The Royal Navy unveil flying Iron Man style exoskeleton

  • The ‘wearable flight system’ has five engines mounted to the arms and the back 
  • Jet suit can fly for up to eight minutes at a time and reach speeds of over 55mph
  • The jet-powered suit produces over 1,000 brake horsepower to gain flight

Sabi Phagura – Daily Mail Oct 18, 2020

This amazing video shows the Royal Navy using flying Iron Man-style jet suits as they practice storming enemy ships.

One man donning a jet-powered, carbon-fibre suit is seen launching off a vessel and effortlessly fly several feet into the air.

Like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, after a brief period to stabilise over the water, the man then storms a ship by landing on it.

He then reverses his journey, glides off the ship back up into the air and hovers onto the vessel he came from.

A second clip from the same footage shared by the U.S. Naval Institute on their Twitter feed shows four men, again clad in Jet Suits, simultaneously launch themselves off a vessel flying in the direction of a ship in the middle of the ocean.

One by one they are seen climbing high into the skies circulating the ship before taking turns to safely land onto it and shaking each others hands in victory.


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13 responses to “The Royal Navy unveil flying Iron Man style exoskeleton”

  1. This is a great development
    Th English Resistance can use these exo skeleon thingeys to get into parliament and arrest the criminal zio-politicians we now have.
    I have the old fashioned lamp posts in my road
    ideal to hang these traitors
    i am 74 years old and i hope i live long enough to watch

  2. I’m with paul:

  3. English resistance?? What ,those nappy faced morons in the street? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha you are hilarious!

  4. Robert you talk like a c*nt
    maybe you look like one as well
    The resistance to the NWO grows by the week
    The covid 18 nonsense is the biggest hoax since the holocaust

  5. Paul: This needs to become the norm in the West if we want common sense to prevail.

  6. While Pauls wishes would be a great thing to see and to partisipate in unfortunately Robert is right. The goverment and its masters ave got the “nappy faced morons” not only hiding from a non-existant virus but doing things like following their dogs around and cleaning up after them and carrying bags of dog crap about. The vast majority are either mad or cowards what do you think braindead pratts like that are going to do?

    If it was going to happen it would have been done years ago. God knows they’ve had plenty of reasons and chances to change things.

  7. Those jet packers look like flying ducks, bang bang bang got them. How can they defend themselves with both hands holding their jets?

  8. You can do this with four leaf-blowers.

  9. GRIMSON some good comments here and i liked yours
    Adolf Hitler had a list of all the Freemasons in the UK
    who controlled by the jew they were pushing for war with Germany
    even after the Chamberlian peace agreements
    it would be such a good thing as one commenter said to see our politicians hanging from lamp posts, i will keep a hot flask and some sandwiches ready
    I bags a front row seat when the Rothschilds are dragged out

  10. anybody gotta copy of that Hitler list of jew c*cks*cking masons…

  11. Presumably this is for boarding illegal immigrant inflatables as they cross the Straits of Dover……….then of course supporting them securely into Dover harbour, and thence to some nice hotel accommodation, where they can join the list of Brits who have lost their livelihood through the lockdown! Win win!!


    The big story in the UK today is Wales, which will go in to national lockdown from Friday for just over two weeks, until 9 November. It’s similar to the lockdown that the UK had in March – everyone must stay at home and pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will close.

    Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price says Wales’ “firebreak” lockdown should be used to build a “resilient” test and trace system.

  13. Absolutely the perfect weapon, except it could be taken out by a well hurled half brick.