Red-Eyed Stallions in Pursuit of the Mare of Destiny

Reflections in a Petri-Dish – March 13, 2011

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‘May your noses inhale the atmosphere of Heaven at the feet of your master’.

So, today we will most likely reach one million visitors at The Petri Dish. We get a lot of synchronicity around here, for whatever the reason. If we can get serendipity to match it, as if they were both cogs in a well made watch- ‘I’m not into time’- then we’ll be closer to the mark, lacking only the absence of all shortcomings. We wait expectantly upon that day.

Considering what BP, the Zio-Ogres and the deranged nobility at Buckingham Palace have unleashed through their poisoning of The Gulf of Mexico, in tandem with the meltdowns in Japan, we are a great deal closer to the wind waves of poison that are predicted, by Half Past Human, to circumnavigate the globe nine times. Something I haven’t heard mentioned yet is; what happened when two or more global disasters intercourse with one another at some point? Do they create some new synthesis?

I get the sense that a number of unfortunate circumstances are champing at the bit and waiting for their chance to snort and stamp across the stage, like crazed stallions maddened for the opportunity to mate with the mare of destiny. I’d better watch out, or the authorities are going to revoke my poetic license.

These are the mounts of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I don’t suppose they would have gotten mentioned if they weren’t part of the show. Here’s the Christian Version of the quartet. The Hindu tradition needs only one, when Krishna transforms into Shiva, “I am become death, the shatterer of worlds”. The quote is at the bottom of the page, along with the ironic use of it by Robert Oppenheimer; given what happened in Japan and what is brewing in The Middle East.

The conditions of the time, play proof to the emptiness of our vanities and presumptions. We can clearly see not only what a ruin we have visited upon ourselves, but how helpless we are in the face of it. Here is the inescapable mathematics of a dark age. In these times, the worst of us come to the forefront to lead the majority to perdition. That smaller percentage of us, that can see what is and has been happening, have done what we can but are ignored by the main. The times are the times are the times.

Another kind of mathematics tells us that all external efforts are in vain. The only possibility of effective and lasting change is an inward thing. Changing ourselves changes our consciousness and ‘then’ it changes the world. Yeah, we’ve heard this over and over. It sounds like words. You can see where it makes sense, but what about all the charlatans who told us the same thing and went south with our money and our hope? I’ve heard it said that when an evil person speaks the truth and you believe it, it still works via the power of your belief. A spiritual master once told me, “Get wisdom any way you can, steal it if you have to”.

If you’re surrounded by nothing but wreckage, then you have everything you need to build an enduring sculpture to the errors of your time and live in it as a reminder (grin). I look at the pyramids and The Sphinx, as well as the archeological artifacts in The Yucatan and everywhere else in the world as testaments left for those who came after. They weren’t tombs in the classic sense and they might not have had a great deal to do with the people that built them in their day to day. They were mysteries set down for our discovery. There are secrets there of great importance but maybe we haven’t possessed the insight to unravel them yet. That’s coming now. Cosmic force is shredding the veils of blindness that have hindered us for too long. We’re about to see or go blind. As for the latter, that might not even be noticed.

I had a vision once that spaceships were buried beneath the pyramids. I had a lot of supernatural, extra-dimensional experiences that had to do with Egypt but I don’t remember a lot of it now (grin). Still… in these times, the past is going to speak loudly. The Earth is going to give up her secrets for those who have the capacity to understand them and it’s not only the Earth that’s going to be revealing things long hid. Your own being is about to do the same thing.

If there were ten times the disaster that just hit Japan, most people still wouldn’t pay that much attention beyond, “oooooh” and “ahhhhhh”, as long as it didn’t hit them. The shit-golems in government like Michelle Bachmann and Governor Walker would just go on like they are going. Hillary Clinton and Bwak! Obama would continue to parrot the Israeli party line. They are automatons, processing excrement and selling it as pâté. Recently I saw several ‘new age’ fonts of wisdom stating that Obama is a light worker and that he is going to transform the world with his actions and words. I have to admit, that really made me laugh. I suspect they either don’t see what he’s up to (maximum stupidity) or they think all the dark and devious prolongation of Bush policies is just to distract the bad guys, until he suddenly wraps them all up in a net of spiritual glory and delivers them to the Gates of Hell, or Robert Gates house for a slumber party.

The unfortunate truth is that most people won’t, or can’t, wake up. They look right at it and can’t see. The din and clamor of the world casts too great a spell and it’s nothing new. If you go back to when the Bhagavad-Gita was written, The Bible and all of the records burned at Alexandria and those so remote they are now dust of the Earth, it’s the same thing and it all depends on the age in which it transpires; sometimes more light and sometimes less and all that we are looking forward to will meet the same fate at its appointed time. There’s no peace here, only relative piece in a time of waiting and eventually the time of waiting ends.

No matter how sincere or dedicated we are, tiny corruptions enter in. Only the best among us can endure their time here and come to the bridge and pass over to where peace really does exist and only the best among us come back here again and again to help in making all of us the best among us, sooner or later. That’s how it really is and the whole point of being here is to become the best among us, often unseen and unnoticed, laboring in the endless vineyards of this world, to the glory of what makes the whole operation possible.

It doesn’t make sense in terms of what we know here. It doesn’t compute in respect of the scale and motivation of our vainglorious efforts, to have a lasting impact on the world and to enrich ourselves in the bargain. All of the ages past have had their heroes and notable names and we cannot remember any of them now. We can’t remember the names of the civilizations that preceded Atlantis and Lemuria. We have no knowledge of human experiments that dwarfed our own and are gone as well. We don’t know shit; otherwise it wouldn’t rule our lives (grin).

Well, you’re going to see a lot of things now. Let us hope you see what’s important and not just the spectacle. All that fire and fury, is just to take your attention away from something of a much greater and singular importance. It’s what’s behind and beyond all these forgotten civilizations; all the hoopla and voodoo of different times and places. This world of fire is an emporium of desire, nothing more or less. What you see, is the sum total of what people thought they wanted, with specialized locales for specialized attractions and desire runs in only one of two directions. All the suffering is geared to pointing this out, until there is no longer a question of what direction to go in. There are some who know this but refuse it altogether. Those are the psychopaths and their puppets who desire the world of flesh above any other. They’re welcome to it. Keep this one thing in mind, ‘it all works out’ and everything that happens to you is only to bring you to a point of greater understanding. Fully embrace this and your problems are over.

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