Bill calls for establishment of international court of anti-Semitic crimes

National Union MK Eliezer Cohen tabled a proposed bill this afternoon by which an international court of anti-Semitic crimes would be established in Israel.

According to Cohen, “The International Court of Justice in the Hague (ICJ) deals with all world needs but does not deal with the growing problem of anti-Semitism and crimes against Jews. Therefore such a court must be established in Israel to fill the gap”.

Cohen said that when the International War Crimes Court had been established, dealing with anti-Semites was not included in its objectives. “The hatred of Jews today, which is being promoted by wicked incitement, is no less than during past generations”, he said.

The bill states that from now on any extradition agreement Israel signs with another country would include an article of extraditing those who commit anti-Semitic crimes. The court would be authorized to try foreigners, organizations, companies and even foreign media bodies. Cohen suggests that the court would be able to fine or sentence convicted criminals to prison, and even to hand out death sentences to those who would be convicted of murdering Jews.