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henrymakow.com – Nov 24, 2020

In this interview on Nov 16 with Lou Dobbs, Sidney Powell says the Smartmatic voting system used in the 2020 election was originally developed for Hugo Chavez so he could rig the vote. (This is fitting since Biden will have the same effect on the US.)

The company is owned and run by Communists. The President of Smartmatic, Pete Neffenger, is tied to Homeland Security and on Biden’s transition team. She says this has been happening all over the world for years and the CIA must have been complicit. She says many people have raised the alarm but nothing was done.  How could Trump let this happen unless the whole thing is a shitshow? Is the whole drama a charade designed to provoke civil strife? 

Sidney Powell is the only honest broker in the election fraud scandal. Below, she says state officials were bribed to install Smartmatic machines. After she stated the CIA was complicit and Gina Haskell should be fired, the Trump campaign distanced itself from her. 

The question remains. If Smartmatic rigs all elections, did they rig Trump’s 2016 victory?

Watch this interview with Powell on November 20.

Here is the transcript 

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