The Great Reset planned on the back of Covid

Our Greater Destiny – Oct 17, 2020

Thanks to VCCON for the ‘Alliance for Health International’ heads up post.

This post is about re-mapping the global geo-political system using Covid-19 as the opportunity. This seismic shift, officially termed The Great Reset, aims to change how we live, work, pay and get paid, travel, recreate, look after the environment and interact with technology, among many other things. Some of the other things include reconfiguring the human species, and creating new humans with edited genes (this is NOT conspiracy theory: check out the links in our stories below!)

The architecture of the Great Reset comes via the World Economic Forum, the brainchild of its founder, the German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab. The coordination of health measures linked to The Great Reset come from its close organisational confidante the World Health Organization. The operators include the vast majority of its 194 member countries (the USA’s governing administration excluded). Contrary to what official ‘fact checkers’ incorrectly claim, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides a huge amount of oil for this new, planet-and life-altering machine.

Please – engage with the articles in the link below. It is vital understand the three main themes each of our leading pieces reveal:
1) The Great Reset;
2) The increasing heat developing between opposing scientific and medical proponents, and;
3) The deliberately skewed views about the threat posed by Covid-19 portrayed by the mainstream media, a top table stakeholder in The Great Reset.

The UK medicines regulator has proceeded with its plan to change UK medicines rules to allow mass vaccination of the British public. This discounts nearly all the critical advice from ourselves as well as the possibly unprecedented nearly 200,000 respondents, including many of our supporters. We’re also dismayed because it’s further evidence that democracy has been shelved in place of tyranny. But we at least now have a paper trail, one we plan to use when the inquiries start when some sense of the old normality has resumed.

Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, executive and scientific director

The World Economic Forum’s exit strategy from Covid-19 is based on false assumptions.


The Great Reset or the Great Divide?

Our bodies will be so high-tech we won’t be able to distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial. Public silence is implied consent.

End the war on reason

Thanks to Judy for the video.
If there is a COVID19 plague or pandemic why are unmasked people alive and well in Sweden?

The Pharmacovigilantes

Last week, a rare media interview given by the Trump administration’s “Vaccine Czar” offered a brief glimpse into the inner workings of the extremely secretive Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the Trump administration’s “public-private partnership” for delivering a Covid-19 vaccine to 300 million Americans by next January. What was revealed should deeply unsettle all Americans.

How can a few psychopaths steer 7.8 billion people into compliance with a BIG lie that could ultimately destroy the human species?

Please share for others to see what is at stake. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life



14 responses to “The Great Reset planned on the back of Covid”

  1. Only a change in the global collective consciousness will stop the move toward the extinction of the spiritual human. The Godless psychopaths want to use vaccines to separate the human mind from its inherent need for spirituality. This need is both in the mind, but also lies within the human genome. Once vaccinated, an individual is supposed to become totally compliant in a state of zombification. So far the Big Pharma vaccine experiments are failing – serious side effects are demonstrating that this plan may not be so easy for the New World Order dictators to achieve. This is the world that awaits unless the public resists en masse.

  2. La de da, Lah di dah. The main purpose of scams like anthropogenic climate change, fake terror, 5G, economic collapse (& Brexit) & Covid, is to distract the sheeple from the very real dire situation facing our planet Earth.

    There is no doubt in informed minds that in about 30 years, maybe less, the Earth’s magnetic poles will flip. They are already on their way to their new locations. The Earth’s megnetic field is already -25% and falling. The rate of decline is accelerating. There is very strong evidence that every 12,000 years or so, the Sun micronovas, sheds it’s outer layer. This literally burns the earth and strips away part of the atmosphere. Even Einstein worked on some of the problems, but couldn’t crack them. The Earth stops rotating for a brief period of time, but the oceans keep moving. Yes, it is pretty bleak.

    The thing is, this event doesn’t just happen. Because our magnetic field is weak, we are exposed to greater levels of solar particles and radiation. It has been proven that solar particles can influence earthquakes, trigger heart attacks & strokes. Over this, just started solar cycle, the Earth has a 25% chance of being thwacked by a CME (solar flare) & this could take out global tech, satelites & power, all gone in a day… think nuclear power stations for a sec? You can see more at Suspicious Observers on YouTube. Go to the playlist – movies, watch all three or just start on the 1 hour 17 minute film. They do give you a fair warning.

