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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Oct 23, 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
I can’t remember how it was that I arrived at the name, Mr. Apocalypse. I had to study myself and my tendencies to see if it might have been something I came up with or something I was told. Thinking about it; it’s not my nature to invent terms for people or forces, unless I’m writing a novel, or engaging in literary descriptives in some shorter affair, like this. It seems like I was told the name but I can’t remember the scene where it happened. I remember the name coming up frequently during the time I was engaged in conversation with the force and it had a personality to it that was distinctive.
I’m not sure it matters how the name came to me. I’ve no question in my mind about the existence of the character. Since that period when I had several interactions, there haven’t been any new engagements. That is possibly because I haven’t taken any Ayahuasca or other psychedelics in some time. When I do… everything becomes incredibly animated and I am resident on planes that are not accessible (so far) to me in my every day walking around consciousness. He has slipped into my mind briefly, now and again, to say something like, “I told you that was going to happen.” Sometimes I get warnings that something really big is on the horizon BUT… so far, I haven’t seen it taking place. The Left Coast Earthquake p-e-n-d-i-n-g shows up almost every day. Thinking about it, I went on an internet voyage and discovered this. What is odd about it are his descriptions of a future time and some of it is very accurate. He couldn’t have known about any of that.
Some years ago, I had a dream. It wasn’t anything like his BUT… it had the very same stillness feature and absence of birds and other sounds of Nature. It was a literal expression of that humorous trope, “It’s quiet.. too quiet.” As far as I have discovered, it first showed up in that film, “Drums Along the Mohawk.” That is what he describes; a kind of quiet that is more than quiet and I had the EXACT same sensation at the time. In the brief time between my sensing that something very wrong was about to happen, I remember feeling this sense of suspended awe. Then the ground began to move violently under my feet. So intense was the experience that I woke up.
Lao Tzu talks about those times when everything is about to go belly up. It starts when people are collectively aware of who their leader is. In the best of situations, they hardly know he exists. As the society degenerates, they obey and acclaim him. As it gets worse, they fear and despise him. Finally, they ridicule and mock him. The last is where we presently find ourselves. Few realize how close we are to chaos and disorder. We are on the doorstep. It doesn’t have to go that way and there are illumined souls, singly, and in groups who are working to prevent this. From the higher planes where Shamballah resides… to the realized and incarnate yogis of the Himalayas, they are working on our behalf.
The problem is that we are in a time of great Material Darkness and as a result, the INFERNAL forces and their dedicated servants have become emboldened, and they have the MOST OPPORTUNE climate to operate in; religions are crumbling, degenerate behavior is celebrated, the youth are without direction or vision, art has become banal, uninspired, and perverse, the leaders are corrupt and the general atmosphere is about material acquisition, no matter what means are used. Moral Relativism is in the ascendant. From the schools of higher learning to every area of medicine, dangerous trends are in motion. It is NOT a pretty picture. The biggest problem, and which serves the interests of the infernal realm, is that humanity has been brought to a stage where their appetites shape their values.
We have not arrived, en masse, to this stage by accident. It is a tale told in increments, a step by step procedure you see. At the beginning, and at every point along the way, we walked here in a dream. It is a dream orchestrated by those with a HEAVY investment in the outcome. The situation is that there is more than one outcome and this is where The Divine comes into play. I’ve mentioned this before but, I suspect it does not completely convince, due to all of the previous influences so many of us have been subject to. First, there is KARMA, which reaches back incalculable distances in some cases, and far less in others. There are old souls and new souls. At least I have been told so by authorities far more informed than myself. Then there are those forces we have all encountered in this incarnation; parents, relatives, friends and enemies, the education system, the culture we grew up in, and sundry agencies that have had a hand in shaping our present mindset.
As I said, I’ve mentioned what I am about to say several times; there is ONLY ONE ORIGIN of All Force and All Life. There is more than one way to identify it, and our identification depends on whether our perspective is CARNAL or otherwise. At the carnal level, this origin of force is a horned figure, and the relationship is one of bondage. This can be clearly seen in the world around you, IF… you are not CARNAL. I should distinguish here between those human practices that are a normal function of life and a point of view concerning them that is of a lower order. Sex is not bad. It is the point of view that renders it good or bad, and good or bad, for the purpose of this discourse can be defined by whether it BINDS you or not. In Times of Material Darkness, it is most likely to be binding.
We are ALL serving this Origin of All Force, ONE WAY or ANOTHER and we are either in some stage of bondage or some stage of freedom. There are some who are totally free and some that are totally bound BUT NO MATTER WHAT, you are in some relationship to this force and that relationship is forged by intention.
