Bombshell Interview: ‘Vote for Trump if you Love Israel’

A recent interview with Trump’s key Jewish advisor and campaign manager reveals a shocking truth: if you vote for Trump, you are in fact voting for Israel and Jewish supremacy.

 Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon Oct 18, 2020

 Trump Presents Netanyahu with a Golden Key
to the White House in a Sickening Ceremony
(See 3-minute video here)

While surfing the internet yesterday, I happened to come across a link to an explosive article by Jackson Richman (October 15) on the Algeimeiner website. This featured an interview between the Algeimeiner website and  Boris Epshteyn  (pronounced ‘Epstein’ with a ‘sh’ in it), key strategic advisor for US President Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign.
Epshteyn is one of President Trump’s key Jewish advisors, the kingpin in his election campaign. He has direct access to the president at all times. He has been the election campaign’s point person for Jewish outreach, through the “Jewish Voices for Trump” coalition, which was set up in September only a few weeks ago. Here the Algeimeiner site interviewer talks with Boris Epshteyn by telephone. The interview took place last week (on October 7) and has been edited for brevity and clarity by the site editor itself.
This interview is pure dynamite and I intend to quote from it at great length The original may be read here.
The interview proves conclusively what I have already suspected for some time: that Trump, far from being a Zionist puppet as alleged  by his harsher critics, myself included,  actually supports Israel because he loves it. Deeply and sincerely. There is no coercion here, forcing him into supporting Israel reluctantly and against his will.  No pressure, no hint of blackmail—though it is widely suspected that Mossad has the goods on him via the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal.
On the contrary, this is a passionate love affair between an American president and the Jewish people whom he truly adores. Heart and soul. If you, too, happen to share Trump’s infatuation with Israel and the Jewish people, then Trump is your man. Go out and vote for him on November 3, if only for Israel’s sake.
That is the message of this electrifying interview I am about t quote verbatim to you.

“Trump  is the most pro-Israel president
in the history of this country. ”
— Boris Epshteyn (below)

The JNS site interviewer begins by asking: “Can you describe your background, especially where you are from and how your identity plays a role in the re-election campaign for US President Donald Trump?”
Boris Epshteyn responds candidly, making no attempt to conceal his impressive Jewish background: “I’m originally from the former Soviet Union,” he tells us. “I came here in 1993 from Moscow. We were Jewish refugees.”
This was the period of the Jewish oligarchs, when predatory Russian Jews in high places where stealing the resources of Mother Russia with the help of their drunken president, Boris Yeltsin.
Boris Epshteyn continues smoothly: “I worked on the John McCain campaign, was a surrogate on the Mitt Romney campaign, then I was a supporter, then a surrogate and then senior advisor overseeing surrogate messaging on the 2016 Trump campaign. I was communications director for the inauguration, assistant communications director at the White House. I was the chief political commentator at Sinclair Broadcast Group, and now I’m the strategic advisor at the Trump campaign, and I’m the co-chair of “Jewish Voices for Trump.”
An impressive CV, to be sure. Mr Epshteyn has much to be proud of. A desperate refugee at one moment, fleeing persecution in his native Russia because of his Jewishness, and in no time at all—hey presto!—he rises to the top of the political totem pole by becoming a panjandrum  in the Trump administration. Wonders will never cease.
In terms of my Jewish background, it’s obviously extremely important to me, and I’m proud to be the point person for Jewish outreach for the Trump campaign and make it clear he is the most pro-Israel president in the history of this country. It’s definitely been promises made, promises kept.
Note that well, dear reader. And stop bashing the president for making promises and breaking them! The important thing, according to Trump’s Jewish kingpin in the White House, is that Trump has kept every single promise he has made o Israel. In fact, Trump has given Benjamin Netanyahu everything he asked for, and even more than he probably expected.
If you have any doubts on this score, click on the video linked above and look at the expression on Netanyahu’s face as Trump hands him the Golden Key to the White House. Bibi looks like the cat who has just been given the biggest bowl of cream. He is positively purring with delight.
Mr Epshtyn waxes eloquent on the heroic effort this ultra-Zionist president has made to counter antisemitism and promote Holocaust awareness.  “On the international front and domestically, the president has fought antisemitism everywhere and anywhere,” he enthuses. “He’s enabled federal agencies to combat antisemitism as a hate crime. He has fought antisemitism on college campuses, classifying it as a violation of a hate crime under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. We just saw the first settlement under such auspices between New York University and the US Department of Education. The president also signed the 2017 JUST Act. He also signed the Never Again Education Act, which provides $10 million for education on the Holocaust for our younger generations.”
Trump’s main supporters are America’s White Nationalists. The White Nationalists who throng the Darkmoon site are all excellent fellows, unstinted in their admiration for their charismatic president whom they regard as America’s New Messiah. What they fail to understand however, according to Epshteyn, is that their heroic president  does not reciprocate their admiration. Trump, in short, does not love the White Nationalists as much as the White Nationalists love him. In fact, he despises them, and is cynically making use of them.
Let Epshteyn explain:
INTERVIEWER: Why didn’t the president condemn white nationalists during the first presidential debate?
INTERVIEWER: He said he was willing to, but didn’t actually do so.
EPSHTEYN: You asked, let me answer. When [Fox News anchor and debate moderator] Chris Wallace asked him if he condemns white nationalists, Trump said, “Sure.” And did so repeatedly. However, the question was supposed to be, “Does Joe Biden condemn Antifa?” but that never ended up being asked of Joe Biden. And Joe Biden mentioned the Proud Boys.
The president has come out and condemned the Proud Boys and white nationalists. People on the left attack the president for everything, and many of those in the media try to find some sort of hole somewhere to attack the president, but he’s been absolutely clear in his condemnation of white supremacists, white nationalists, the KKK and the Proud Boys.

