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Visible Origami – March 9, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Earth is a training ground for souls. In order to live in the higher kingdoms of being you need certain built in qualities or you can’t enter. It’s like any club, where you need a membership and where the membership is based on something like; degree of wealth, political contacts, common occupation, or belief in certain principles. In the ‘clubs’ that one gets promoted to, after having graduated from Earth, what is required for membership, is part of you. What you are stands forth to be seen.

To succeed on Earth you need different things depending on the realm you want to operate in. In one area you need money. In another area you might only need the means to support yourself at a basic level, to do what you support yourself to perform; like being a surfer, or any avocation that is more important to you than the stability of occupations that others take (for that reason) but can’t leave very often. Generally, to succeed on Earth you need some combination of intelligence, wealth, contacts and influence, an understanding with the authorities, good looks and talent. I may have left something out but that’s the basic list.

There are certain limitations to success on Earth. The big one is ‘time limitation’. You are only here for so long and then you leave without your positions and possessions, unless you have them buried with you and they still stay here. Another limitation is the unpredictable that can come out of nowhere or the predictable that comes at the rate that your behavior and karma attracts it. Another limitation is confusion about what makes you happy so that, in many cases, you can acquire almost everything and still wind up wretched. This is a common result. There are all kinds of possible limitations and since the point of presence, is to learn and acquire qualities and contacts, for the purpose of migrating elsewhere, the basic state of existence here is suffering.

Life is very much like a video game or a movie and I say it often because it is basically true and not likely to change. The difference between a video game and a movie and real life is that you have a certain perspective of observation with the first two and can judge things in a way that is more difficult in real life. Often, in real life, people break the rules when they can, without realizing that it is the rules which allow them to play the game; meaning that our need to break the rules is due to our not actually understanding them and sometimes being confused about what is a rule and what is a construct, placed upon you by the society in which you live. When I say rules, I am talking about the real rules, not the ones that you actually should break if you ever want to have any idea of what’s going on.

The whole point of existence here is about somewhere else and you can look at it as a game because it is very much like that with strategies, points, rules, obstacles and this and that. Those who know that life here is about enduring existence somewhere else have to overcome all sorts of obstacles, while swimming in the opposite direction from that taken by the general population. To get to one of the ‘higher realms’ you have to be able to see through ‘everything’ down here. To get to generic heaven that isn’t necessary. You get to go there based on having lived a certain way that is rewarded by a short stay in one of the shining worlds, until you are dumped back down here. You can also go to other places, not so nice, if you have earned them instead. Whenever you leave here, you leave with the only things you actually possess, what has become a part of you and that is highly visible on the planes beyond this one and guarantee that you get the proper ticket onward. There are no mistakes. There never are; when it appears to be a mistake there’s a reason for that too.

Religions are like lens filters. Each one of them is a different color. The people under the sway of any particular lens see reality and spiritual truth as red, green, blue, orange or whatever it may be. Because of this they believe the whole world is naturally that color and that everything else is flawed or not authentic. Actually all of these colors are differentiations of white light that is shot through the prism that leads into this world. These are the rays that one can travel on back to the originating light.

Political systems are the same way and the only reason they are around, like cultures and social constructs, or anything else, is for you to have that experience and see the limitation of it. Everything in this world is set up to disappoint you so that you will be eventually provoked to look within. It can’t be found without. The only purpose of something like The New Shangri La, is to create an environment where that is understood by the residents. The answers aren’t provided the way you find out what you got wrong at mid-terms or your final exam. The answer is you, so the answer does differ, which is why there are a whole lot of celestial realms. You find that answer by removing the veils from your eyes and these veils all have to do with misapprehensions and shortcomings, concerning something to do with The World.  As the veils fall, what is revealed is you. Just as when the Truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

There is nothing more to any religion, mystery school, collection of spiritual tests or anything else but the revelation of self to self. Most people are not into this because they have only a dim idea, if they have any idea at all, of what this means. If they did, they would care nothing at all for the things of the world because what comes with this cannot be explained. It is beautiful beyond description; eternal and endlessly revealing. It is an ecstasy and intoxication beyond any comparisons you can make. That is the destiny of the human soul and it can take many a kalpa or it can be achieved in a lifetime. Serendipitously, such an opportunity exists at this time, in this unique position on the cosmic clock. A whole lot of people are going to be kicking themselves in the ass for a long time for not catching one.

There are people who go from a time of major transformation like this to the next and the next and the next, always seeking more of what the world has to offer. After awhile they get really twisted and I think this is how psychopaths are born. They become dead and unfeeling and wind up having to mimic human expression and feelings, because they no longer have any. There are others who, once they see what can be gained, set out with a burning intensity to seize the prize and they move right on out of this world. Some of us come back as Bodhisattvas to provide a way out for those who might be interested in one. You might be surprised to find out how few people actually want to get out, given the opportunity. There are reasons for this.

Personally, I have little concern for what’s going on here or in outer space, except for how it applies to the whole operation. I’ve no interest in spaceships or flying saucers, I am one. I’ve no interest in accumulating physical wealth or any of the other blandishments people sell their asses and their souls for. I personally possess more wealth than this entire world contains and so do you. I have more power, more talent, more ‘real’ influential contacts, more good looks and more fame than anyone in this world and so do you. This is potential in most and operative by degrees in a few. In these times, the chance for advancement is breathtaking and conditions here are also going to be breathtaking but after a different fashion (grin).

It’s a struggle at the moment because the whirlpool sucking everything downward is very strong. One has to get into ‘the pull’ of the other whirlpool. Most aren’t struggling. They want it to work out here but it never does. Even when it’s working out, it is only temporary and setting you up for a loss because that is how it works. That is the nature of the process.

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you takes advantage of this. You don’t need to hear about it from me. There are some others who are mentioning these things and there are those from time immemorial who have said pretty much the same things. Just as the objective of life is yourself, it is also up to you. Of course there are powerful agencies of assistance and you can call on them and they will answer; possibly not as quickly as you like or as dramatically as you might wish but you have to walk that road on your own two feet. Though you can’t remember, learning to walk was a tremendous accomplishment; babies see things upside down. They have to turn it around. That same principle applies now just as it did then. If you aren’t getting results and you are sure there is nothing in there, you aren’t trying hard enough and that’s up to you. You have to want it pretty bad. Some of us do.

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