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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Nov 26, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Oh my… how many things am I grateful for? Let me count the ways. No… that is not possible. I cannot count the ways, for they are COUNTLESS. I will list some of the big ones;

Number One; God is in my life, living his life through mine and more and more, as I hinder him less and less.

Number Two; the Satanists have been foiled in their attempt to take this country. God is a Master of Time because God is TIMELESS. So… when it looked certain that the president would win, THEY panicked and left a trail, a stupendous trail of evidence that a blind man could follow. WHY… is it so important that he win? Here is just one example of a trending meme, a focused agenda of many moving parts. Here is another example. I have quite a list and I will spare you that in the post itself. If you care enough, you can find all the evidence you need. Even if you saved the websites I have listed, one opens into another, on and on.

Number Three; Mr. Apocalypse! Do I even have to go into why? Mr. Apocalypse is the hardest working archetype in The Revelation Business. I consider him one of my best friends. He’s one of your best friends too, AND… HE’S REAL~! Yes, he’s real. I suspect he is a permutation of an ageless force that goes by other names, but Mr. Apocalypse will do for now.

Can you believe how much Truth is being exposed with each succeeding day? Can you believe how all of those plotters and connivers are getting caught and hoisted on their own petards? It is as if everything wrong, done by those doing wrong, turns on them with a vengeance. You can’t tell me this isn’t real because I am watching it happen. I might add that THEY literally do not know whether to shit or go blind and so… they have decided to do both. The one is the excremental evidence of their actions, and the other is what they require to KEEP ON KEEPING ON. All of this is the province and proof of Mr. Apocalypse at work. (I was told last night, “Visible, you haven’t seen anything yet. I’m about to bring out the BIG GUNS. You’ll see what I mean when it happens.”)

Number Four; The Awakening. It may be invisible to you if you lack the awareness to see it, BUT… if you are already awake, or in the process of awakening, YOU SEE IT! You surely do, AND… it’s non-stop. Those who are caught up in their own machinations and dreams of conquest and plunder are MYSTIFIED. They cannot figure out what is happening, and their fear is becoming palpable, as evidenced by the increase in levels of panic and hysteria. GOD IS REAL!

Number Five; the Aquarian Age. It is HERE, my friends. It is HERE! The Age of Universal Brotherhood is upon us. Feel it! Luxuriate in it! Let it suffuse every particle of your being. It all comes back to The Greatest Commandment and The Addendum; Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind, AND… your neighbor as yourself. Your neighbor is yourself. He/She is a Karmalized Persona through which, HOPEFULLY, the Impersonal Light is shining. All that differs is the form and density of the Karma, which is formed in its individuality for the purpose of its resolution. The ultimate result is when the individual recognizes the Universal Self in Residence. That is, wittingly, knowingly… or not… the SINGLE objective of life. PERIOD.

Everything otherwise is delusion, masquerading as everything under The Sun, as The Prophet (allegedly Solomon) pointed out in Ecclesiastes, under the moniker of VANITY. This is one of the reasons I dislike Vanity so much, it is at the root of almost every spiritual offense, or in tandem with whatever it is. There can ONLY be one of two personas in expression; The False Self or The True Self. You are EITHER, struggling and suffering OR God is expressing EFFORTLESSLY through you. Sooner or later, my friends, sooner or later; ♫Oh Happy Day♫

This is why it serves to be filled with GRATITUDE because… it attracts GRACE. It magnetizes GRACE. Be grateful and God will give you more to be grateful about. People do not realize that NO ONE is as generous or forgiving as God. We, UNFORTUNATELY, measure the qualities of God according to our own anthropomorphic ruler. God IS NOT a big you and you will never know God, in whatever fashion that may be possible until you let go of your separated self-will. God is LITERALLY chomping at the bit to shower you with blessings. All you have to do is LET HIM!~!

Number Six; the qualities of God, most especially, in the context of this post, Mercy, and Forgiveness, also Compassion and… of course; should have listed it first, LOVE. For what reason do the qualities of God exist? We are the reason. We are, assuredly, our own worst enemy, courtesy of our undisciplined mind. You got to rein it in.

Number Seven; interior Wisdom Teachings. Station KRSNA and Station CHRST are broadcasting LIVE all day long. What station do you have your awareness dialed to? This is real, my friends and it comes to you via The Intuition. It’s there. I KNOW it’s there. It’s not just there for me. EVERYONE has access to it. You don’t have to activate it. You only have to tune in. Closing out the noise in your head is a necessary prelude. You have to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND. All you have to do is evict all the squatters in your head, and hold your attention FIXED on The Indwelling. No! He’s not going to show up the moment you do so, BECAUSE, ♫Chances are♫ you’ll get right back to the clutter and confusion. If you don’t mind the store, you won’t have one. If the mind is not under your control, someone else is at the command console. Being intelligent, rich, powerful, any of that won’t make any difference. You have to be there.

Number Eight; Faith, Certitude and Determination. How can I possibly tell you how important these are? I can’t, but… you surely know if you have them.

Number Nine; being willing to be wrong. Being willing to recognize your mistakes and being Filled with Gratitude for the ability to do so. Yesterday, (or was it the day before?) I went off on a reader who routinely, at intervals, serves to piss me off. I don’t know if it is by design or just a feature of his character. I shouldn’t have done it. I should have let it go right on by, AND… these days I am able to do that more than I used to, BUT… these things happen to show me the flaws that still exist in me. I am so grateful for that and for the capacity to be sorry. I am sorry. My job brings me up against ALL KINDS. Do I pay attention to the things I say? Such as the words I have just written here today? I hope so. It is my intention to.

Number Ten; Gratitude; should be higher but I wanted to end with it. I am so PROFOUNDLY grateful. All day today it has welled up in me. It’s a constant and I KNOW that is the angel of God, prodding me with the evidence of it. I have so much evidence. People looking in at my life might wonder why I am near intoxicated with Gratitude. It is primarily due to Number One. I have God in my life. Every day is a surprise and it never gets old. Meanwhile, I KNOW it is going to get better and better and better. This is what happens when you permit God to express in your life, AND… the more you let it happen… the less you interfere… the more your life becomes a thing of beauty, because… God is the very essence of Beauty. He shines us. He polishes us. He sands off the rough corners. He melts down every negative in us to a positive result in The Cauldron of Experience.

I have so many reasons to be grateful and once I am done writing about it, I am going to go celebrate it. I can already tell that today is going to be a significant watermark in my spiritual evolution because I got told some things that struck to the core of my being, and which I can see cannot be touched by The Darkness of this World. I am starting to catch on to ‘being in the world, but not of it’. I’ve been aware of the idea of that for a long time, but nothing takes until it registers viscerally in The Solar Plexus. What a marvel The Solar Plexus is. I had no idea. Master Aivanhov explores it in detail in his book, “Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres.” Well, this is AMAZING! I just found a PDF of it. Enjoy! Now you have a reason to be grateful. What he has to say about the AURA is also fascinating. This book will change the way you see yourself. Heh heh… I can hardly believe that showed up at the top of the search page. That is pure Magic.

Please let yourself be filled with gratitude today. God will notice.


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