Trump has been been “absolutely clear in his condemnation of white supremacists, white nationalists, the KKK and the Proud Boys.”
How anyone can still believe that Trump is secretly a hater of the Jews and plans, in the fullness of time, to pull the rug away from under the feet of international Jewry, simply beggars belief. But this crazy conspiracy theory still rears in ugly head in the unlikeliest places, in particular in my own website. Here a diehard Trump supporter is allowed, in the interests of free speech, to peddle the Alice and Wonderland theory that “Trump is the New Stalin”, Scourge of the Jews!  Give him time and you will see! He will turn all the Jews into mincemeat!
Mr Epshteyn has  word of kindly advice for this well-meaning and amiable fanatic:
If anybody out there [still] thinks that the president of the United States—he has a Jewish daughter, Jewish grandchildren, Jewish son-in-law, has had Jewish people surrounding him throughout his career in business and now has had Jewish people surrounding him in senior positions in his administration—is anything close to antisemitic, they’re absolutely kidding themselves. All they have to do is look at the facts.
Our amiable Trump fanatic prefers not to look at facts, however,  and likes to argue that the Palestinians are experiencing far fewer problems now, under the benevolent and peace-loving Trump, than under the belligerent Obama. One look at this article—Israel builds 12,000 new settlements in 2020—would be enough to convince any reasonable observer that Trump is the bubonic plague to the Palestinians. But logic and reason have no place in the brains of a man bitten by the bug of Trump idolatry.
I will mention here in passing that we have on our website a commenter who is willing to die for the Flat Earth Theory. For crazy old coots like this, anger is the wrong response. The Flat Earth theorists and the Trump Idolators  need our compassion and understanding. We need to pray for them, not hate them.
It will come as a shock to the fanatical Trump supporter  mentioned above to learn that Jews in increasing numbers are now flocking toward the Trump flag. He won’t like this one little bit, being a hardline antisemite who thinks Trump himself is a crypto-antisemite.  “Jewish voters,” Epshteyn informs us, “are [now] moving towards President Trump. I think that’s going to continue.”
The interviewer asks: “What would a second Trump term mean for the Jewish community?”
Epshteyn’s response: “The continued support of Israel is obviously vital to the Jewish community. Continuing to fight against antisemitism is vital for the Jewish community. As long as President Trump is in office, Jewish Americans are safe from the rabid antisemitism of the far-left.”
Trump’s Jewish campaign manager could not possibly make it any clearer than he has already done that the Jewish people and Trump are joined at the hip. The President means to take every step to stamp out antisemitism.  If that means the criminalization of Holocaust denial and severe punishment for the egregious crime of criticizing Israel, then so be it. This will have to wait though. It will doubtless be on the agenda if Trump gets a second term, Epshteyn believes.
The interview end with a fanfare of adulation for Israel:
INTERVIEWER: If he wins a second term, how does the president plan to address growing antisemitism in the United States, not only on the far-left but also on the far-right?
EPSHTEYN: The president has absolutely fought against antisemitism, and that’s what the executive order last year does. It doesn’t just fight antisemitism everywhere, not just the far-left. The president will continue to support the Department of Justice and the federal agencies in fighting antisemitism.
INTERVIEWER: In three sentences: Why should Jewish and pro-Israel voters cast their vote for Trump?
EPSHTEYN:  Combating antisemitism. Championing Israel. Making America great again.




Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

36 responses to “Bombshell Interview: ‘Vote for Trump if you Love Israel’”

  1. So who are we supposed to vote for, Kasha? Joe Biden? Or shall we all just stay home and pout?

  2. – preferred ethnic group is jews
    – special treatments for jews
    – criminalisation of anti-semitism, holocaust denial

    Obviously, trump is not supporter of tolerance or equality

  3. Trump is just another agent of the FED-CIA-ISRAEL, which dialectically manages both Rep/Dem parties, deceiving the goy herd into thinking they participate in a ‘democracy’. All these major elections in every democracy are prearranged & fixed by the Jewish Overlords.

    “Israel has corrupted the world, whether by conquest, by conversion [Christianity], or by conspiracy.” -Aleister Crowley

  4. While she was US senator for Atlanta Cynthia Mk’Kinny said
    to run for office is expansive, you have to go to the bank to loan money fr your campaign, paying staff managers adverts etc
    Before the bank will loan you this, you have to swear to serve Israel before the USA, no swearing- no money simple they say
    This is why tey are all israel firsters
    i beleive its the same in the UK
    the hero Reg Keys came up against something similar, it didnt matter as the vote against him was fixed anyway

  5. I didn’t want to comment, but, It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they are both Israel supporters. Same in the UK.

  6. Trump is simply trying to get some of the Jewish vote and he is now particularly worried about all of the Jewish owners of supply chains and industries from China pushing the pubic for Biden. China in the trade war is doing everything it can to get rid of Trump, whose administration is trying to move things out of China, and Chinese have just passed an export control law aimed at targeting the US interests and to hurt largely Jewish-owned chains like Walmart. However, it is not just Jewish financial interests imbedded in Chinese manufacturing making zillions in the Western markets and creating huge trade deficits which none of our nations can afford, but most hedge fund portfolios have shares in major corporations which do most of their manufacturing in China. The divide in this election is the same as the last election. It is the international free-trade globalists vrs. the sovereignty survivalists.

  7. Do you remember this happening to BLM members, antifa etc? Do you think none of the BLM ever smoked grass or had a gun in possession?

    More than 20 members and associates of white supremacy groups in Utah have been arrested on gun and drug distribution charges, according to newly unsealed court documents.

    An investigation that started in June 2019 into Soldiers of Aryan Culture, Silent Aryan Warriors and Noble Elect Thugs found “highly volatile, dangerous criminal enterprises,” according to Mike Schoenfeld, director of the Salt Lake Area Gang Project.

  8. @Ghost Who Walks
    “Or shall we all just stay home and pout?”
    It is truly a fact that, ‘if voting really worked, it would be outlawed’. It’s a total waste of time to vote when “The Chosen” ones will determine who will be elected and every one of the nominated pledge their fealty to their Jewish masters.
    No need at all to pout. I expect rather than wasting time voting or pouting, time would be put to best use preparing for what’s coming no matter who wins because there is not one whit of difference in the goals of the Jews through either of the parties except perhaps a little more time to prepare with Trump than with Harris.
    Make no mistake, if Trump wins he will no longer have to worry about having to say the right things to placate the mush minded morons who still believe he is the Messiah.