This has been another roundabout journey to get back to what I originally intended to speak about. These forces out of the Infernal Realm are engaged in the same pursuits as those of the Supernal Realm and that is The Harvesting of Souls. It also involves influencing the routine behaviors engaged in, and the directions taken, by anyone susceptible to the encouragements, given by the workers from the different Areas of Enterprise. Between them stands YOU. You can go either way. It is up to you. Life is an elevator. You are either going up… or down. Again we post the Shankara comment: “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones.”
Many people have read that comment. What might they have thought of it? What does that mean. “the human birth”? It seems the writer is implying it is rare. You take the shape best suited to act out your desires and exercise your appetites. The life form moves in one of two directions, toward freedom or bondage. You can see this in life everywhere. You can ALSO see that there is more freedom, GENERALLY, at certain times in a life. It might be appropriate at this time to mention that FORM is a FORM of Bondage.
I started out writing this because of my reflections on Mr. Apocalypse and what I see happening on the world stage, collectively and individually, among the known personas and the unknown. It is glaringly evident to me that many people (especially among the celebrities of the time) are being driven crazy and they are acting out accordingly. On the other hand, some number of us are awakening and becoming saner. We are starting to see what is worth having and what is not, OR… the wall of denial grows ever denser, higher, and wider. ♫So high, you can’t get over it. So wide, you can’t get around it♫
It doesn’t seem to matter how poised or aware one might be; difficulties and the force for change, appear in a regular fashion. We are all met with common obstacles. What varies with each of us is how we react. As I study life… and I do this FULL TIME, it becomes ever more and more clear to me that our reactions are one of the major definers of us. Our intentions are the other major definer. Everything we encounter and where we find ourselves afterward has to do with our reactions and our intentions. Reactions and Intentions are also what BINDS and FREES us. The nature of this is simple. The ramifications are too complex for even a library of books. If ONLY we did not react before reflecting on the outcome. If only our intentions were a reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven.
This reminds me of an odd reality that stands in defiance of the equal and opposite reaction schema. It can take a lifetime to construct and an afternoon to destroy. Whether it is the reputation of a life, any of its relationships, the creative output, or any of the areas of our existence we have invested in. It can take a long time to acquire or construct. It can even take lifetimes to arrive at …and it can ALL go South in a hard, hot hurry.
We are all some variation on a chemist in a lab. Some things mix well together and some combust. This and many another permutation we discover in our experimenting. You WILL become the product of the one you emulate and fashion yourself after in The Crucible of Experience. Sometimes you arrive at it (or it seems like it). Sometimes it is revealed in the process. This seems to me to be the most important question anyone can ask; “Who am I following and where does it lead?” There is a reason that all the terminology of alchemists has the flavor of a lab.
I may need to find another form or medium of expression. I seem to be running out of ways to say the same thing differently; maybe another approach, maybe another area of inquiry in this wide, wide landscape of enterprise.
One thing I am almost confident enough about to say, I KNOW, is… I know that on the other side of this election, conditions on the ground are going to be very changed, no matter which way it goes. If the worst happens, this may not be the place to be. Then again, given that the darkness has now covered the world, where is there the greatest possibility that the light will break through? Of course, the answer is, WITHIN YOU and IF (and I am pretty sure it is not IF) that is the case, it doesn’t matter where you are. It matters who you serve and since… who you serve, no matter who it is, is only another form of the same thing… it comes down to what you are comfortable with. They both have advantages; one in the short term and the other in the long.
It can be said, and decidedly so… that the spiritual implications are VASTLY different, depending on how you SEE the one you serve and… I am certain, you will have to serve something or someone. You can ONLY become free of that by going through all of the stations on the road to freedom. Ironically, those who get the point from a particular perspective, no longer want to be free of their service, once certain realities dawn on them. One can’t discuss much of this in this medium. This medium ONLY applies within a certain bandwidth, between certain parameters. At some point, you go through a door, aperture, portal, or the bathroom window and the door closes behind you… forevermore. If ever you return, it will be in a greatly changed persona.
Otherwise… there is all the scrambling that goes on down here, for what seems like forever, or until the curtain comes down for a time (and it will) BUT… then the curtain comes up again. I can honestly say, I want no further part of any of this. I’m not from here and I’ve never been as sanguine about the routes and objectives as so many others are. My heart and mind have never been on this field of play, among all these doomed flowers, endlessly composting the ground for their next brief waving about. I see through it. I can NEVER be deceived again. God be with you all.
End Transmission…….
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