanings based on whatever agenda of self-interest ‘drives’ us.

There isn’t much we can do about what is happening in Japan. Throwing money at it is not going to reverse what happened. Precautions can be taken but this is just one incident in a series of incidents that are upon us. The world is being transformed and we’ve been hearing about it for awhile, here and other places.

Much is being made about HAARP being the culprit and one of the few writers that I actually admire has got his take on it, without presupposing more than he knows. We hear so much about it that it has a ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ aspect to it. I sincerely do not know. I know that quakes and volcanoes are going off all over the place and that this sort of thing was predicted by Cayce and others. Can HAARP really be a significant player in this regard? I sincerely don’t know.

What I’m doing is telling myself, ‘this is how it’s supposed to be’; not ‘supposed to be’ because that’s just how it is, but supposed to be due to the direction humanity has taken over the course of time. This is what it adds up to. This is how it is because of the way we are.

As I have said many times, Earth is a place of lessons. That is its purpose. Fundamentalist Christians like to talk about the original fall in the Garden of Eden and how we are all condemned by sin. The serpent in the Garden was God. He’s both ends of the equation and it all depends on how you handle your serpent. Regenerated innocence is a return to the garden. People go back there all the time. It’s not a large crowd and you don’t catch news about it in the terrestrial media but it happens. Life is an allegory. We live in a moral tale but we confuse our moralities. Should our moralities be based upon the prevailing dispositions of the time, or should it be based on something more eternal? You follow the temporary and you wind up temporary. You follow the eternal and you wind up eternal. There’s nothing more that needs to be said than that. I could have just said that and not had to write all these postings but that’s another story.

People were asking me when it was going to happen, whatever it is that I didn’t really specify, because I really don’t know. I think Japan qualifies and like I said, it’s going to get worse before it gets better because there’s no other way to drive the snakes out of their holes, or to compromise their engines of control.

The idea of original sin is a whip hand used by that business which presents itself as a church in whatever tradition it is operating in. You need to be made to feel criminal and unworthy so that you will obey and go along with the program. I’m not saying there isn’t something ‘like’ original sin, which is more like ignorance and which has to do with the separated self of a divided will. You are either in accord or you are not. You are either seeking to be in accord or life is bringing you into accord, over time, by methods varying in their degree of severity; depending on how many other methods were applied and ignored in the past.

This applies to nations as well as to individuals. Certainly the United States is in for some amount of it, given the horrors she has visited abroad for some time now at the dutiful command of the bankers. Bankers are no different than ticks. They follow prosperity and then they steal the fruits of the labor, which is why foreclosure is the centerpiece of their ambition. Like ticks, they will drink until they are bloated and then simply fall off of the host vehicle, when they can’t possibly drink any more blood, but they will drink it to the limits of their capacity.

The world operates according to certain temporal authorities who ‘supposedly’ rule and regulate commerce. The marketplace and the church are the two focal points of the majority and they are both operated by the same invisible entity that works through the bankers and puppets that feed off of the public’s blood. When they founded America they were well informed about what might follow. The initial idea of personal liberty, freedom of expression and opportunity to prosper, is a template that guarantees prosperity and riches. The bankers note this and they take it to a point where, by legal means they can no longer steal as much as they think they need and then they have the laws changed more and more drastically to allow them to steal everything, before they depart for their next port of call. You can trace Japan’s situation back to the bankers. You can trace most of humanities misfortunes to the pursuit of profit; whether it is the conquistadores in South America or the East Indies Tea and Spice operations, under whatever name they are using and which lead to opium wars and assorted havoc.

This is the material world. As a result, it is only as good or bad as the times in which it is operating. Because this is a dark age you have the expected results. The opposite of our collective best interests are celebrated and the rank and file is encouraged into selfish thought and action because this profits the bankers. Phony patriotism is encouraged because this provides bodies for the wars engineered by bankers. Bread and circuses prevail because these also fill the coffers and distract the populace from what is happening to them. Eventually the ruling elite make war on the people to reduce the population so that only a servant class remains. Such is their intent but they will never get there.

I know it looks dismal at the moment and is likely to get much more so but, while you can, you must hold on to the independence of your thought and seek within for the answers that are presenting themselves because in times like these, there is a great deal of help to be found.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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