  9. NOBODY cares for you! People as “citizens in the US, Inc.”, vote for NOBODY for POTUS 2020 — and for all other orifices!

    I say no more about the attention-gathering post — except, ATTENTION is the GOLD of the 21st Century. Don’t cash in your stash — preserve time and energy for the times ahead.

  10. The problem I have with Reg Keys is he originally supported the invasion of Iraq. Until his son got killed. After his loss he sang a different tune, accusing Blair of lying his way into the invasion, but those who were against it said it was a lie but he still supported it it back then. I heard Reg Keys himself talking about this change of heart in a TV interview.

    As he is a former policeman I would have thought he’d look closer at the evidence being presented, like so many of us did, so I can only assume he hoped his son would come home a decorated war hero. It seems clear losing his son is what changed his opinion.

  11. Some Right-wingers think you can treat a Right-wing Israel as a friend, and that is an error , of course. Some are misled Christians who connect modern Israel to the Book of Revelation. Some think that Israel is too small to bother about. Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson have a role similar to that of Joe McCarthy, where you fight some Jewish actions but not the Jews as such. Infowars has a better understanding of Trump than most pundits but is too close to the Revelations Christians. To me, Trump looks like someone who got America from being a train going backwards at 50mph to one going forwards at 2mph.

  12. Since early 2017 I have been asking the question: Why did 70 year old non-career politician Trump want to be president in the first place? And by now the answer
    seems so obvious (to me at least) that the question is purely rhetorical.

    The jewish collective has spent at least the last 150 years working tirelessly to subvert the political process in the U.S. and to consolidate political power in the office of president, while at the same time building up U.S. military, economic and political power.

    Apparently the plan for jewish world domination and control – in rough outline – is something like this: make the U.S. a global “superpower,” while at the same time subverting the domestic political process to keep honest people out of government. Use a series of wars, i.e. WW1, WW2, cold war, war on drugs, preventive war, war on terror, “humanitarian” wars, wars for “Western values”, etc., to overthrow the constitution to get rid of troublesome political “checks and balances” and “separation of powers.”

    Then when the government is full of corrupt and easily manipulable people, when the constitution and the rule of law are defunct and the office of president has been de facto
    transformed into that of an omnipotent/completely unaccountable sovereign…the aspiring world rulers need to do one final thing: they need to install into that powerful political office a deranged ideologue who is willing to use that illegitimate power to beat the independent world into submission, in the process taking great risks that no self-serving political opportunist would take.

    And this is exactly what Trump seems to be doing. This is why Trump ran for president and why he wants to be reelected.

  13. This article and the last one (Trump’s Endless Wars) are exceptional good and I am very happy Lasha Darkmoon and her staff took the time to put this information out and expose this evil Trump Zionist monster.

    Trump is selling us out to Israel and the entire western world is in severe peril. All this insane love of Trump is completely misplaced, Trump is the worst Zionist whore ever, a willing whore for a foreign state which did 911. Any support for Israel is suicidal and treasonous. The United States should be bombing Israel off the map for 911.

    I think the case can be made the Israel literally owns the white house, Trump giving Netanyahu the key to the white house is a symbolic gesture of political reality.

    (Believe it or not, both Bill Clinton and Hillary, along with Obama resisted Netanyahu’s ceaseless demands, Bill Clinton even said who is this guy (Bibi) who walks into the office of presidency and acts like he owns us)

    With Trump there is no resistance to Israeli demands, Trump is all too eager to give Israel every single damn thing it wants even if he sacrifices American national security or if those demands are harmful to the Palestinians or Iranians. Trump is pure f-cking evil Jewish whore and needs to be ousted ASAP. He has no empathy for any non-Jew and Amerikans are fools to think they are any different. Trump is not draining the swamp, he is the King Swamp Zionist Snake.

    Patrick C Conway’s comment is exceptionally brilliant: “Make no mistake, if Trump wins he will no longer have to worry about having to say the right things to placate the mush minded morons who still believe he is the Messiah.”

    All those fools supporting Trump will find out his real loyalties if he gets a second term and is now beholden to no Amerikan, only to Israel.

