Iran’s non-oil exports up 22%

Press TV – March 14, 2011

Iran’s non-oil exports have grown considerably since April 2010, with Asian countries the key destinations for the commodities.

Iran exported $25.64 billion worth of non-petroleum commodities, including gaseous condensates, in the ten months to January 2011, up 22.21% year on year.

Well over 84% of the goods were exported to Asian countries.

China, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, India and Afghanistan were the major destinations, reported the Economic and Financial News Network.

Europe which received more than 12% of the goods was the second major destination for Iranian exports.

Petrochemical exports grew a whopping 35.53%, and exports of gaseous condensates registered a 13-percent rise during the ten-month period.

The increase in Iran’s exports comes despite sanctions imposed on the country over its peaceful nuclear program.

US-backed sanctions imposed by the UN and the West on Iran have failed to impede the country’s economic development and, ironically enough, Iran’s economy has continued to grow since sanctions were tightened.



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