    So with these threats looming and totally beyond human control, they need to start laying down totalitarian systems of control and it is perfectly possible that depopultion is on the agenda. These big military bases in the US, they are way to big for the military. So there has been some planning. The Norwegians built a seed bank in Svalbard, inside rock formations that weren’t affected by previous cataclysms and they found a tree with no growth rings, meaning that Norway was once (briefly) as the equator. I would speculate that the UK and other countries have made preparations to save the elite. Some humans do survive, but only in certain locations where the oceans don’t reach during the great floods. Eastern Turkey is a good location & why there are so many deep underground dwellings in Turkey. East Africa is another good place. Surviving won’t be pleasant. A CME catastrophy could be just years away, total chaos.

    This is why ‘they’ are doing all this crap.

  3. How can a few psychopaths steer 7.8 billion people into compliance with a BIG lie that could ultimately destroy the human species?
    Well, the simple answer is… they can’t! Trust in (almost any) Government is plummeting, as is trust in the MSN, and so with vaccines (I’ve been asking anybody i can ‘You gonna take the vaccine?’ – the most common answer by far is ‘No’).
    Another way to answer that question concerns the Modus Operandi of the control system, clearly put by Ned Beatty in the 70s film ‘Network’
    “All necessities provided…
    All boredom entertained…
    And all anxiety tranquilized!”

  4. It s a spiritual world. It has failed and will continue to fail, unfortunately when we are taught to deceive ourself and comply with lies. No vaccines ever worked. It is a way to get to the life line of our body, the blood circulation system.

    No mystic, shaman, or truly spiritual person will wear a mask. Trying to prevent the awaken of consciousness. I wear no jacket, no shoe, no underclothes and I use my breathing to control my body temperature all year round. You will have to murder me, no compliance by me. The Protocol By The Learned Elders Of Zion. Every dog has it day.

    911,311,tsunami twice in the pacific, whole plane missing, kennedy’s, murder, martin luther king, bob marley malcolm x, eastern african embassy bombing, and the list goes on. WHITE SUPREMACY=EVIL. When you do not fear,fear fear fears you. The African people will wake up in time. Onelove

    Mystic and Yogi

  5. Carl Jones I think is a bit off on this one, or he is just another troll trying to give some credence to the insanity and control measures of the power elites who believe they completely own us. Paleomagnetic evidence at least for over a half century has shown us that the magnetic poles of the earth have flipped in the past, and it may be at regular intervals in some ages. However, that does not entail the earth will reverse its spin. The earth would have to stop to do that and to stop it would have to slow down, which it is not doing. As for us frying in the sun’s radiation, if that were true, the control freaks, would not be so keen in concentrating more and more power and control over us. They simply would not care much about anything. They would even tell us our doom was at hand and they would not have such tidy visions and plans of how we are to behave in the future of their brave new world order.

    I now firmly believe the monsters running things in this world and in our nations are in fact instruments of the devil. The further we proceed in their plans the more Satan takes shape. These people are not running things according to God’s will but according to their own. It was by ignoring God’s will in their grasping that they have their wealth and power. Providence had nothing to do with it. Rather, it is they who have interfered with Providence in order to assert and insert their own visions and plans of how they want to world to be and how we all are to live and to behave.

    Marx had a vision and desire for a certain kind of regulated future conforming to his vison and interests, as did Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and as do all the power elites of our day. No matter their visions and interests, all of them consider themselves to be above any laws, whether they be ours or those from God. All of them are amoral. None of them are instruments of God, and please do not let any church leader delude you about that, as if God appoints people to run things and therefore all is in accord with His will. That is just more establishment garbage and lies to maintain the status quo, and perhaps these days to protect their charitable status.

    To impose their visions and systems these elites running things constantly lie, cheat, steal and intimidate us, in the same manner they have concentrated and consolidated all of their wealth and power. Nothing which comes from above in their order can be trusted, for they constantly justify to themselves and their minions every diabolical means, injustice and human atrocity as “necessary” to attain their ends. 9/11 was the first wake up call to us. Their envisioned ends always justify their means, and their means always involve gross abuses of their power and their wealth.

    In this case we the sheeple have no real idea even of their vision or their ends except what has been sprung upon us with the official launching of the Great Reset last June, which none of us have even heard of prior to then. We are now being led to believe that all of the technocratic, social, economic, spiritual and financial controls unilaterally being imposed on us under the pretext of the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset are necessary measures for a wonderful “safer, greener, smarter, and fairer” New World Order. (I for one had never heard the word ‘fairer’ before June 6, and had never herd the universally media and government brainwashing terms ‘social distancing’, or ‘new normal’ before March of this year.)

    All of the minions and sycophants of this ruling financial cartel of megalomaniacs, including our governments, corporate heads, and media, keep in unfaltering lockstep, despite all of the fallacies, deceptions and terror mongering. These minions simply are content with being told that all the changes have been deemed “necessary” for the greater good envisioned by their masters. None really have honestly examined the actual necessity or feasibility of any of the Covid & Reset measures, except for what is good for their own hides. Because of their abuses of power and trust they are worse specimens of humanity than we the sheeple they are misleading. When the boxcars are being loaded with our emaciated and trudging bodies, these same people will be directing the traffic, content to hear from their masters that it is all “necessary”.

