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henrymakow.com — Oct 30, 2020

“Deep State Insider Revelations on Presidential Grooming & Donald Trump”

Kirsten Dunst, not Gretchen

This memoir was sent to me anonymously.
I think it is genuine but the “revelations” are underwhelming and decidedly pro-Trump. 
The idea that he wasn’t into underage girls is BS. 
Nonetheless, it does provide some valuable insights into the workings and plans of the “Deep State.” The assertion that “China is the Future” certainly rings true. So does the reference to a  grooming program for future US Presidents.

Gretchen- “Shout-Out to Christians, Rick Wiles, John Piper, Chuck Baldwin, and Dr. Charlie Ward”

By Gretchen — (henrymakow.com) 

In 1992, in my late teens, I was a beautiful girl modeling in NYC, when I met and fell in love with a mysterious “Illuminati” man, who swept me into the world of the Deep State.
Over the next several years, we traveled the world to palatial mansion parties, dinners with VIPs at five-star restaurants, and private clubs like the Bohemian Grove and yes, members bring in women.
At the Grove, I met Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, presidents of banks and corporations, judges, and other power players, who work behind the scenes, and many of these same people are also members of The Council on Foreign Relations.
This world appears to have a power structure in rings of ascending power or a hierarchical pyramid, with a top cabal of elites. The men discussed business deals, political strategies and joked, while I intuitively knew to keep quiet.
At the Grove, I also met young men, often first-born, who were made to feel special for being recruited into a secret CIA U.S. presidential grooming military program (“groomies”). I learned about this from overhearing various conversations because I believe my mystery man was somehow involved as a handler of these potential future U.S. Presidents.
They recruited them from within the CIA, military, and high level (33 degrees and above) Masonic families. I remember in the beginning these men were passionate, patriotic, and nationalistic; one was waving a small US flag. These men were a mix of Republicans and Democrats with opinions and ideas about what they wanted to do to make a better America.
However, each man soon realized, like any soldier, that they had to follow the orders of their commanders, this cabal of elites, who control both sides and makes all the decisions. Thus, their individual ideas were dropped, and instead the elites’ “big ideas” were adopted. Occasionally, there were moments where I made small talk.
I remember once speaking with a groomie, it was an election year and I asked him, whom he was voting for. He replied, “You know, I’m being groomed for president.”
I nodded, “Ya, I know,”
He continued, “Well, They have not decided which side They are going to put me on, so I’m not allowed to say which side I voted for.”
The elite cabal used occult practices to systematically brainwash or mind control these men over time. I witnessed them change from being confident and caring about America into being cool, globalists, where even the Fourth of July celebrations were distained.
Thus any creativity was crushed and they somehow became dumbed down, as they fell into mimicking lockstep. The grooming program included learning how to be expert liars, and to live in two worlds, with a split Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide personality. Each groomie spent time with former U. S. Presidents at their secret grand estates, which are in foreign countries with armed security, (so don’t be fooled that Jimmy Carter “shuns riches, lives modestly”).
Further, these groomies were studying how to speak Chinese and if they were not already married they were encouraged to marry non-American women and in particular Chinese women. I remember asking my mystery man, why the focus on China and he said, “China is the future,” like an affirmation.
I noticed, the groomies lost their inner joy and it was replaced with phony happiness and a veiled paranoia. I remember another time, I slipped off and wondered around and I came upon one of the groomies weeping with such great sadness. I softly approached him and tried to say something comforting.
Broken, he cried, “They lied, They lied, I can’t trust anyone.” They are the cabal of elites. My mystery man mentioned that crying and insomnia was a phase; he admitted that he cried for days until he got over it. I now realize the “crying phase” was after members unwittingly chose to sign a contract with the devil, their souls were literally sucked out and replaced with legions of demons and their consciousness was seared with a hot iron making them hopelessly reprobate. My love kept me trapped like Gretchen with Faust to my mystery man.
They discussed a potential problem when a whole crop of potential groomies died, lost their minds or disappeared. If you research deaths of first-born males from prominent wealthy American families, like Fred C. Trump Jr., Davis H. Murdock II of Dole Food Co. and many others you will find a pattern of drug and alcohol abuse and death.
My understanding was that the grooming programmer was too sadistic on them and/or that the process was rushed such that they were not ready and they freaked out and ultimately killed themselves. I remember a story about a son of Rothschild, who went to some ritual initiation meeting and freaked out from some experience (possibly satanic ritual child sacrifice)? This Rothschild changed his name, left everything behind and went into hiding until his death a few years ago in his mid-sixties.


Continues …