  14. what about justice and equality for all people. lets hear about other holocausts such as the holodomor, arminians and iranians, the invasions and killing of millions of muslims in the middle b/c of usa and israel wars. look who are the richest all over the world and have the top jobs…none other than the jews- a word that was created in the 15th century, not because they are smarter who only crafty and only help their own.

  15. This stuff is rediculous….Trump is a crypto jew…end of story.Robinson and Farage are also crypto Jews.

    The Jews always endeavour to control BOTH sides.Thus Trump and Biden are both Jews.Johnson and Starmer (AND Corbyn) are Jews.
    Hollande and Macron are BOTH Jews.
    The last non Jewish presidents in the US were Carter (one term) and Kennedy.
    From henceforth ALL presidential candidates will be Jews because of the Jews exponential growth in power.
    The Obama’s are black crypto Jews like Drake…unusually Drakes Jewish ancestry has not been covered up.
    Cynthia McKinney understands what is going on but she might not yet be aware of crypto Jews….her career in politics destroyed rather like the Lebanese origin journalist Helen Thomas….the fiends utterly destroyed her reputation….
    So let’s have LESS of this Trump nonsense….Trump IS A JEW…..

  16. Abcdefg

  17. here in the UK we have a very big voting choice
    we can vote for the Rothschild Tory party
    or the Rothschild Labour party
    or we can even have the Rothschild Lib/Dem thingys party
    and i know the USA is the same this is why so many vote for Robin Hood Luke Skywalker
    and NEVER write your vote in pencil as i have seen these rubbed out and changed

  18. Dont you fools realise we jews own you body and soul
    the battle was lost for you a long time back.
    Hitler never stood a chance of bringing freedom
    the 3 jewish owned countries England Russia and the USA destroyed Germany and its people in a lesson it will never forget, the USA is next as Netanyahu said
    ” Palestine today tomorrow America”
    Admit it you are all finished give up and just be our slaves
    this is what you were born for, we wil rob you bugger your kids and you will serve us

  19. OKAY…it is now evident that “the truthseeker” is actually a Jewish operation….it should have been evident right from the beginning since almost ALL the articles are by Jews.
    So publicity is required to make sure people who visit this site are aware of this.
    It is obvious with Jewish cranks like the MAD MONK Nathaniel sowing disinformation….like Gates is not a jew…..
    This website bears all the hallmarks of a Jewish disinformation operation.
    The blowback for this treachery could be serious.

  20. The Truthseeker is a Jewish operation? Yes we do feature many Jewish writers but none of them are Zionists or Jewish supremacists. Accusing us of being a “Jewish operation” sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, as the old saying goes. Particularly as many contributors suspect that you, Vespasian, are a Zionist disinfo agent.

  21. How we are still struggling to separate good from evil!

    Jews and judaism are neither absolutely good, nor absolutely evil. To my eyes, it looks like there is a small group who are consciously evil (and very powerful) – another group who are good and decent people (but who, sadly, do not many of them realize the existence of the evil group – with some notable exceptions) – and a bigger group who are more-or-less well-meaning, more-or-less ignorant people. All mixed together, for added complexity.

    This is a cause of many misunderstandings… And yet, it is a critical question.

    May God be with us all.

  22. Thomas Faber, i tend to agree with you. However, may i point out, that what ever is the proper position on jews, the laws that set jews above as a protected group, are against common definition of justice and equality.

    And when they passed the laws, it was the european gentiles who passed them in their courts and parliaments, and these goyim clapped their hands at every step of legistlation. It tells you a sad story about christians and secular gentiles who constitute the majority of eu. They claim to be proponents of freedom of speech, while actively working against it.

    The mark of the beast and the power of the beast is not only a system of governance.
    it is gods punishment on rebellious europe, and also rebellious world. I bet some jews are gonna have the needle in their ass-cheek too.

    For everyone took the mark on their fore head or on their RIGHT hand (not left)

  23. A vote for Trump is a vote for Israel?
    So is a vote for Joe a vote for a zionist America?
    Trump, final answer…

  24. Thomas Faber@
    We are governed by the richest and most powerful families (sometimes called merovingian or venetian) on the planet who’s representatives form the veiled Council of thirteen. The visible scion is the Papacy. Then you get the most powerful and rich sub families who form the committee of 300. Then you get the powerful sub families. That’s only the top 3rd part of the pyramid.

