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Above, globalist traitor, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister took licence plates of anti-mask demonstrators and sent them fines.

henrymakow.com — Nov 26, 2020

SPH, a Winnipegger, analyzes changes in legislation which give health officials Gestapo-like powers. The new law allows them to confiscate your home or business for the purposes of a quarantine facility, order you to be immunized/vaccinated, or vaccinate your children without your consent.

Provincial fines for individuals breaking COVID-19 health orders are set at $1,296, while fines for businesses are up to $5,000.

Time to fight the fines!

by SPH — (henrymakow.com) 

On April 15th, 2020, the Manitoba provincial government put extraordinary powers into the hands of Brent Rousin, the chief public health officer.

It repealed a law 67(3) that required the health officer to get approval from the provincial health minister before he could employ special emergency measures.

Since we now know that there is very little threat from this virus, (less than 1% mortality) and it’s really only killing people who are either very old or very sick, the reasonable next step would be to go back to the way things were before these unnecessary precautions were implemented, which have ultimately done far more harm than good.

But since protecting our health is not what our elected officials have in mind, as they have sold themselves and us out to the satanic elite, instead they have made visiting your neighbors illegal.


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