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Irish Savant – irishsavant.blogspot.com Nov 25, 2020

I’ll bet that most of us on here have been regularly dismissed as conspiracy theorists, enjoined to don our tinfoil hats if we explained our theories. And those delivering this riposte invariably do so with a smug superior air, as if what they’d said was either original or meaningful. How they smiled indulgently as we warned of global government, the New World Order, single global digital currency brought about by crashing global economies, ubiquitous technocratic control of our every move, implanted microchips, the systematic Great Replacement of Whites in their own countries, weaponised viruses, that Jimmy Saville was a Satanic paedophile procurer for those at the highest level of power.

How they laughed. Well as the man said, they’re not laughing now. Or at the very least they’ve been given cause to reconsider. Only this week three acquaintances, hitherto died-in-the-wool sceptics, eagerly accepted my offer to send them material on the Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution. All admitted to feeling something very odd in the air, that things are not as they seem. The possibility that we’re living in a Matrix-like parallel universe no longer seems outlandish to them. And certainly not a subject for amusement as heretofore.

But here’s something I can’t figure out. Why are the NWO globalists spelling out their dastardly plans? The veil has been dramatically thrown back. With Event 201 they’ve virtually admitted Covid-19 to be a plandemic rather than a pandemic. Klaus Schwab, Mr. NWO himself, has written and spoken extensively on the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, admitting that he expects us to become cyborgs – half-human, half-machine. They’re openly spelling out the dystopia that awaits us. And, seemingly to their surprise, they’re finding that their vision isn’t going down too well with the general public. Down votes dominate by many orders of magnitude on most of their videos, many of which have been taken down.

Yet they persist with the exposure. I don’t get it. Do you?