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China’s H-20 stealth bomber

  • H-20 could give China ‘a truly intercontinental’ strike capability, a UK report says
  • It would be armed with nuclear and conventional standoff missiles, authors add
  • The Pentagon believes the feared fighter could hit US territories, such as Guam
  • Other military analysts have hinted it might even have Hawaii within its reach 
  • The long-range subsonic warplane is under development and highly mysterious

Mail Online – Nov 26, 2020

Beijing’s new stealth bomber H-20 may have the capabilities of striking US military bases far beyond the Chinese shores with nuclear missiles, according to a report by a UK think thank.

The long-range subsonic warplane is one of China’s most mysterious military projects in recent years and currently under development.

The Pentagon believes that the bomber would have a range of over 5,000 miles and be able to hit US territories, such as Guam. Other military analysts, however, have hinted that H-20 might even have Hawaii within its reach

Royal United Services Institute, a London-based organisation, claims that H-20 would give China ‘a truly intercontinental power-projection capability’ well beyond the country’s seaboard.

‘Armed with nuclear and conventional standoff missiles, the H-20 would represent a major break from previous PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) doctrine and equipment development practice,’ the independent think tank said in a recent study.

The report continued: ‘The PLAAF (and PLAN) are currently configured as regional forces for a conflict within the first island chain with additional specific capabilities aimed at neutralising or supressing the US base at Guam.

‘The H-20, by contrast, would give China a truly intercontinental power-projection capability.’

In its 2020 China Military Power Report, the United States Department of Defense said that H-20 would have a likely range of at least 8,500 kilometres (5,280 miles).

This means that the bomber could easily target America’s bases in Guam, a strategic US territory about 2,000 miles away from the Chinese coast.

Other experts have suggested that the Chinese army likely want to include Hawaii in its list of targets through H-20.

In a November report about H-20, The National Interest said: ‘The PLAAF wants a strategic bomber that can operate within the third chain, also known as the area that begins with the Aleutian Islands and extends beyond Hawaii.’

Previous reports claimed that H-20 could be ready later this year.

Once the development of H-20 is complete, China would join the US and Russia in possessing a three-pronged military force that can launch nuclear missiles from air, land and sea.

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