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Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 10, 2011

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My thinking is that Mossad has got some kind of video-tape of Peter King doing something to someone underage and probably male; because he’s a republican. They have a whole division of garden slugs that crawl around looking for dog shit in the grass and it’s not hard to find it because they put it there and then they asked someone like Peter King to walk from Point A to Point B, so that he would step in it. If you are intellectually challenged; like Peter King, they might walk you through a cow pasture instead or a mine field, that’s been converted into a cow pasture, which not only cuts down on processing costs but also renders it kosher as well.

The reason that Peter King is holding these hearings is the same reason that Guantanamo is all over the news and that is to obfuscate the information that is revealed in places like this, in order to counteract against the information revealed in places like this. What you get is a bunch of nonsense about Muslim terror percentages and for that you need to send in SWAT teams of TSA agents to hand rape people in Thobes and Hijabs, or anything really. You get to hear the name, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, over and over and over and over again, juxtaposed with 9/11, which he had nothing to do with because 9/11 was done by Neo-Pharisees and corrupt members of the American and Crown Colony fascistos.

You can see what Kalid went through, briefly described by a division of Zio-Ogre International, which more or less convinced Kalid that he should confess to masterminding 9/11 as well as both the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.

The horror of the times is that, as twisted and perverted as Peter King is, he’s not an exception. He’s got all kinds of associates working on all kinds of fronts to bring the United States and the world into a state of suspended anticipation called, “Bend over and Wait”. Consonant with profaning the Muslims and torturing Kalid, they continue to find ingenious ways to screw the people on behalf of the bankers. The simple solution is to take away all of the money stolen by the bankers, corporations and politicians and redistribute it back into the system, while annotating existing laws and making new ones that require, insist and demand that these hideous cabals of anti-life forms, be fairly taxed and rigorously monitored in their every act, followed by the trial and imprisonment, or forced exile, of all the former major players. The difficulty in that is that the ones profiting, are the ones making the laws that determine what is legal and what is not.

The main and persistent enemy of the Muslim world is Israel and their international collection of Zio-Ogres and Neo-Pharisees around the globe. This is why they set 9/11 in motion in the first place and we are long past the place where we need any following proof. Because of The Apocalypse, people are waking up a little more every day and that is going to increase in force incrementally as we go. This is why the ‘general’ attention has to be constantly re-focused, via misdirection upon what did not happen, as if it did. Therefore, the Peter King Witch Hunt and Traveling Bad Medicine Show has to go on the road. Guantanamo has to get the same name recognition as Auschwitz, with the understanding that those housed at the former were/are responsible for the latter. No words on whether Guantanamo has an inmate swimming pool like Auschwitz but, then again, conditions are much worse at Guantanamo, so maybe not.

Warlords and other beautiful human beings who do the ‘fuck you fandango’ with the centipedes in the Department of Defense, are on record saying they simply kidnapped the people presently in Guantanamo, off the street and sold them for 25 million dollars or so to the people who put them in Guantanamo. I don’t know why they don’t turn it into a petting zoo and try to get some of that money back. Wait a minute. This is tailor made for reality TV. They could make a fortune and I don’t see where the mainstream population is going to raise too many objections, unless it concerns the quality of the torments being portioned out.

I don’t have any more room in Profiles in Evil, for people like Peter King or the Wisconsin republicans. They’re just going to have to be showcased somewhere else, like here. There are plenty of basic similarities between these characters and what you often find on a Petri dish.

The Wisconsin republicans are bound and determined to make up all of the banker thefts and shortfalls out of the pockets of the American working people and they will squeeze them until blood leaks from the stone. You can see the setup, if you are watching the movie version like I am. You can see that the director is giving the villains ample time to demonstrate the composition of their character, before they come before the judgment throne. That’s what all of this is about and those few of you with the faith to realize it know that there is nothing to worry about unless you are in the cast of thousands that move in the direction opposite to the cracking whip. ♫head ‘em up, move ‘em out… rawhide ♫!!!

It is a living testimony of how deeply controlled the 3 branches of government are by the Neo-Pharisee Banking and Crime Syndicate; also known as the nation of Israel. There is one point and purpose to this and that is to rain down fire upon the heads of Muslims, wherever they may be. In general, the Muslim population is probably the most honest and law abiding group of people on the planet, due to the dictates of their holy book, which, unlike the Judeo-Christian ‘worked’ ethic, they are not.

What this tells me is that the Muslims are in line for some massive spiritual perks in coming times. It often amuses me when writers from the alternative media, who know who did 9/11 and who know- or should know- what history tells us, so often make the comment, “the Jews should know better after having been persecuted and suffering so much for so long”. I’m thinking they might want to look into the basic causes of why any of this suffering came about and maybe they might realize why they don’t know better. It’s how they do business. Here’s a good place to start. Here’s another interesting scenario and you get pages of it. I could start adding in details here and wind up doing very little else for the rest of the day, or longer.

That’s who Peter King is working for. That’s who so many of these turncoats and footpads in suits are working for. That is why Muslims are the chosen target. There is less terrorism, even by extreme Muslims, than there is ordinary crime by everyone else. There’s no problem with terrorism and there is no Al Qaeda and still that dancing Halloween skeleton is in more windows than there are bogus security firm stickers. There’s some irony. Of course, a sticker is better than no sticker, in lieu of an expensive security system but who, pray tell who, is going to protect you from your own ignorance? Who is going to protect you from the fallout of your own shortcomings? Who is going to protect you from what happens when you accept lies in place of the truth? Who is going to protect you from the red highlights of madness in the eyes of your neighbors, who are just like you? Who is going to protect you from the karmic reflex to your support for what directly results in charred corpses of women and children half a world away? Who is going to look out for you when your whole focus is looking out for yourself and doing it badly?

Try to imagine what must be going on in the mind of someone like Peter King. He has to know that he’s a demagogue. He has to know that he’s a lying sack of shit, who is stirring up a shitstorm that’s going to sail away with him in the winds. That must be an impressive video that the Zio-Ogres have of our boy Peter. He must sit up late at night watching it; of course he got a complimentary copy, and pounding back the scotch and weeping at the unfairness of life, without ever tumbling to the effect of his own actions.

What if he actually believes what he’s saying and attempting to carry out? That’s not possible. It is no more possible than that Janet, ‘the perv’ Napolitano believes what she is engaged in is necessary and correct. No one can be that stupid and show up for work at the same time. My friends, it’s soon going to “shake your windows and rattle your doors, for the times they are a changing”.

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Patrick Willis REALLY nails it this time! 



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