    If any of the control measures envisioned by these demons in power were really necessary, or for our general good, they would not have to deceive us or terrorize us with anything. There would not have been any planning or carrying out of the Covid psyop. Rather, the majority of the people in each nation would consider the merits of the various reset proposals according to their own aspirations and interests, and decide accordingly, and that process is exactly why this power elite uses the means they do. Like rats and cockroaches, they cannot stand exposure to the light, and so they crawl around in the dark. As for their actual plans which come directly from that same darkness, they also have to be remain under cover, unless the people wake up, turn on the lights, take back their nations and their lives, and get rid of the elites and their plans.

    This is a time when the people of the world at large should be seriously questioning all of the so-called “sustainability” necessities, and all of the Reset measures to be imposed. But none of our political “leaders” or the media dare go there. That would be disloyal to their actual owners, and they would be punished. None of them represent the people. The controls for a “greener” world in a very green world, is built mostly on the CO2 hoax and it is a total pretext for global government with the intention of massive land clearances, and monopolistic controls over most manufacturing, food production, and consumption. As for their plans for a “smarter” world, that vision is built mainly on everyone and every organization being networked into AI grids through the internet, WIFI and 5G, and mainly will rely on microchipping us, through a universal vaccination program which totally explains the “safer” and “contact tracing” pretexts from the Covid scam. This is absolute brave new world control-freak stuff and none of it is necessary.
    Also, despite any denials or assurances you may hear from the “authorities” to the contrary, what will most certainly happen with the micro chipping and controls, will be the prelude for selective human reproduction, and most likely culling when you are deemed to be “unsustainable”. This is not “conspiracy theory” to say this because this same power elite have for decades expressed this exact intention.

    With respect to “fairer”, their plans are completely for a socialist leveling beginning in the West. That is one of the main reasons for the systematic debt-rigging and weakening of our national economies with all began with their planning and manipulations of finances and markets since the 1980’s to bring everything into a “crisis” making we the sheeple completely “dependent” on our governments in order to usher in all of their plans unhindered.

  6. Rothschild: Our great Jewtopia is emerging. Its so wonderful. An ideal world of cybernetic slaves. With us on top.

    Gates: Over 90% of the goyim believe the virus is real.

    Musk: Well, they believed a Jew was their ‘Messiah’ for over a thousand years.

    Zuckerberg: They’ll believe anything we tell them. We are the Overlords.

  7. It is so out of character for Sweden to do something right that there has to be another explanation e.g. they did not wish to slow down the destruction of the Swedish genotype by means of Third World incomers and their introduction to female crotches.

  8. Carl Jones

    What do you mean the earth stops rotating? It is stationary on its foundations.The stars rotate around us, which is why the Pole star doesn’t move. You are peddling some gloom and doom conspiracy but we have enough to deal with from these satanic vermin.

  9. Fred B:
    Henry h:

    Have you watched the movie? China recently sent a mission to the far side of the Moon, looking for their own evidence.

  10. No gloom and doom here just reality.
    We are on the cusp of the New Madrid adjustment, it will ruin the US. When the New Madrid adjustment occurs, massive tsunami waves up to 200-300 feet high will roar toward Europe and the UK and a backwash up to 50 foot high will wash against the East coast of the US.

  11. Fred B, every word in your comment is true. But try as much as gently allude to any of this on a mainstream discussion board and watch the downvotes flooding in.

    The crushing majority is too busy splitting hairs over cases, infection rates, treatments etc. to notice that their freedom has been snatched away from them for good. And when they’re not analysing “the virus”, they’re planning the Ibiza holiday they’ll take “once the pandemic is over”.

    We cannot teach grownups with internet access how to put two and two together if in their entire lives they’ve never done that.

  12. All the talk of oceans moving is not reflected in archeological evidence. yes the poles have flipped in the past but it does not match mass die offs. So panic all you want but there is no reason/ evidence to go down that track.
    P. S. I live on a hill, have a bunker, surrounded by fruit trees and gardens.

  13. Carl Jones

    You’ve lost me, can’t see the relevance, besides Apollo missions were faked, no reason to believe anything those commies say.

  14. Trump has enacted NESARA and the Quantum Financial System and Global Currency Reset are underway. The above article is more “fear porn”. Ignore it. Trump aided by the Q Alliance will ensure the good times will begin in the new year, NOT the NWO.