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Introduction – Nov 20, 2020

The mainstream media appears to be deliberately ignoring widespread allegations of “vote fraud”. Despite the fact that Biden’s “win” has yet to be certified in many districts.
Our so-called “free-press”, which should be investigating these claims, appears to be going out of its way to ignore them.
Even in Britain there seems to be a concerted media campaign to play-down or minimise accusations of vote rigging on Biden’s behalf. The following reports on a press conference where Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani presented evidence of “vote rigging”, amply illustrate this:
Sweaty Rudy Giuliani suffers hair malfunction in latest bizarre press conference — The Guardian
Rudy Giuliani’s Face Was Oozing On Live TV, And Now We May Know Why — Huffington Post
Rudy Giuliani: Hair dye streams down sweating Trump lawyer’s face in latest news conference embarrassment — Sky News
Instead of examining the evidence presented by Giuliani, these media outlets focused instead on incidental trivia. Probably in an effort to distract reader’s attention from the real substance of the news conference, they focused instead on the fact that Giuliani’s sweating was an “embarrassment”.
This is NOT NEWS. This is effectively disinformation. Ed.

“The Anomalies Are So Out of Bounds that the Results Are Not Believable”- Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova on Biden’s Attempted Steal of the 2020 Presidential Election

Jim Hoft – Gateway Pundit Nov 20, 2020

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing were on Newsmax with Grant Stintchfield this evening.  DiGenova addressed Big Media’s reaction to today’s historical event where he and the Trump Legal Team laid out the evidence of how the Democrats executed the most horrific crime in US history in stealing the 2020 Presidential election from President Trump.

The Democrats’ crimes in this year’s election far surpass their efforts to have President Trump removed as a result of the Mueller criminal investigation (Mueller and his team were criminals).  This is a horrible travesty.  The Democrats don’t care about the country, they care about power.  DiGenova shared about a FOX News reporter’s reaction to their presser and the strategy the Trump Legal team is working on to address the Democrat crimes:

Well, Kristin Fisher and the rest of the FOX team are fools and liars.   The news conference today provided ample evidence…  What you said is very important, Grant.  Statistical analysis.  We have statisticians and mathematicians going over the returns  that are now in and are available.  What they are doing is they are going to show that the anomalies are so out of bounds that the results are not believable.  And therefore that is evidence in and of itself.

The Trump team is on the path that makes the most sense.  They are addressing the voter fraud with a substantial amount of evidence and then identifying the many vote anomalies that prove Biden couldn’t have made it out of his basement let alone set the record for the most votes ever in a Presidential election.

We’ve daily reported on numerous instances of voter fruad and the statistical anomalies that DiGenova is referring to.  The ‘Drop and Roll’ is one of many items we noted that doesn’t make sense.

There is no way Joe Biden won the 2020 election.  Anyone with an open mind who cherishes justice and who looks at the evidence DiGenova is referring to knows it too.