Obama Warns Over Iranian “Threat”

News Brief – March 9, 2011

The looming spectre of war has reappeared in the White House as President Obama reiterates warnings of the threat posed by Iran.

Although the International Atomic Energy Agency said this week that it could find no evidence that Iran was diverting its declared nuclear material into a weapons program, Obama has nonetheless continued a national state of emergency started over 15 years ago.

In 1995 President Bill Clinton signed an executive order that declared the actions of the Iranian government constituted a threat to the U.S.

Extending that executive order beyond March 15, 2011, President Obama said in a White House statement that Iran “continued to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security …of the United States”.

Meanwhile, AFP reported that State Department special adviser Robert Einhorn told a conference on Wednesday that Iran is moving toward the “threshold” of a nuclear weapons program. Although the regime hasn’t actually decided to embark on a nuclear weapons program and doesn’t in fact have one in operation, Einhorn said that Tehran still wants to keep the option open.

In other words the Obama administration continues to portray Iran as a potential threat. Whether it is or not is another matter but that is what the Zionist interest groups that now largely determine U.S. policy over Iran wants us to believe.

This in turn is further reinforced by the corporate media’s portrayal of Iran. A recent Financial Times report on recent protests there is a case in point.

On February 14, London’s Financial Times reported demonstrations in Tehran attended by “hundreds of thousands” of protestors, or so it claimed. However photos from Fox News and videos taken by protestors themselves showed no more than a few hundred demonstrators.

This is an example of how the corporate media now works hand-in-glove with Western intelligence. At the behest of its Zionist owners, the western media is striving to create the impression of a rogue regime in Tehran, one that lacks popular support and is largely mistrusted and resented by ordinary Iranians.

We’re pretty sure there is some political discontent in Iran but it is nothing like as widespread as the corporate media would have us believe.

Just as all the stories about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction served an ulterior agenda, so stories about discontent in Iran now serve a similar plan: the ultimate objective being war.

The stories about Saddam’s WMD have long since been discredited but they served their purpose and helped pave the way for the Iraq invasion.

Will the world have to endure another war, and one that will almost certainly be far more destructive than Iraq, to discover that what the corporate media now says about Iran is largely disinformation?   


Hundreds of thousands march in Tehran

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