  25. @Rick;

    That special status is a source of much contention, and it also, sadly, allows hatred to fester and grow, as it pushes crucial discussions out of the mainstream discourse.

    Regular jews, especially, should be against it – as it is only serving to increase tensions between them and non-jewish groups.

  26. The members of the US Congress and the Trumpster KNOW that Israeli Jews planted the explosives that brought down WTC I and WTC II and WTC 7. Yet, the US Congress and
    Trump support Israel. This should show you just how DEAD America is. If you believe the official narrative of 911, you are a traitor to America, just like Trump and the cowards in the US Congress.

  27. @ YUKON JACK,
    October 19, 2020 at 12:19 am

    “This article and the last one (Trump’s Endless Wars) are exceptionally good and I am very happy Lasha Darkmoon and her staff took the time to put this information out and expose this evil Trump Zionist monster.”

    Thanks for your kind words, Yukon. Lasha will be pleased. This picture helped LD to hammer home her point in one of these articles. We got it from your website, and I think it was crafted by you — not the graphic itself … but the words you put into Trump’s mouth:

    (LD’s sister)

  28. Freedom and equality are poisons from the Jews, who shun both. We need to think of virtue, service ,hierarchy, eugenics, discipline and purpose. The Jew poisons only destroy nations.

  29. I need to Confess I was a Rabid Jew Hater. Then i woke up. So much peaceful now.

  30. @Slobadan
    I need to Confess I was a Rabid Jew Hater. Then i woke up. So much peaceful now.

    Knowledge lived IS wisdom. and eventually we’ll all see the individual for his deeds!

  31. In about 1994 a builder gave me his opinion that the near future was the USA versus China and that the winner would be whoever the Jews chose. I thought…”they have chosen China already” but the Trump Presidency is playing with this state of things.

  32. The other side of this is that I do not support the Satanic Bolshevik Ashkenazi Khazar criminals of Israel. Therefore, I will not vote for Trump. And, of course, Israel did 911.

  33. “…this is a passionate love affair between an American president and the Jewish people whom he truly adores.”

    I wonder if anyone else can see the apparent spiritual/Biblical aspects of this? As I see it, this is more evidence (if any more evidence is needed) that the post 9/11 office of president of the U.S. is the second beast of Rev 13. And this beast uses the illegitimate power ceded to the office of president (his two horns represent the de facto consolidation of political power) to do the will of the first beast (the jewish collective). And this is analogous to how a (real) Christian does everything in his power to do the will of God. Trump may be the most evil president ever (in which case he will be the last one, IMO).

  34. If Danny Cohen and his opinion are real, my answer is that the war between Yid and goy is eternal and there is no winner, just tension forever, and that Jews today have so much of our European DNA that their victory would be half ours anyway.

  35. People for centuries have seen Revelation in their own time because then they can feel special, as an ending time is special, but–hard luck: this is forever and you need to adapt to it.

  36. Controlled opposition. Hillary was too exposed as being involved
    in too much criminal activity so the PTB went with Trump.

    Now for the real truth: Copy, paste and save the following:

    Money, religion, race, drugs, and

    sex are mind control mechanisms.

    Control the money, control the

    media, control the mind, control the
    body, in that order. Take race and
    relgion out of judaism and all you

    have left is global organized crime

    that control the money and the rest

    follows suit.

    I also believe the story of Jesus

    that is forced into every Western

    culture is a lesson to teach kids so

    when they next learn about George

    Washington being a freemason and all

    the freemasonic recruitment in the

    NEA and MSM owned by the group Jesus

    was a member of and then spoke

    against and became a targeted

    individual (aka blacklisted),

    entrapped, tortured, and killed is a

    jewish mafia message and scam.

    It’s all run by those who define,

    create, print, mint, duplicate,

    distribute and manage the worlds’

    money from time immemorial folks. I

    dare this website to publish this.

    They should if they care about the

    future of the USA and all Western

    culture, regardliess of religious

    viewpoints and opinions it’s legal

    citizens may hold.