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Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 6, 2011

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Well, it’s that time again to take a swim in the Petri Dish. I would suggest using the backstroke. Actually I would suggest full scuba gear.

However this may bring a chuckle to the minds of my detractors, I don’t want to be an alarmist and I don’t think I am. Everything I’ve been talking about this long while, can be seen by looking through your window, walking through the manufactured landscape, or strolling the internet. The only place you won’t find it is in the S&MSM media, wherever it may be. The reason for that is that the people behind all of the bad things that are happening, own the S&MSM. It is their informational mouthpiece.

I’ve puzzled about the gullibility of people, concerning their acceptance of bald faced lies and ridiculous extrapolations upon the absurd, usually woven out of whole cloth by the corporate looms, who add the color and the music to the excrement you watch and wear, snort and smoke, eat and drink. Years ago before the internet, when I was reading history, I would ask myself, “Why didn’t those people leave? Why did they remain when they could see it coming over such a length of time?

I’ve puzzled over how people lived and the conditions they lived in. I’ve puzzled over the things they were after; what they valued, how they measured each other and what happened to people as a result of these criteria. I saw so many of the same things going on around me and I tried to fit in, now and then but that wasn’t happening… even when I tried to fit in it wasn’t enough, because my presence wasn’t desired in what is referred to as normal life.

I see things happening right now that ought to scare the shit out of a certain spectrum of the people, but they think ‘might means right’ includes them …and that one of the primary purposes of the monster they created is to protect them, when it intends to eat them. You see things like this and any ‘truly’ normal mind would ponder the need and would realize there isn’t any, unless the need is to control the populace against the eventual collective outrage, at their increasing abuse at the hands of the ruling class.

I didn’t fully appreciate how corrupt Bill Clinton was, until I saw him hanging out with the Bushes. You hear a lot about working across the aisle. The Congressional Hypocrite in Charge, Joe Lieberman, likes to talk about that while he is serving Israel 100% of the time. Only a fool wouldn’t see the implications of something  like this but America has no shortage of them. Something like this would tell someone of even normal intelligence, who possessed some degree of objective reasoning, that if Bill Clinton was the first black president, then Bwak! Obama is the first Jewish president, accent on Zionist.

A normal person would know that 9/11 was an Inside Job, after just a casual observation of the evidence. He might have to look only a little deeper to see that Israel was primarily behind it, as they have been behind so many odious acts. Until this criminal banking syndicate, disguised as a country, is given pariah status and ejected from all positions of power, world-wide, except for the right to keep to themselves, there can be no peace on this Earth.

I’ve seen the big lies that have endured through the centuries and I have seen the enormous falsehoods, constructed in the last century …and it is clear to me that ‘something’s gotta give”. People have allowed themselves to be spoon fed into a numbing stupidity. They don’t question much and that has puzzled me and I have explored it much, of late.

I think the reason that most of the world perambulates in the cruel shoes of delusion and ignorance is associated with several interfacing causes. Keep in mind that those who do see the truth are officially designated as delusional. Part of it is Karma caused by people willfully blinding themselves to the higher truths, for personal gain and pleasure. This has caused blindfolds to be placed upon their eyes. Part of it is fear, which displaces Love and which causes shadows based on light blocking, which prohibits illumination. Part of it, is the insistence that one possesses knowledge, when the only knowledge they possess is mostly manufactured for the profit of the ruling class. Part of it is the apprehension of personal isolation and being alone. Why would one prefer the company of a roomful of fools, to the blissful intoxication of a unity within, for the superficial appearance of unity with those who have no loyalty to anything but lies, composed for the profit of the ruling classes?

The biggest problem lies in not wanting to be disenfranchised from the community. The biggest problem is fear of the unknown. The sufferance of any indignity and confinement is preferable to accepting that the world is mad and learning to live beyond it.

I am saying all of this, because it should be apparent by now, that if you can get out of any of the places where fascism is going turbo, that time is now. I’ve been in Europe for 11 years and I have seldom ever needed my passport and only when I was crossing borders and I am seldom asked. If you have an income then you could go most places and be fine as long as you didn’t want to leave. If you know the right days and times, you can drive through many borders, without being monitored. There are illegal immigrants everywhere and they seem to manage. You can make a good case for seeking political asylum now, given what is happening in the US and the Crown colonies.

Well, let’s hope I’m wrong but I feel it needs to be said. The point of founding a community is that one can be contained in it and, given that the members were well behaved and discretionary sorts, a lot of asylum could be made available; just thoughts thrown out into the ozone, as something to think about. Depending on what you believe in, you could well be safe anywhere. I can’t answer for the conditions of personal karmas. All I can say is listen to your inner voice. Everyone gets warned. Most people have gotten used to ignoring these warnings, due to the imperatives of the personal will.

It should be clear that Governor Walker is an example of a growing force with the force of the banks and corporations behind it. They make the laws and enforce the laws, which mean they own to laws up to a point and the ratio is changing with every new day.

I’ve got my own feelings about what’s what and a general idea of what it all looks like. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. I do know what is behind all of it; all of it and that answers for me, now and forever. I do not suggest that my faith and awareness is greater than anyone else’s. I’m only saying that’s how it shakes out for me. My point in bringing it up, is merely to establish my basis for what I rely on. I’m no more immune from the assaults of the times than anyone else and my recent experiences bear that out, having been slammed by yet another physical condition that leads me to believe in the possibility of astral attacks. I probably should have taken steps to protect myself against it earlier. As soon as I did, the condition began to depart. I would suggest to everyone that you consider other causes instead of the ones we are used to assuming. Because…

…with everything I said previously about Karma and the rest, there are some strong negative forces coming to bear on us, depending on what we are up to, both the good and the bad, although the bad probably recognize them as good (grin). We’ve gotten so far off track that the most insane and insipid of things have been given the sanest and most interesting faces and we all buy into them with obvious assent or tacit approval. Knowing something is a lie and pretending it is not, is worse than not knowing the difference.

It’s true that big changes are coming; boy are they ever. But you can make changes of your own based on no more than a wing and a prayer. On a bad day, with a bad move, you can throw the ball against the wall, but you can also run toward the wall and catch it before it bounces and creates effects. Think about this in reverse; sort of. Throw the ball against the wall and let it bounce where it wants to, directed by the belief in your effort and the certainty that you are being looked out for. It works for me. This doesn’t mean to do anything at all and should not be a suggestion to do so. It means you should maybe listen to that internal radio and hear what’s being said.

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